Or are you just happy to see me?

Posted on October 30th, 2009

Oh, you’ve got me. I’m using this post as an excuse to post a picture of a man’s crotch.

...or are you just happy to see me

...or are you just happy to see me

Let’s get the plug out of the way: they’re Calvin Klein’s new Body jeans for men.

The gimmick? They add extra bulk around – and let’s just say it straight – the penis, with the strategic placement of creases and added fabric in the crotch.

The sociological spin? It suggests a movement away from the “hipster anemia” look of the past few years, back to “chunky man cool”. I’m thinking Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.

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  • lee

    I’ve never had any option other than ‘chunky man’, so it’s nice to be ‘cool’ once more. Although, all the women I’ve ever found sexy, have always found ‘chunky’ sexy. So that’s a bonus eh!
    Hi Sarah.


  • http://treasure@freebeer.com.au Bret Treasure

    Makes note to loudly ask any man wearing Calvin Klein jeans: Are these the ones with the extra fabric in the crotch?


  • http://www.livingsavvy.com.au jo – livingsavvy

    I have oftened wondered if anybody notices when the shapefitting underwear and push up bras come off the women …I guess the playing field is becoming more equal now with these jeans.


  • Peter S

    Not sure that the guy modelling the strides is that chunky. .. Still, I suppose a bit of bulk in the… Ahem … Lunchbox department never hurts. Unless of course your jeans are too tight and you cross your legs a little too quickly…