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Posted on December 24th, 2010

Dearest Readers of this Blog,


A little note to say this: I’ve so appreciated all the care and engagement you’ve extended to me (virtually) over the year. I’ve loved the way we humans have found a new way to “have the chat over the back fence” our grandmothers used to have. Mostly, most of us just want to know we’re not alone. Really. And to know that we’re not getting life completely wrong.

The comments on this blog over the year have done that for me.

Also, a note to say this: Happy Christmas!

Christmas is a powerful time. I find it hard. Lots of water gets muddied cos we all arrive on the day trampling around with our old hurt as well as stress from the year – getting shitty that no one else is picking up the wrapping paper and so on. It can be a lonely time. Even if you have loved ones around you.

I’m just saying…in case you feel the same…and wouldn’t mind knowing others could also be heading off to the kitchen under the pretense of going to get more turkey but really to take a moment and to fight back a few overwhelmed tears.

Anyway. I do hope you all have a wonderful festive break. I’m filming 7pm Project tonight. Then I fly to Canberra tomorrow morning for a loud, shambolic romp with my family. With a wrestle after lunch on the familyroom floor. You, too??

Much love and light,


PS If you’re feeling love for your Twitter followers, I just found this service – Gift a Follower – that allows you to by presents for your faves.

PPS The picture above is one of those DAGGY family pics you get done in malls that Dad got all excited about and had turned into Christmas cards. They didn’t have enough costumes for us, so I’m kind of kneeling down, wrapped in the Queen’s cloak. Very unimpressed. Very daggy. Very Christmas!!

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  • Christine

    Merry Christmas to you too Sarah, I enjoy reading your blogs!
    Cheers, Christine, Darwin NT


  • kylie

    Merry Christmas Sarah! thank you for your beautiful words over the past year. you are like a ray of sunshine

    Kylie x


  • Selena

    thankYOU Sarah – your posts have been very entertaining and nurturing to me this year..thankyou and merry christmas x
    Btw – love the photo 🙂


  • Julia-

    loved all your posts Sarah, i think your amazing, and your right, we are not alone. I thought in my heart and head i would be the only on feeling shitty on xmas having had a crappy year, but its all good and its only going to get better

    take care 🙂 xxxx


  • Jen

    Hi Sarah, I can understand your overwhelmed feelings around Christmas, isn’t is amazingly lucky that we have New Years only 1 week later? That’s when I start to breath again and let it all out in a big night of singing and dancing!


  • Merry Christmas Sarah!


  • Kathryn

    Merry Christmas to you Sarah! and thank you for all the enjoyable, thought provoking blogs and articles – look forward to next years and sooo looking forward to your book. Have a great holiday! and everyone else here too xox


  • Melissa

    Merry Christmas & a huge ‘thank you’ for your blog which has educated, inspired, amused, enlightened & motivated me. Much appreciated.


  • Karla


    Thanks for the Chrissy message. I might be one of those holding back tears this Chrissy. You really couldn’t have said it more poignantly. I love your column. I read it every week and I’m so glad you’re now on Facebook too (woot!!!). I am so looking forward to your column and posts in 2011. Thanks for guiding us all to finding the best and happiest life for each and every one of us.


  • Thanks for the thought provoking and interesting posts. Have a great holiday, see you in the new year!


  • Long-time lurker, first time commenter coming “out” to say thank YOU for such a thoughtful, humble, honest blog, which is (by its very nature) building a kind, supportive community of coolness. Love it. All the best for the break Sarah and everybody.


  • Sass

    Hey Sarah…just watching the 7pm Project as always. Given it’s only your 2nd night, think you’re doing a great job (although try and relax a little). You certainly brighten up the panel with your gorgeous clothes.

    I’ve only recently come across your blog and find it very insightful and entertaining. Looking forward to next years installments.

    Have a great Xmas and lots of fun with your family tomorrow. Oh, & enjoy the wrestling (think this is a great family tradition).



  • Janet

    Thank you for this wonderful blog!
    Have a fabulously Merry Christmas.


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  • Michael

    Hi Sarah,

    Merry Christmas to you as well! Thanks for all the wonderful and honest posts throughout 2010. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I truly look forward to your posts in 2011.


    p.s. checked out your story in Treadlie mag today… your bike looks sweet.


  • Haemee

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve really loved reading your blog throughout the year. You always seem to find a way to cheer me up somehow.

    Hope you have yourself a lovely Christmas 🙂


  • Merry Christmas, Sarah.

    I remember reading you reply to the question “when someone reads my blog I hope they…” with “feel like they’ve read something that they’d thought of themselves but hadn’t quite found the words to say it in.” That’s exactly what you do, each and every day, for me.

    Thank YOU, with all my heart.

    Laura xx



    Sarah Reply:

    Hey Laura, thank you for remembering that…means a lot to me. Happy Christmas. x


  • Paul

    Merry Xmas to you Sarah and all the best for the New Year. Paul.


  • Merry Christmas Sarah from snowy, cold Alberta, Canada! Thank you for all the wonderful posts, inspiration and information. I look forward to another year of more from you. I’m sure I speak for everyone else when I say we all look forward to another year of more from you.

    Have a wonderful time with family, wrestle well, and eat like royalty.



  • Madeline

    Thanks for being you Sarah and sharing you honesty over this past year.
    Im glad I discovered you…

    Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

    Xo Maddy


  • Lopsy

    Merry Christmas to you too Sarah,

    Thank you fro your intelligent, witty, thought provoking and down to earth articles. I used to watch you on Masterchef when I was back in NZ, Im now back living in London, and I had no idea how warm, sensitive and down to earth you were until I stumbled across your website/blog as I googled Auto Immune Disease. Your story touched me and made me feel less alone. I have Graves Disease and have suffered dreadfully with every single symptom, physically, emotionally and psychologically for many, many years ( maybe even 25 years!!). I had RAI back in NZ and became Hypothyroid and after two years they still cannot stabilise it. Anyway, I didnt want to go into all that here…..maybe another time. What I did want to say if thank you. For going against the grain on lots of issues, for being unique and for having empathy for women ( and men). I am single and without children and am 45. I have friends, but alas they are with their families this Xmas so its a weird and lonely time for me. SO, Im going to Las Vegas tomorrow…..on my own. Ive travelled alone before but not since my health got soooooo bad two years ago and now that I am so vulnerable to depression and anxiety. But I will go and am sure will have some happy moments here and there and some amzing encounters / conversations with strangers along the way, but I know also, I will wrestle with feeling like an outsider or unlovaable etc. Anyway, thank you for being aware of other humans feeling sad or lonely at this time and for gving me some emotional strength.
    Cheers Sarah.
    From Lopsy in London.



    Sarah Reply:

    Lopsy! I send you brave, bold thoughts as you head to Las Vegas. Anxiety…autoimmune…aloneness…it’s all the same package, isn’t it. Don’t worry if you don’t have happy moments. Ride whatever comes up and just know it’s ok. Good on you for taking the plunge. Merry Chritstmas xx
    PS I had Graves a few years back…affected my eye.


  • Mia

    Dearest Sarah

    Your words have been such a comfort and inspiration to me, you will never know! Not only talking about AI but everything else, there is nothing like this blog out there in the world! Never forget that you are so valuable to so many people.

    I am actually hosting an Orphan’s Christmas party today, for all us misfits who have lost parents, dont have family in the state or have lost touch with their family for whatever reason. No you are not alone in finding it hard! The suicide rate is higher at Christmas than any other time of year, I have heard.

    Much love, and best wishes!



    Sarah Reply:

    Mia, it’s been a joy seeing your name pop up every few days on my blog. Hope your travels with AI have brought you richness this year in some way. xxx


  • Connie

    Merry Christmas Sarah…

    So nice to have your warmth and honesty every time I pop by your site. Keep tapping into this little part of you that wants to make this world more true and beautiful.



  • Sarah, your blog is my fave, I remember when I first started mine and had grand plans (that sadly fell through) about having a mammoth blogging festival in Hay, and I contacted you as guest speaker you wrote back something along the lines of:
    “I’m honored, but I’m not really a ‘blogger, there would be better people to ask”
    Look at you and your blog now. It is pumping. You have great food for thought and I thoroughly enjoy and get a lot out of it. Can’t wait to continue reading in 2011 and thanks so much for your “TV TIPS!’ Will let you know when i know I’m on!


  • rebecca

    Hi Sarah, Can you please tell me who your outfit was by tonight (gold cami & black jacket with elbow detail)? LOVED it! Thank you