how to build a better blog (part 2-ish)

Posted on November 12th, 2010

One day I started a blog. I didn’t know where it would head. I spewed forth and it grew like a virus. I just wanted to share things.


Like all things with technology, it moved faster than I was able to adjust. So, truth be known, it’s not really what I thought it would be. But, then, it’s exactly what it needs to be. ‘Cos here it is.

I thought about doing a mass overhaul, to get it ship-shape (redesign, get it looking less “young”, change the name to…a real blog name!). But instead I’ve opted for gentle shifts.

On Wednesday I posted about how I hired a virtual assistant to help with my blog. They’ve kindly decided to offer everyone a discount on Freelancer – three project posts for free! When you register, use this code: “SARAH”. They’re also answering any questions you might have on the post.

Today, though, I want to share two other services I totally dig:

1. Blog Doctor Clare Lancaster:


Clare looks under the hood of your blog and tells you how to make it SING!!! People who understand blogs AND are able to communicate are very rare. Clare, who runs Online Business Overhaul, a 5 week DIY online marketing eCourse that covers strategy, seo, social media, email marketing and general promotion of biz online, is like a hen’s tooth. The ecourse is one of her services. Another is dotmarketing – a bespoke blog review service. She looks at your blog. Then dot-points what you need to do next. So helpful!

I got Clare’s dotmarketing treatment. She pointed out stupidly obvious things I just couldn’t see and gave tips on how to increase traffic, how to link in Twitter better etc. She doesn’t just connect dots, she provides the n-dashes inbetween!  But note, she books out quite quickly. You can reserve here.

2: The Makeroom Team:

Lealah and Glen at The Makeroom do little tweaks for me, like my email signature. We share an office. Lealah is the design person, Glen (Mr Pink) plays the tuba and is the IT dude. He gets excited when I ask him a techie question he hasn’t come across before. Together they bridge that terrible gap between the techie stuff and the pretty stuff. They just make it happen. Here’s some of their work…



Feel free to share your tips and tricks and contacts here…

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  • Oh my goodness Sarah I was only talking about this yesterday to a girlfriend… I have started my blog, but it doesn’t quite do or look the way I would like it to. I was considering getting some help, and the first thing I saw on Twitter this morning was you tweeting this very thing!
    Thank you so much, I will check out all your suggestions and hopefully get the ball rolling on a more functional (and beautiful!) blog.
    Have a great Friday!



    Sarah Reply:



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  • Thanks Sarah, this is sooooooooo awesome. Blog and I are very excited now.


  • thank you, great resources!


  • Have just completed Clare’s 5 week online course and can recommend it. It is very thorough. Took me a little longer than I had anticipated but I now have a written online marketing plan that will be the blueprint for a new website (incorporating a blog).


  • How timely! I just recently joined the blogosphere, so I welcome and and all info with open arms! Thanks for the tips!


  • Clare’s dotmarketing looks brilliant… what a great concept!


  • Thanks for the mention Sarah! Has been a pleasure working with you.

    Loving the interest in the blog reviews guys, and thanks so much Wendy for the words about my eCourse. Any enterprising women out there might want to check out my blog for inspiration/information too –

    Clare x


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