do nothing for two minutes

Posted on February 25th, 2011

Dearest Reader of This Blog,


Should you find yourself today: agitated, bossed about, distracted, thinking that you’re crap and you’ll never be able to get task X done, that you don’t have enough time, that there’s too much to do…do nothing for two minutes.

I’ve found a link that will help. I just swear it does.

Not much to it. Just click here. There are nice waves on it. Be awashed.

Love from Sarah x

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  • Mia

    ha ha ha, I went to turn up the volume on my laptop so i could hear the waves and it failed me! :) Very cute though, nice idea.


  • Sarah H.

    I got the same fail message! Whoops! I love the concept. Obviously, it’s something I have to work on.


  • Ebony

    Thanks for the post. I really needed this today. Hope it turned your morning around too :)


  • sharni montgomery

    Ahhhhhh it made me miss the real ocean!!! I will try later to get it to awash me not make me miss oceans.


  • Tim Tyrell-Smith

    Absolutely love the idea – whether I have something to stare at or not. And should do it every day. Just breathe. :-) Thanks Sarah.


  • Kim O’Brien

    I loved this! It’s amazing how long 2 minutes can seem. I need to do more of this. Thank you so much for sharing!


  • Kristy

    Thanks Sarah! Really does help. Feels so calm!


  • Megs

    I love do nothing for 2 minutes. It works. When I can actually make it the whole 2 minutes.


  • Seth Merrick

    Since I’m incapable of actually doing -nothing- for 2 minutes, I really like this site I recently found, similar to your ‘FAIL IF YOU MOVE’ ocean site. :)

    You can breathe, relax, chant OM in perfect sync with other visitors around the globe. I find a good 3-5 minutes of focused breathing to be most restorative.


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  • tee

    thanks Sarah, that is exactly how I’m feeling today, how did you know…


  • Paul

    Excellent relaxation resources – I have bookmarked both. Love the DoAsOne concept and colours!


  • James

    I had a giggle at the end. You know that clip of a car driving on a winding road in the country and it looks so beautiful and serene and then suddenly this demented twit comes up on the screen and just screams at you…….too funny!


  • Erin

    That was hard! Thanks Sarah!


  • Kasey

    Why is it so hard to just sit still? It is something I need to work on. Thank you for the post!


  • Amanda

    so simple, but really something I need to work on. Sometimes I just feed my stress more stress. Taking two minutes can really make a difference.


  • Rachel

    I couldn’t do it!


  • LisaJennea

    I failed haha. But what an awesome tool to bookmark for future use. Sometimes we need those reminders to just slow down and breathe, and so nothing.


  • Katherine

    I thought it was a little gimmicky. I prefer a real grounding exercise for a few minutes with real earth, sun, air, than to stare at a countdown clock, listening to fake digitised ocean, whilst being bathed in wi-fi signal. Or even a mini meditation, a little prayer, or something…whatever happened to looking out the window! If there’s no window to look out of, perhaps that why there’s stress to resolve.


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  • Stephen Stavropoulos

    Awesome…..2 minutes wasnt long enough!

    There are rain forest vids at You Tube that do the same thing for me…one is 8 minutes long! So Relaxing~

    Thanks for this time during my day