new health trick: “the fuzz”

Posted on September 8th, 2010

Sometimes health needs to be explained in nonsensical, onomatopoeic language. Yuk! Goob! Stodge! If you’ve been unwell for a while, or get gut aches for no discernible reason (and you’re told you’ve got IBS), or you go around in circles with complaints, or if you have some sort of auto-immune disease, then you totally know what I mean. Health, once you’ve gone past the level of taking a pill or getting a cast put on a broken leg, is nebular.


Or fuzzy.

Melbourne naturapath Gill Stannard alerted me to this youtube link with Gil Hedley talking about The Fuzz, a case for stretching in the morning. Totally pervy and visceral. And totally geared at anyone with inflammation issues (hello, auto-immune disease!!!).

This much you need to know: if you have inflammation issues, stretch in the morning, get massages, move.

Other ways to deal with inflammation:

1. Avoid processed foods – trans-fats, high-fructose corn syrup, chemicals, additives and other “non-food” ingredients. Sugar is highly inflammatory.
2. Eat healthy fats such as extra-virgin olive oil, coconut, avocados, nuts and seeds.
3. If you drink alcohol – an occasional glass of red wine is best.
4. Eat coloured vegetables and fruit. Eat more veggies than fruit (5-6 servings of veggies, 3-4 servings of fruit).
5. Only eat non-gluten grains – quinoa, amaranth and brown rice.

6. Eat turmeric. Here’s why.

7. Meditate. Just meditate.

8. Eat the right balance of EFAs (essential fatty acids) – In general, omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and omega-6s are pro-inflammatory.
9. Only eat organic 100% grass-fed, meat  and milk – they contain higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which studies show may fight inflammation and have anti-cancer properties.
10. Get 8 hours of sleep.

Anything I’ve missed fellow puffy folk??

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  • Cris

    Wow! What an amazing movie and message. Thanks for sharing it Sarah. I’ve just had a good stretch in the office and I feel so much better. Get me to the yoga class!


  • Gawd… that video was dramatic! I’ll be sure to do a big streatch each morning. Fyi, inflamation is also the cause of other diseases on the increase like Endometriosis…


  • this is why i love yoga in the morning


  • Rosie

    Hi Sarah

    I haven’t checked the vid yet but I welcome your anti-inflammation tips. I have IBS/leaky gut and am back on the cramps merry-go-round. Just when I think I’m improving I seem to go back to square 1. You’ve helped me realise now that I need to make lifestyle changes and not just for a couple of months. I like your meditation advice too – just meditate. I get too caught up with which one is better and then do none. Thanks again for your tips and reminding me I’m not the only one with a bloated, crampy, icky stomach!


  • So glad you enjoyed the video. That guy gets my award for teacher of the year, I only wish he’d been mine.


  • Natalie

    I absolutely loved this and although I think I lead an incredibly healthy life, I don’t stretch except for when I do pilates! So definitely inspired to stretch every morning – thanks for sharing, Sarah.

    I’d add;
    Not sleeping too much is as important as not sleeping too little.
    Keep your meals regular – 3 meals, 2 snacks.
    Avoid stress at all costs (but that could come with meditation).


  • Good guidelines for any body, not just those with illness but then again, most of us don’t fix it until its broken.
    My prayer is that we can all eat and live this way. Imagine the world we would live in then!


  • Heather

    This post is so timely for me! This week I have started a new regime of getting up early every morning to do yoga stretches, then meditate, then read. I am absolutely loving it and I feel the benefits of it thoughout the day as my body feels more flexible and my mind is calmer. I love the fuzz guy!


  • Yep, no more sleeping through the alarm … yoga, here I come!


  • Pye

    I suffer . thanks the fuzz was great !!


  • I read about this on And it makes so much sense. It does feel like I’m breaking up some “fuzz” when I’ve been sitting for too long.


  • Mylee

    Hi Sarah,

    A blood test has picked up that I have an over active thyroid. I have a specialist appointment tomorrow but in the interim I have been doing my own research which is how I came across your site! So glad I did!

    I had a couple of questions, in relation to my diet should I be eating more iodine rich foods? I also have a Vit D deficiency, is that a link? Also my Husband & I were trying for a baby which is what brought me to the Doc’s in the first place as my period is no where to be seen, the last few months it has been tapering off into the distance…

    Sorry for the influx of questions, I am at a little bit of a loss as to where to turn to. I am using Western medicine but would also like to heal myself thru my diet & natual therapies as we would love to have a little family.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Love Mylee


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