blue moon tonight! whoa.

Posted on March 30th, 2010

Here’s something to “Did you know…” your colleagues with this afternoon: Tonight it’s a rare Blue Moon. Rare? How so? yo0o7049 As Adelaide blogger and healer Rebecca Dettman at psyched in stilettos helpfully writes:

One Blue Moon, every once in a while (every 2.5 years to be exact), is rare enough. But how about two in the same year — within three months of each other?! March 30 sees the second Blue Moon for 2010…
The term ‘Blue Moon’ is at least 400 years old. The definition of a ‘Blue Moon’ is two full moons falling within a calendar month…

So what? Well, Rebecca adds:

It’s a time of new beginnings, and of getting things right that you messed up or missed the first time through. Some groups use it as a period of initiation and re-dedication, so if there’s something new you need to start, now’s a good opportunity to do so.

I’m not entirely au fait with all this kind of thinking. So I asked astrologer Yasmin Boland (she writes the charts in Body & Soul) to expand, too. We ran into each other a few weeks back and chatted about how everyone was on quite a high after the first Blue Moon this year which occurred New Year’s Eve. Did you notice the same? How everyone seemed to wake up New Year’s Day in a resolved, philosophical mood? I did. Anyway, Yasmin’s thoughts:

Today’s Full Moon in Libra is important for anyone who needs to Sort Something Out in their relationships department. The Moon is full in the sign of Libra, the relationship sign. So whether it’s a work thing or a love thing, it’s time to let something go, get over it and move on! There is a lot of healing and good feeling to be had.

I find this stuff interesting in hindsight. I always read my star sign the following day, to see what resonates.

Let me know how tonight pans out for you…whether you sleep well, dream intensely, feel resolved about something, cry on your own for a bit…

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  • I am so sensitive to the moon, I swear. I was all in a spin last blue moon thinking it was so rare, what the hell, its happening again? ! Ah, ‘once in a blue moon’ saying is off my cliche list!
    Do you think this explains why I have been off the charts emotional last couple of days? Have been in a really sad way, out of no-where…??


  • Paul

    Wow, abit spooky. Tonight around 1am (10am US time) I’m starting a big new project = something new. I’m also discontinuing a long term business connection = letting go. It very much feels like a large weight has been lifted = high emotion and moving on (but apprehensively so).


  • I too like to read my “stars” after the period has passed…cynical, controlling or just curious as to what may have been? I will reflect on Yasmin’s thoughts – “this is the time to let something go in the relationship department”. I have something like this on my “to do list”. So, tonight when I sleep hoping that my intent of letting go, combined with the astrology & blue moon means that I will wake “healed”. I have used my time of sleep in the past to resolve issues very effectively and wake with clarity (never miss a moment to mulit-task)


  • Dee

    We have been looking for the perfect place to live for over 6 months – found it today!


  • Mr MacDougall

    As a Cancerian, I’m told that there is a direct correlation between my moods, antics and the various lunar phases. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing on the night of the previous blue moon, (dear, that doesn’t seem flattering), but I’m quite certain that the night proceeded as normally as any other.

    If the blue moon does trigger some psycho/neurological or metaphysical change in myself and fellow crabs, I’m sure that the prevailing low cloud and drenching rain over picturesque Lake Macquarie, at present, will shield me from the influence of this seemingly rare phenomenon.


  • Maria

    Sharni Montgomery- Are you a Cancer????


  • Mr MacDougall

    I haven’t been “off the [emotional] charts” lately, or in a sad way. Actually, I’m quite over the moon! (Okay, that was really bad). Sorry.

    Seriously, I hope that things improve for Sharni, and anybody else who is feeling dysphoric. It’s not a pleasant place to be.


  • Ninja

    Explains the really bizarre martial arts/mardi gras/carnival/fire twirling/vampire/eagles diving into windows dreams since Sunday…

    Thanks Sarah and Yasmin!


  • Sarah

    Well, me, I didn’t sleep. Not sure if it was a Blue Moon thing, or this weird thing that seems to happen every month at the moment. Wide AWAKE for hours and then up at 6am. I certainly also felt a certain hyper-awareness of a need to listen. To bunker down and drop the pressure.
    But that could’ve been because I was simply wired all night!