Google: reflection of life?

Posted on October 25th, 2009

I just came across this telling Google algorithm in Salon. The journo had done a search for “bad fathering”. The search came back with the helpful suggestion at the top of the screen: “Did you mean: bad mothering?”  They also get a similar suggestion when they Googled “poor fathering.”

It’s not Google’s fault. Google just reflects the patterns in the searches we make. In doing so, it gives us an interesting reflection of where we’re at, hey.

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  • yea I have always wondred why mothers get the bad wrapp their kids if they do sumthing bad
    I mean its annoying as and esp if its not the mothers fault too. its prob the father. I think society at large now is making this more politically correct or as a prison why cant say bad stuff do bad stuff we shelter or try to fix things from kids dont want them exposed to all the bad… what r making weak mindless zombies or human beings?