are we ready?

Posted on July 30th, 2010

I read recently on some efficiency blog that teachers at Montesorri schools (which push a self-directed style of learning) do this thing where they ask the class, “Are you ready?” Apparently it’s a technique geared at getting kids to focus and prepare themselves for learning.


I love it. Are we ready?

Before I run out the door in the morning, with 298347 to-dos on my mind, I ask, Are we ready to do the day well? Before I return a call to Mum, after running around frazzled all day, I pause and ask, Are we ready to give the conversation the care and attention it needs? Before I sit down to write this blog, Are we ready to do it with heart?

It’s like a little full-stop at the end of one activity. And a nice considered launch pad for the next. It’s a breather.

Are we ready? If not, then abort. Back away for a bit. Come back later. That’s cool.

I like how it uses the pronoun “we”. Who is we? It’s me and my inside people (do you remember that post?). It’s me and the whole universe. We’re all in on this together, no? Of course we are.

It reminds me of something that Tim Brown my meditation teacher says: “Let’s see”. He proffers this as the answer to those times when you’re fretting about what might happen or what might not happen and you can’t make a decision (I’ve, in the past, been in this state a lot…I’ve learned to back off from it a little of late). He says, “let’s see”. As in, “let us see”. As in, let the flow of the universe – all of it – see where things need to head.

When you read the fine print to this, it says: You, my sweet, can chill a bit. Sit back. Relax. Observe. And find it kind of funny how things turn out as they need to.

Are we ready? Is everything feeling like it’s a good time to step forward? Do you have your inside people on board?

Let me know if this technique works for you? I’m kind of loving it…

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  • Emily

    Thanks so much for your blog, Sarah. I discovered it only a few weeks ago and have since been obsessively reading as many of your posts as I can. I really love them and they’ve really helped me with where I am in life right now. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking!

    Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Thanks for sharing.


  • Mia

    I love all of it!


  • Gawd, you are just the queen of fabulous ideas, and i don’t care if they’re not all yours, fact is that without you we wouldn’t have heard half these insightful learning and tips for living our lives. I’m going to stretch this one a bit further for me, and use it as a “are you sure you want to do/say this?” moment when I’m being driven bananas by my kids and need to vent, explode, or other negative reactions that unfortunately slip from me too often.

    Another beaut! Thanks as always Sarah


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  • Love it. Love it. Feeling into the pause between one moment finishing and another starting.

    Peace, love and chocolate, Carole.


  • David

    “Are we ready? If not, then abort. Back away for a bit. Come back later. That’s cool.”

    As long as this doesnt veer into procrastination territory.


  • funny you mention this. my 4 yr old son goes to a montessori school and it’s incredible the amount of things about discipline, focus and patience that i have learned from them. love it.


  • As annoying as the show can be sometimes, this totally makes me think of Spongebob Squarepants. He really does have that great, upbeat attitude – “IIIIII’M READYYYYY!”


  • Amelia

    I find my self piggy backing my parents as they run around with 298347 to-dos on their mind and I think kids my age ( the middleagedteens) should really take on that idea of “Are we ready? If not, then abort. Back away for a bit. Come back later. That’s cool.”
    That “Are we ready feeling?” for me is like the seconds before a huge dip in a rollercoaster or like the kickoff of a soccer match. There’s anticipation for the question and even more for what happens after. Am I making sense? “It’s like a little full-stop at the end of one activity. And a nice considered launch pad for the next. It’s a breather.” I guess that sums it up.
    I don’t know how many teenagers read your blog Sarah but its the only one I read and I really like it. I especially like your posts on food and meditation…and that one on Justin Bieber. Haha.



    Sarah Reply:

    Hey Amelia…I love that as a teen, you have a take on this that distances you from what your parents do…that you are aware of how you can do it better. I’m probably old enough to be your Mum, which is scary. But I relate!


  • I’m kind of loving every single thing you’ve written so far and TRYING THIS! i feel like an astronaut everytime i say ‘are we ready’ to myself..i think i’ll add Huston. ‘Huston, are we ready?’



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  • found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later


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  • Sarah

    I lovvvee your blog. Everything you write on is of great interest to me and the way you write is just so fun, loving and intriguing> I simply can’t look away.
    I have taken a huge interest in nutrition and a holistic approach to regaining optimal health since my health started to deteriorate 9 years ago; leaving me with a disability, 2 Autoimmune diseases, open heart, blocked arteries, permanently deflated lungs, IBS list goes on. Taking a holistic approach and gaining as much nutritional knowledge as possible has completely transformed my life. I couldn’t encourage you enough for educating others in taking this approach to regain optimal health oppose to taking meds, doing quick fixes, stupid diets etc..
    So much you write on is information I have gained previously applied and has now provided me with the amazing life I live. I know you know what your talking about so I’ll be checking your blog regularly. Just a personal big thankyou for sharing your goods with the world. Truly inspirational!
    love Sarah 🙂