I’d love your thoughts…it’s been almost four weeks since I released the I Quit Sugar ebook and I was just wondering how you’ve been finding it.

And just a cute photo my friend Jo Immig took out her kitchen window up here in the Byron hinterland

Any questions?

Any results? Please do feel free to share.

Fellow bloggers, is the affiliates program working for you?

From my end, it’s been so heartening to see how many people have got stuck into the program. If you haven’t checked out the book yet, do so here.

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  • Candice

    Hello everyone

    What can we eat out at Asian restaurants? It’s a mix of Thai Malaysian and Chinese

    Pls help

  • Lou Lou


    I have been sugar free now for 7 weeks and I simply can’t believe that I don’t fancy cake anymore!!! No cravings it is amazing. 8 weeks ago i would never have been able to resist a cake or three (yes i know bad!!) a day, it’s fab.
    I have been fine until the last week and feeling a little run down, just sore throat etc… do you think this is part of the detox process?? i know it is a silly question but when i get unwell it only normally lasts a day or two never over a week. Just wondering if others have had this too?? I am all for a good detox just wondered if this is normal.

    Thank you so much for your fabulous books, they are now my food bibles. What i love the most is that it has made me so aware of what my kids eat, which was good before but now I am aware of what is in foods and I feel so much more knowledgeable about it.
    Huge thank you for changing my life
    Lou x

  • Charlie

    Hi, I have been sugar free for four months and don’t have any cravings. My problem is eating things that I don’t expect to have sugar. My only problem now is I ate gf Thai food and no that a lot of Thai food can have sugar. I went to a place called Auyrn in San Anselmo CA does anyone know if they use sugar in their Thai food? If so is it okay to have a few accidental bits of sugar here and their.

    Thanks a bunch,

  • Shannon

    What do you eat at a Thai restaurant