organising your things neatly

Posted on August 30th, 2010

I love patterns. I get a kick out of arranging the accouterments on a cafe table (sugar dispenser, fork, napkin) in lovely stabilising shapes. I’m not a neat freak. I just like patterns and seeing if things can be placed more pleasingly. Which is why I whooped when I found things organized neatly.

tumblr_l7h46ajoH81qbycdbo1_500 It simply posts pics of things placed “just so”. It’s a delightful human quirk…this need to order things artfully. And I like how certain things appeal to us more…like having a thicker border at the BOTTOM of a painting than at the top.

I like arranging rolled up sugar packets and beer labels in patterns on bar tables. You?




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  • Mia

    That’s fantastic in a quirky anal kind of way. I love arranging things on my desk at work for optimum colour combinations. And items (honey, salt, pepper etc) on a table and laying out my scuba gear before I pack it. Although that last one is also practical!


  • Paul

    My favorite topic – the brain. A pattern recognition system that finds noisy pictures more “effort” to assimilate and “clean” pictures more appeasing and easier to process – less sharp edges and individual lines to process essentially.

    Hence the 0.7 ratio (Fibonaccio numbers) of hips to waist in females and shoulders to waist in men as more asthetically pleasing to the opposite sex. Howvever it’s been found not more asthetic so much as less noisy from a signal to noise ratio perspective. Of course, that’s not my opening line with a girl, wow – how to kill a date in 30 seconds!

    Patterns, like television, are chewing gum for the mind.


  • Paul

    Correction – “Patterns, like television, is chewing gum for the eyes.”


  • Bree

    Oh, I love this. When I was three (ahem, more than a few decades ago now) my mum would have to explain to horrified pharmacists and newsagents that, no, her daughter wasn’t going to steal their jelly beans or pens from their counters – she was just going to arrange them neatly.


  • a link after my own heart


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  • Aah I love it! It’s like porn for crazy organized people 🙂


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  • A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this infmortiaon.