Are you a thru-hiker?

Posted on February 11th, 2016

Mega-author Bill Bryson got into hiking for a bit, wrote a book about it which then became a movie.

I’ve followed a bit of discourse on his hiking thoughts. I came across this critique that picks up on the fact that on his big hike along the Appalachian Trail he failed to thru-hike. That is, he did bits of the hike, getting lifts in the tough bits. But didn’t go the full hog.


Koko Head Stairs of Doom, Hawaii

In doing so, Bryson misses the critical, soulful, true and gritty point of hiking: the passing through-ness.

When you hike, you pass “through mountains and valleys, through farms and small towns, through pain, through hunger, through nagging doubt”.

I get what the writer of this particular article is saying. Totally. I personally can’t bring myself to skip bits, shorten things or avoid difficult parts. It’s heart-sinky. And “cheats” things beyond mere short-cutting.

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My top 5 (mostly free) health and beauty habits (I’m told all of them are well weird)

Posted on February 9th, 2016

When you reach my age, you develop some weird little ingrained lifestyle habits that you don’t realise are odd-ball until, well, you write a blog post about them. Health advice, IMO, can be a bit too polished and holier-than-thou. And a bit dreary. Rarely do folk share the gritty, daggy stuff. Today, I figured I might.

Health Habits Sarah Wilson

Image via Pinterest

Please don’t leave me out on a limb in my gritty, dagginess. Share yours below, yeah?

1. I tape my lips at night with surgical tape. I’m a teeth grinder. I could use an expensive mouth guard. But my dentist sensibly suggested I try this technique. I take a 10cm strip of that white surgical tape that’s a few bucks at the pharmacy (the 1.5cm wide one) and gently place it across my lips, sealing them together. I ensure I fold over each end so I have a “tab” for pulling it off in the morning.

Yes, oddly, this technique keeps my jaw relaxed all night. It works. And it’s almost free.

2. I scrape my tongue with a tablespoon. Tongue scraping is great. I used to have a fancy tongue scraper. I lost it. Now I just use a stainless steel dessert spoon.

3. I scrub my face with sand. I don’t think anyone needs a fancy face scrub. After a surf or swim I rub Read more

so you think your takeaway coffee cup is recyclable. It ain’t.

Posted on February 5th, 2016

I’ve banged on before about why you should give up your takeaway coffee cup habit highlighting the fact the BPA in the lids is poisoning you. Of course, there is also the environmental aspect, which has bothered me for years. But I didn’t have the data on it all. Now I do. Perfect timing. I’ve recently been going a bit spare that loved ones around me (and most of the world) just don’t get the Take Your Own Cup message. 

coffee snow

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It turns out, disposable takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable.

ABC’s 7:30 Report on Wednesday night exposed a bunch of factoids that provide me with some extra ammo. Click on the link to catch up on it.

Most of the planet thinks the cups are recyclable. They’re not…

…because the cups are lined with plastic which is not biodegradable. This plastic sticks around long enough to out-live us. Disposable DOES NOT mean recyclable. Read more