jo’s four favourite posts

Posted on December 29th, 2010

I’m on leave, so this is a in-case-you-missed-it post. I asked right-hand chick Jo to highlight her favourite posts from the year. Here they are:


(PS. this pic above is one Jo took from her flat…she sits here to think each morning…)

1. I love this post: The best reason I’ve ever found for backing the f*ck off. Yeah! Basically because of the title . But also because it talks about pacing yourself, slowing down, ‘smelling the roses’, and focusing on making choices to do life well.The clear message: just choose to start stressing less. Be gentle. Choose wellness.Which is something I have on my radar. I’m determined to attempt to do life well. Also, I made some key decisions around the time of this post, and applied for my job with Sarah four days later (on my brother’s 30th birthday  – which is why I know the date).

2. I like spending time on my own, checking in with my inside people (I’ve never had such a fun way to describe it before). That’s why I love this post. The ocean is my favourite place to refuel. And while I’m refueling, I’m checking in on myself. My soul sorts through stuff when I create the space for it. I’ve LOVED Uge since I read this post (I think it’s been a year or so now). I recently met him and he was everything I expected him to be and more… GENUINE GOOD PERSON. Love him. Love this concept. Read more

Blogs that get people fired up

Posted on December 27th, 2010

So I’m having a little break for a few days. Digesting Christmas lunch!

In my absence, a little rundown of posts you might’ve missed, especially if you’re new to this site. They’re the posts that attracted the most comments from everyone. I’m guessing that makes them the most controversial or annoying, not necessarily the most liked!


1. This one – healing auto immune disease: from someone who’s been there – continues to attract thoughts and ideas and share-ins. It’s my original rundown of how I manage my thyroid disease.

2. This post on why I don’t wear a bike helmet and this guide to hot bike helmets got many folk around the world passionately engaged in the topic.

3. This blog about the  secret to happiness was a hit.  Grethen Rubin shares her ONE, fail-safe tip (it’s incredibly simple).

4. And this guide to how to detox your beauty cupboard…makeup and beauty products that don’t contain toxins…I’m going to write more on this in the New Year…

thank you

Posted on December 24th, 2010

Dearest Readers of this Blog,


A little note to say this: I’ve so appreciated all the care and engagement you’ve extended to me (virtually) over the year. I’ve loved the way we humans have found a new way to “have the chat over the back fence” our grandmothers used to have. Mostly, most of us just want to know we’re not alone. Really. And to know that we’re not getting life completely wrong.

The comments on this blog over the year have done that for me.

Also, a note to say this: Happy Christmas!

Christmas is a powerful time. I find it hard. Lots of water gets muddied cos we all arrive on the day trampling around with our old hurt as well as stress from the year – getting shitty that no one else is picking up the wrapping paper and so on. It can be a lonely time. Even if you have loved ones around you.

I’m just saying…in case you feel the same…and wouldn’t mind knowing others could also be heading off to the kitchen under the pretense of going to get more turkey but really to take a moment and to fight back a few overwhelmed tears.

Anyway. I do hope you all have a wonderful festive break. I’m filming 7pm Project tonight. Then I fly to Canberra tomorrow morning for a loud, shambolic romp with my family. With a wrestle after lunch on the familyroom floor. You, too??

Much love and light,


PS If you’re feeling love for your Twitter followers, I just found this service - Gift a Follower – that allows you to by presents for your faves.

PPS The picture above is one of those DAGGY family pics you get done in malls that Dad got all excited about and had turned into Christmas cards. They didn’t have enough costumes for us, so I’m kind of kneeling down, wrapped in the Queen’s cloak. Very unimpressed. Very daggy. Very Christmas!!