sunday life: try this self-control trick

Posted on October 31st, 2010

This week I delay gratification


To be honest, I just don’t trust people who can keep an open packet of TimTams in the fridge for two weeks.  Are you one of these? Can you take one biscuit and leave the rest, and not think about them incessantly until you’ve demolished the lot (rationalising that, hey, they have to be eaten some time.)?


Well, I don’t trust you.

I mean, I’d trust you with my biscuits, should I ever require someone to mind a packet for me. It’s just I don’t trust that you are fully human, in the messy, unrestrainable way I am.

My brother Ben’s one of these types. At Easter we used to get two small, hollow eggs each (hidden in the lavender bush…yours too?). He’d be able to nibble at his Charlie Bucket-style, until June. My friend Zoe’s the same. Every spring she cuts all crap from her diet so she can shed her winter cushioning. Just like that. No fuss, no distress. “I just decide to do it…what’s the big deal?!” she says wide-eyed when I ask for her secret.

Self-controlled types are certainly oddities. They’ve also, of late, become a quirky source of scientific enquiry. Little wonder. A lack of will power – our inability to curb our over-eating, over-spending and overly-addicted-to-email ways – is killing us. Finding out what makes the self-restrained tick is only going to get hotter in academic circles, I tell you. Read more

really not much too much at all.

Posted on October 29th, 2010

I don’t have much to say. It’s early. I’m getting my hair and makeup done in my sunroom, ready to go sky-diving in Picton.

I’m drinking this amazing Miessence antioxidant “Berry Radical” drink – a chocolaty “superfood” hot drink. Like a hot chocolate, but it only contains superfoods. You can add coconut milk, or have it in a smoothie, too. (PS Miessence is an Australian company that makes organic cosmetics…and rates highest on the Good Guide).

And reading Annabel Crabb’s speech on The End of Journalism during the week. It’s a must-read for anyone in this game and who loves Ms Crabb!!

While listening to the news, preparing for filming Good News Week for Monday. I’m on with Akmal again and hope he lays off the red cordial this time. Here’s me doing it last time

And loving these Write A  Bikes that my beautiful mate Bill at The Cool Hunter alerted me to:

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taking it away with you

Posted on October 27th, 2010

At the yoga school I’ve been going to since the first day (literally) I arrived in Bondi seven years ago, the instructor Rick, at the end of each class, invites us to “take it away” with us.


I want to take away what this guy's got going on (happy shot courtesy of Eugene Tan)

We’ve slogged our way through our nervous tension, our annoyance with the heavy breathing dude next to us, our tight arses holding onto the resentment of the week….and 90 minutes later we finally arrive at a sweet spot. It’s so easy to jump up and ricochet onto the next activity (get home to husband, dash back to work). But this simple reminder – take it away with you – always gets me.

I find so much of my life compartmentalised. I run from one scheduled thing to the next. Rarely am I able to segue the goodness of the previous activity or moment into the next. I’ll share a really good chat with the guy at the dry-cleaners. Then dash off to the next appointment down the road. And I don’t take the loveliness of the chat, or the languidness of my morning walk, or the buzziness of the movie I just watched away with me. I drop it and dart. Next!

Taking good energy away with you entails two steps, in my mind:

1. Capture the moment as you leave. Like a photo. There! Snap! That was great. That felt really good.

2. Hold the energy. Kind of like carrying a tray of drinks. Steady and aware. For as long as you can. And glide onwards into the rest of your days

I’ve just done this with writing this post. There! Snap! I like it.