Another week, another “study” that shows we’re meant to be eating this instead of that. Yeah, I tire of them. But I found this one on the best and worst foods for healthy weight quite interesting.

It found yoghurt was the best food to eat to lose weight.

Below I’ve outlined the gist of the study, and then shared my favourite ways to eat yoghurt.



The study was based on three trials over 20 years. It found

  • The quality of food matters more than calorie count!!! So eating organic makes you lose weight.
  • The top five most fattening foods were sugar-sweetened beverages, red meat and processed red meat, each associated with half a kilo of weight gain every four years.
  • The most fattening food of them all? Potato chips, which led to more weight gain per serving than any other food, the study found.
  • The best nosh for your waistline? Surprisingly, yogurt — each extra daily serving prevented half a kilo of weight gain

These studies always involved competing, intertwined factors. But there’s no escaping that eating yoghurt leads to good things.

So, some yoghurt sharing…

What yoghurt do I eat?

I swap between Meredith Farm Sheep’s Milk and the Baramba Organic (full-fat) Cow’s Milk one (this stuff is soooo decadently good). Not to be pious, per se. But because they have the best flavour and consistency. IMO.

Full-fat or low-fat?

I can not say this strongly enough – full-fat only! Three reasons: it tastes better (so you’ll be satiated and eat less of it); when fat is removed from dairy the particular enzymes contained in dairy that help you metabolise milk and milk fats are disrupted (thus you don’t process it as well…meaning, I’ve heard it argued, it winds up more fattening); low-fat dairy is often pumped with sugar. You can read more about that here.

How do I eat it?

I eat yoghurt every day. I mix it up. Feel free to try these ideas…

* A quick dessert snack: Pan-toasted walnuts or pepitas, cinnamon and a teaspoon of Miessence Berry Radical powder (this is a sugar-free chocolate powder) mushed through a big bowl of yoghurt. Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy.

* Another quick dessert: I mush frozen berries in a cup of yoghurt. Sometimes I add pure vanilla essence.

* A breakfast smoothie: check my recipes here and here. I often make these when I’m at the end of the container – I stickblend in the container, whack the lid on, put in the freezer for 15 minutes (to get well-chilled) and voila – a portable breakfast. Perfect when I have to head to the airport early, or to a job across town.

* A breakfast idea: I heat left-over polenta and wallop on a dallop of yoghurt with some pesto. And presto! Sometimes I swirl in some flaxseed oil into the yoghurt (I don’t put flaxseed directly onto hot stuff…)

* Another breakfast idea: make grainless pancakes using just eggs and yoghurt and some LSA.

* A Morrocon flavour hit: I blend preserved lemon (mushed up), cumin and yoghurt and add to a lamb dish or to a beetroot and lentil salad.

* Soup savior: I can’t eat soup without a big swirl of yoghurt. It sweetens any flavour.

OK. That’s enough. Over to you… any clever suggestions?





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  • Penny

    I make my own using Easyyo – very simple and a kg of yoghurt a week for $3. I then add flavours as you would to a cocktail: my fave is coffee essence, cocoa, shredded coconut but I also add flavoured syrups as I LOVE caramel, coffee and chocolate yoghurt which is easy to get in EU but not here. Cheers!

  • Deanne Graf

    Try tahini blended with blueberries and sweetened with stevia. Makes a great sauce for pancakes.

  • Katie

    I’m curious, can’t find a full fat Barambah yoghurt that doesn’t have sugar, the full fat greek yoghurt has sugar AND honey, the All Natural only one with no sugar uses Non fat milk solids (even the organic baby one!)…. which one are you using Sarah? 🙂

  • Laura

    The medical world has started questioning the whole cholesterol issue. This is a very interesting watch for those who are interested. It’s one in a series of four.

  • Jackie

    In the US it’s hard to find whole yoghurt on the shelves, I’m not kidding. Whole Foods Supermarket is about the only place to find organic whole yoghurt. At any rate, maybe this talk about “good whole fats” will finally bring it to the shelves here in abundance! Sarah, is there an equivalent in the US to the miessence Radical Berry Powder that you know of?

  • may

    My dads a doctor and he has found that his patients with high cholesterol drinking organic full fat milk have actually benefited from these fats resulting in lower cholesterol. Here in NZ they buy whats called ‘Dolly’s milk’, give it a search.

  • youreanidiot

    This is a crock of shit.

  • Loll

    Can suggest some brands of yogurt?

  • geraldmckeown

    I don’t know I put on weight with low fat I eat : Aldi , dairy dream Greekstyle yogurt (Blueberry) Yumo! Add nothing ; Be careful I can eat the lot in one go make sure the dog is watching you and she takes the spoon raises the alarm if you go past halfway #⃣?? ??

  • geraldmckeown

    I used to have those problems before that I don’t have any more

  • geraldmckeown

    Please don’t take my word I am not qualifyed don’t play around ask your doctor