The “I quit sugar” ebook: on sale now!

Posted on September 28th, 2011

Phew! Yes. Indeed. I’ve been working on this ebook for months now. And now it’s ready and I’m a little bit scared, but ultimately really happy to be able to share something that has truly changed my life. I hope you enjoy it….

I Quit Sugar

I quit sugar: a simple 8-week program

by Sarah Wilson


If you’ve thought about quitting sugar, tried different ways, but can’t quite cut the ties… this ebook is your sweet, effective solution.

in eight weeks get clean + vibrant + yes, lose weight

Inspired by my own personal experience, my work as a health coach, and from some of the best experts from around the world, I Quit Sugar is practical week-by-week guide full of tips, recipes, advice and inspiration to quit the sweet stuff – for good.


If you want to know a little more before you buy, go here and I give a little more info.

Love the design?

Well, thank you. Actually, I have some very special women to thank for that. Siri, Emily and Anna fromRed Handed Studio are responsible for the feel, the vibe, the super clever info-graphics (you’ll need to read the book to know what I mean…but they’ve GONE TO TOWN with some really kooky culinary treatments). Designing an ebook full of different grabs of info and making it readable IS A SKILL. And involves love and passion. These ladies have oodles of both. Ask for their portfolio – a blend of illustration and design prettiness – to see more of their work. You’ll certainly be seeing more of it here on my blog!

what nutritionists order when they eat out

Posted on September 27th, 2011

Me, I get a little tired of food types banging on about their amazing eating habits. I mean, I MUST really annoy some of you with all my “sprout this”, “slow cook” that rants. So perhaps I should mention, I also eat in food courts. And at 7-Eleven. Because I get really hungry and I move about a bit and just have to eat and not be too precious sometimes.

I approached some of the food types who contribute on this blog and asked if they’d come clean with their on-the-run eating  tricks. We all do it. Eat crap and live to see another day!

Mine are thus,

* I avoid Thai (the coconut cream is great, but it’s full of palm sugar). Greek is great. Pubs are my favourite. Indian is OK (coconut cream with less sugar!)

* At food courts, I eat meat. Kebab joints – the straight up meat (with their salady stuff). The beef stew. etc. These stews are likely to have homely ingredients (my experience dating chefs is that Mum makes these dishes and keeps it pretty unadulterated). I avoid anything with sauce, or bready stuff and steer wellllllll clear of salad bars with dressing.

* If you eat sandwiches, ask for it to be made up with your ingredients – pre-made ones are full of gunky sauces. Ask for mustard. Full fat cheese and tuna, toasted, is pretty safe.

* At corner shops/ 7-elevens:  I like Kat’s advice below – just buy the dark chocolate and be done with it.

* Soup is always a good option. Again, often made simply and sometimes by a Mum.

* I’ve written about what I eat when I’m traveling here.

But over to the others now…do add your ideas below!


Lee Holmes is author of Supercharged Food: I usually order a chicken and cashew nut dish and ask for no sauce.  I say I’d just like to have it stir fried with garlic.  If you’re ordering a curry you can ask for it without sugar too and most Thai restaurants are happy to accommodate you. Read more

would you want to “see” into your future, even if it was bad?

Posted on September 25th, 2011

This week in Sunday Life I visit a witch. Yep, a witch.

photo by Carlos Gotay

On long road trips, in the back seat of the family Ford Falcon XB, my five siblings and I played the hypothetical game “how much would you have to be paid to…”. How much would you have to be paid to, say, drink a cup of warm sick? Sit in a pond of leeches for five minutes? Ten minutes?

You know how it went. Before Wii, we all played a version of it. It was deliriously fun and simultaneously flexed our little moral compasses, preparing us for real life.

So, let me put this hypothetical quandary to you: if you could be given a vision of your future, but it could mean learning some seriously dire news, would you sign up?

A while back I learned of a witch who’s reportedly one of the best tarot readers around. The caveat is that she tells it as it is, warts and all. Ly de Angeles is the high priestess of the international Coven of WildWood Gate. She’s been practicing as a witch for 30 years and she once told a young woman, “Looks like there’s a death in the family… No, it’ll be you.” She detailed it was going to be in a plane crash. And so it came to be several years later.

I wavered for a while, and was warned against it, but curiosity pulled me in and on Tuesday I fronted up to her dark basement abode to get slapped with my destiny. Read more