and so it was that i giggled with the Dalai Lama

Posted on November 30th, 2009

So I met His Holiness the Dalia Lama. Much to say (stay tuned…I’ll be filing my Sunday Life column on here shortly). But for now, the evidence:

me + hh chatting head chatter

me + hh chatting head chatter

Anyone from Melbourne? Definitely try to get to his public lecture this Thursday. His message is very important right now as we find ourselves caught in a flurry of ETS debates, Liberal Party mayhem and a general feeling That Things Are Just Not Quite Right. I promise his message will help. He made me feel like It All Makes Sense.

sunday life: in which I plan to cope with my mad family at Christmas

Posted on November 29th, 2009

i cheerfully watch this film every christmas, deliriously full of turkey.

This week I cheerfully lower the tone of Christmas.

When, in a few weeks, I arrive into my hometown after a sweaty four-hour crawl up the highway, I’ll be pulling over in a truck stop, breathing deeply and repeating the following mantra: I aim only for cheer. I will then calmly continue on to Mum and Dad’s and enter the Wilson Christmas Fray. Breathing.  Very. Deeply.

Christmas is hard. First, there’s the strobing, jingly, soul-deflating onslaught of crass consumerism from about August onwards. Which we then try to deflect by Focusing on What Really Matters – family, the joy of giving and so on. Which, in turn, serves only to create ridiculously high expectations that come crashing to earth in an argument over who left the skid marks in Dad’s gravel drive. All before Grandma’s first sherry’s poured.

I’m sure families aren’t designed for extended periods of intimacy. But every year, there we go again, piling on top of each other for 48 hours-plus and expecting born-of-a-virgin-like miracles. Read more

if i recommend getting involved in one thing…

Posted on November 26th, 2009

…this year, it’s this clever little charity…

donate $2 with streetsmart

donate $2 with streetsmart

What do Stephen Fry and I have in common? I wish it was a lot more. For now it’s the fact we both support, a set-up that helps you help homeless people in your community…while eating out.

It works like this:

  1. check out to see restaurants taking part. Here’s a map with clicky bits…here! Hundreds are. Most of the big ones on my hit-list are. In Sydney: Longrain, Bills, etc In Melbourne: Cutler and Co….
  2. when the bill comes you’ll be invited to kick in an extra $2
  3. your two bucks will then be ferried off to a homeless project nearby. For details, see this
  4. you will feel better about yourself and the collective. This is how life works.

This is also how life works: when we actively support anyone doing good stuff, good stuff spreads. My approach has always been that the biggest difference is made from the small things we do as individuals. Read more