tuesday eats: kale pesto

Posted on August 31st, 2010

Everyone has got a little excited about kale. Every time I write about it I get stacks of emails. So I thought I’d post a great kale pesto recipe. Healthy as. And you can freeze it...which I’m radically into right now.

kalepesto.WEB There’s a lot of recipes out there. I like this one.

1 bunch kale
2 Tbsp hemp oil
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
2 Tbsp fresh basil
1 lemon, juiced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

Add the ingredients to a food processor and whip with an S-Blade until finely chopped.

This one for quinoa with walnut kale pesto from glutenfree girl also looks good.

And there’s this New York Times recipe for pasta with kale pesto and roast pumpkin.

You can freeze it and use it just like you would pesto. Here are some ideas for using Kale Pesto

1. mixing it with goats cheese for a dip
2. putting a spoonful over a grilled white fish
3. putting a spoonful on pasta tossed with butter
4. saute it with other vegetables like brussel sprouts or asparagus
5. eat it on a salad
6. put it in an omelet

Also, try with pecans and nutmeg. Go forth and experiment!

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  • Hi Sarah

    I made a pesto this week out of Radish Leaves, and it’s delicious! It’s similar to rocket pesto, slightly peppery, and so versatile. I’ve been using almonds as the nut element in mine. This week I’ve been thinning it out with plenty of lemon juice and using it as a dressing on our lunch salad of raw cabbage and fennel. I’m loving it!
    The added bonus of this is that radishes are really cheap most of the year, and you can just make a little at a time whenever you get a new bunch of radishes in the house.
    Thanks for the idea with the Kale Pesto, I’ll definitely be giving that a go soon.


  • Oh I love! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


  • David

    hemp oil? Where can you buy that?


  • Nadine

    My favourite!
    Hippie food that (also) tastes good.


  • saints shop

    WOW, what’s that? is it delicious?


  • Oh yum yum yum. You have me so excited about pesto right now haha. I have just had a breast augmentation so my diet needs to be 100% in check so I do not put any weight on (no exercise for 6 weeks you see!) I lapsed a LITTLE over the christmas period. I am sure you will still be happy and I just had a lovely breakfast but now am ready to get back on track!


  • James Brandstetter

    I was just wondering which recipe the picture was? it looks very appetising. Thank you 🙂


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  • Kimberley

    How long would this pesto keep in the fridge? Will it freeze okay?