19 very clever things to do with coconut oil

Posted on November 22nd, 2011

Following on from my recent why i get excited about coconut oil post, I’m sharing some of the things I do with coconut oil…a few of you have asked the difference between oil and butter. It’s the same thing. The stuff does become an oil in the warmer months, so store in the fridge if you prefer the harder, smoother consistency.

photo via My New Roots

1. Fry and roast your roots!

As I mentioned the other week, coconut oil is by far the safest, healthiest and tastiest oils to cook with (along with ghee). But it’s particularly tasty for cooking sweeter vegetables like pumpkin and carrots. I really like this recipe adapted from My New Roots. I’ve make it without the dressing she suggests, and switch the maple syrup for rice malt syrup.

coconut roasted carrots

zest of 2 oranges
juice of 1 orange
2 Tbsp. fresh ginger, minced
1 tsp. rice malt syrup (optional)
1 tbsp. coconut oil or ghee, melted
1 tbsp. sesame seeds
pinch sea salt

Whisk all marinade ingredients together, add the carrots and toss to coat. Pour carrots and marinade out onto a baking sheet, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and place into preheated HOT oven. Roast for 15 minutes.

I love pumpkin fried off in coconut oil. I’ve shared this recipe here.

Also, brussel sprouts!!!!

2. Eat it straight from the jar (my #1 fail-proof craving curber)

After lunch I still get sweet/”I need something more” cravings. So this is my failproof trick. I eat two tablespoons of coconut oil. It satisfies my need for something sweet and KILLS appetite for about 4-5 hours. I really challenge you to try it (allow about ten minutes to feel the effect).

3. Use it as a moisturiser, especially in summer!

I scoop straight from the jar (I keep a jar in the bathroom) and apply onto moist skin. I mix in a few drops of Vitamin E oil, too. The wonderful health properties seep through the skin, too. In ayervedic terms, it’s a cooling oil and so is perfect at this time of year – it will help you sleep at night (PS in winter I use untoasted sesame oil, which is a warming oil).

coconut oil body scrubs, photo via My Sweet Garden

4. Blokes! Use as a shave gel.

5. Look out for coconut snacks like these:

I’ve discovered these Artisana nut and seed butter snacks and I eat the coconut oil and coconut butter ones straight out of the packet with a spoon. Honestly. So good. You can find them at select health food shops.

6. Use it for healing wounds.

Coconut oil is anti microbial. Rub a bit on any scrapes or cuts to aid the healing process.

7. Make your own coconut cream

Sadly, coconut cream mostly comes in cans, which contain BPAs. Bad. Chris Kresser made this point recently and shared some brands that don’t contain BPAs: One is Native Forest, which you can purchase on Amazon. The other is Arroy-D, which is a brand imported from Thailand. You can get it here.

Or make it yourself. I saw it done with a Thermomix the other day. Here’s a recipe. Or you can make it with a regular blender. Here’s a video to show you how.

8. Try it as an eye make up remover.

Really! Plus it’s gentle and moisturizing unlike chemical make up removers.

9. Try a wonderful macaroon recipe here.

10. And my nutballs recipe here.

11. Use it as an odour neutraliser.

If your hands smell of garlic or onion from preparing a meal, or you’ve just applied apple cider vinegar to your sunburn (it’s very effective in neutralizing sunburn, relieving pain, and preventing blistering and peeling – as an aside!) lather yourself in coconut oil to get rid of the smells.

12. Know that coconut sugar is not a good idea.

Here’s what you need to know about coconut sugar… full of fructose.

13. Use it as a sunscreen for a quick vitamin D fix!

Coconut oil is at least an SPF4, so it does help with a little protection if you’re just heading into the sun briefly for some vitamin D. (Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on sunscreen).

14. And as a deodorant. Yes!

a coconut deodorant recipe

I’m yet to try this one, but the recipe comes from Lana Purcell. Thanks Lana!

  • 1/4 cup arrowroot
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 5 tbs coconut oil
  • 20 drops essential oil (you pick your favourites)

Mix it all together, It is easier if the oil is melted down and then pour into a mould or an empty deodorant container that you can reuse.

15. Tame your hair! 

Yes really. Spread a small amount through damp hair, it helps tame those frizzy fly-aways. And the smell is lovely and summery.

16. As a toothpaste.

coconut oil toothpaste

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • A few drops of liquid stevia
  • Several drops of spearmint or peppermint essential oil

Mix well and add water to reach desirable consistency. This is an inexpensive alternative to fluoride-free toothpaste. It’s also suitable for people with sensitive teeth. (recipe by Liz at Living the Nourished Life)

17. Make this icecream chocolate topping * the kind that goes hard on impact

If you’re not on the I Quit Sugar bandwagon, you might like this simple idea:

ice cream chocolate topping

  • 200 grams bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons virgin coconut oil

Melt the chocolate in a small metal bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Stir in the coconut oil and heat until dissolved, about 1 minute. Keep the liquid lukewarm until ready to pour over the ice cream. Chocolate will harden into a shell within a few seconds when spooned over ice cream. Yield: 3/4 cup (good for 4 to 6 scoops).

18. Use it on your baby as a nappy rash cream. 

If you have babies around, try this as an alternative to the chemical-filled options.

19. and for something extra: oil pulling

Oil pulling is a practice taken from Ayurvedic medicine that involves swishing (or pulling) unrefined oil in your mouth for several minutes. It’s a powerful method of detoxifying the body, and coconut oil is highly recommended for this practice.

The benefits of oil pulling cover everything from curing gingivitis to facilitating weight loss, and include:

  • whiter, straighter teeth
  • healthy, pink gums
  • increased energy
  • decreased migraine headaches
  • clear sinuses
  • less severe asthma
  • decreased allergies
  • improved PMS symptoms
  • regulated menstrual cycles
  • better sleep
  • clear skin

Sounds good? Here’s how to do it:

  • ideally oil pulling should be done first thing every morning on an empty stomach
  • use about one tablespoon of oil (if it’s too much for you initially, start with less)
  • a couple drops of essential oil or a healing oil like oregano (which might be good for thrush) can be added if desired
  • swish the oil slowly and methodically, and try to make sure the oil reaches every region of your mouth
  • swish the oil for approx 10 minutes, if you can. The oil will become very thin and foamy
  • spit the oil out and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water
  • brush with toothpaste afterwards

Have you tried oil pulling? Do you do anything special with your coconut oil? Add your tips and secrets below. 



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  • Mel

    I believe coconut oil is different to coconut butter. I have them both in my pantry and the butter is definitely more buttery, not just solidified coconut oil. I eat the butter by the spoonful. It’s delicious. We go through litres of coconut oil each month. We eat paleo.


    Jemma Reply:

    Hi Mel, which brand of coconut butter do you buy? Sounds delicious. I usually use the Artisana brand of coco butter sachets but the local health shop runs out as soon as they’re in so I’m looking for alternatives. Thanks!


    Mel Reply:

    I buy jars of the artisana coconut butter from iherb. I haven’t found it in Melbourne.


    yvonne Reply:

    You can make coconut butter in a Thermomix,using dessicated coconut(must be preservative free otherwise it won’t work). It is fantastic!

    fiona Reply:

    Hi Sarah
    Firstly, congratulations on choosing a career you seem genuinely passionate about. I read your Sunday Life column religiously & enjoy your blog. I can also relate on many levels to your life experience. I too have found my way after working in the corporate world for a number of years, to a far more meaningful and rewarding career as a Life Coach.

    Just wondering if there’s any chance you are confusing the size of a “tablespoon” with a “desert spoon”? The reason I ask is this is a common mistake and a tablespoon is much bigger. When I followed your nut ball recipe, which called for 4-5 tablsps of coconut butter, it was a liquidy disaster, whereby I had to heap in a whole lot of dry ingredients at my attempt of saving it. You also mentioned you have 2 tablespoons of coconut butter as a snack, so I’m thinking you actually mean desert spoons(?), as it seems like an awful lot of oil? Hope you can clarify!

    :-) Fiona
    Finetuned Coaching


  • http://www.healthcoachlydia.com Lydia

    Hey, thanks! I’m going to go try this oil pulling thing right now…


  • http://SuperKitchenMachine.com ThermomixBlogger Helene

    Wow — what a super resource you have put together here! (and thanks so much for linking to my coconut milk post for Thermomix fans) I’m fascinated by some of these new ideas and excited to try several of these. Now, which to try first? Definitely bookmarking this page! Big cheers, 😉


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:



  • http://slimpaley.com slim paley

    I love this post as I am a huge fan of coconut oil. I buy big tubs of it and love to fry or bake sweet potatoes in it and I use it as body moisturizer. I can’t believe you just eat it right from the spoon though!
    For “pulling” should one melt the oil first or do you start off with it solid?! 10 minutes is an awfully long time to swish but I’m intrigued…


  • Elizabeth

    Can someone tell me if I should be buying refined or unrefined coconut oil and what the difference is? Thanks!


    Claire Reply:

    Hi Elizabeth, you want cold pressed, extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil. Aclara is a good brand.



    Elizabeth Reply:

    Thanks Claire!


    Linda Reply:

    Can I eat unrefined coconut oil right from the container or is it only good for frying?


  • Laura

    Where do you find coconut oil? In health food shops?


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    Yep. All of them sell set. Some chemists do too. Ask around! It’s not too expensive.


    Laura Reply:

    Fantastic! I am definitely going to go buy some. :)


  • http://toomanycommas.com/blog/ Elissa

    I put coconut oil in plain Greek yogurt with some flax seeds and nuts. It makes it a little less bitter and also adds a really nice almost-crispy texture when the oil gets hard. Also, it’s delicious to use instead of butter when frying an egg.


  • http://www.lifewithlily.com Lily

    Good Morning Sarah,

    Lily the Cat, again. Thank you for continuing to spread the good oil HaHa about Coconut Oil. And butter. Human can’t believe how ill-informed most people are on the subject of good fats and look at her as if she’s mad when she promotes their health benefits. One person told her last week Coconut Oil was a “killer”. She’s still naughty and eats sugar but I’m working on her thanks to your help.


  • melipac

    Hi Sarah, thanks for your fantastic post. I’m definitely making the deodorant, but I’ve question on baking soda, does it usually contain aluminium? If so, do you know where can you buy an aluminium free version?


    Mia Bluegirl Reply:

    It contains something called alum, which is a little different. I’m not aware of any special health concerns associated with it. Its the substance in crystal deodorant, at any rate. xx


    HK Reply:

    I wonder if you are thinking of baking *powder* here?
    Baking soda is just sodium bicarbonate.


    melipac Reply:

    thanks both for your replies – yes now I realised was mixed up with baking powder

    Mia Bluegirl Reply:

    Yep me too :)

    JuIlie Reply:

    I have bought an aluminium-free Baking powder from Go Vita health stores in Qld


  • http://heavenlyingredients.blogspot.com Heavenly Ingredients

    thanks for these ideas. I’m really getting into the coconut oil these days, and my toddler loves the taste of it on stir fried veggies.


  • Ivy

    I love coconut oil! I buy it in bulk online, eBay in particular. Try the Banaban- brand, you can buy as much as 3,4 or 5 litres in bulk at the time. I got through about 1 litre every 3 weeks, as I give it to all my kids, use it in cooking, and as energy during my weekly 24-hour fasts. :)


  • http://www.alwaysorderdessert.com Alejandra

    I love these tips! I definitely want to try the oil pulling tip. I’m very interested in reading/learning more about that.


  • Sharon

    Does the oil need to be liquid for pulling? If so do you normally just heat it a little?


    jacinta Reply:

    you shouldn’t heat the oil, as soon as you put it in your mouth it will melt :)


    Sharon Reply:



    Sharon Reply:

    Just realized what a silly question It was about hearing oil the putting using it, having a blonde moment there :-(. I’ll give this a go though

  • Katie

    I put coconut oil in all my herbal teas, morning smoothie, on the ends of my hair, as an after waxing cream, on sunburn, on my lips, to cook my salmon, and as a replacement for butter or other liquids in yummy desserts! LOVE your blog sarah, I am a 20yr old uni student and you & miranda kerr are my inspirations for health x


  • http://www.righthanddesign.com.au Robyn

    Thanks for the roasted carrot recipe. I just made some and they were delicious! I did use maple syrup, as I haven’t started on the Quit Sugar thing yet – mainly because I’ve LOST my copy! I purchased your ebook in the first week, with great plans to start it after a holiday in October, but now have no idea where I downloaded it. I’ve searched my computer for “sugar”, so can anyone tell me what the exact file name might be?

    PS. My jar of Melrose Organic Coconut Oil says (Butter) – in brackets – on the label.


    Shalome Reply:

    Hey Robyn, my copy had the filename . Hope that helps!


    Shalome Reply:

    Whoops – filename was accidentally deleted: ‘Sarah Wilson. I Quit Sugar.pdf’


  • narelle

    really simple chicken idea – fry it in coconut oil and squeeze lemon juice on it….really easy meal that tastes great and does not trigger food intolerance problems!
    The great thing about coconut oil is that is is not denatured by heat(as most oils are)so it is still good for you!


  • Mia Bluegirl

    Sounds awesome. I’m a big fan of any oil as a cleanser, make-up remover or moisturizer. Olive oil is also great for this.

    Although I’m a little skeptical of the oil pulling, as I am about all “ancient” cleansing/ detoxifying methods. Some of them are definitely dodgy… ritual vomitting, anyone? I would be interested to hear of anyone’s experiences with this!


  • Shalome

    I tried the coconut oil as a moisturiser last night and fell asleep smelling like a giant Bounty Bar. Peaceful dreams tho! x


  • Em

    This is my dentist’s take on the coconut oil toothpaste:

    The most useless thing in the whole concoction is the coconut oil. Essential oils can break up plaque that is over 48 hrs old, although a few drops in half a cup is probably insufficient and tea tree oil is more effective. The stevia is just to sweeten it, so if you are eating enough sweetened food to need sweetened toothpaste than this is a loser as it has no fluoride to protect the teeth.
    The baking soda will help to reduce acidity so that is the only useful thing in it.


  • Karen

    Do you have a reliable source on the SPF? I looked for one a while back but couldn’t find anything better than heresay.


  • http://wabiblog.com amber

    I love all these food posts. I use coconut oil to replace butter in a lot of recipes. I love it on steamed vegetables. I have also started to drink coconut water. I love coconut in any form, and am so glad that is has so many healthful properties.

    On another note, I was wondering if you had a general list for yourself of YES and NO foods. Or frequent, occasional, never foods. As an AI sufferer, I have even cut way down on my consumption of meat because of the acidity factor. I don’t know where I stand on dairy either. How do you collate all the dietary advice from competing resources and differing points of view? The soy debate just about does my head in.

    Looking forward to your sunscreen post. I got horribly sunburnt on Saturday at Mooloolaba beach. I wanted a touch of sun, but messed up badly.


    Jade Reply:

    Hey Amber! So I hear your dilemma about the conflicting info …. I am a vegan (no meat, eggs, dairy – although I do occasionally eat honey, pretty sure the bees don’t mind) who is also gradually reducing sugar from my diet and I very rarely consume soy/soy products either (I made that decision after doing A LOT of research into soy once my mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and I had my own estrogen levels checked). After reading so much conflicting info about food and nutrition, and after struggling with how to balance being vegan without consuming soy or eating sugar (I know what everyone is thinking – “what does she actually eat!”), I decided to go to uni and do a health science degree in nutrition and figure it all out for myself. AND I’M STILL CONFUSED SOMETIMES!! Basically though, once you remove all the crap (i.e. meat, dairy, sugar, soy, processed foods), you are simply left with fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts & legumes. And that, I truly believe, is what we as humans are meant to eat – whole foods, in their natural form, as nature intended, unrefinded and unprocessed – and these are the only food items that don’t seem to be disputed by, well anyone really (I know Sarah is anti-fruit, but once your body is clean and you know longer have an over-abundance of yeast [therefore sugar addiction], a piece of fruit passes through the body very easily and you only feel like having one piece a day anyway). So anyway, that’s my take on it all – and that seems to be in line with everything I have researched (and I have done A LOT of research) and that seems to work perfectly for me. If it comes from nature and is pure and unprocessed – eat it. If it doesn’t, don’t.
    P.S. How beautiful is Mooloolaba! Even though it’s only an hour from Brissie I don’t seem to get there often enough.


    ssisme Reply:

    Hi Jade, I love your approach of eating as humans are meant to, but in that equation, meat has to come into it! I completely agree that meat can be ‘crap’, when it’s force-farmed, force-fed, and the only goal in mind is mass production, but good quality, pastured meat is incredibly healthful food – I’d be really interested to know if your degree content came to different conclusions? Thank you.


    amber Reply:

    I can easily go without meat, as I often do. But eggs I couldn’t. I really like Michael Pollan’s food approach, which advocates avoiding all the central aisles of the supermarket (anything in a box or bottle, basically!).

    Jade, Mooloolaba was beautiful… just very hot.

    Mia Bluegirl Reply:

    Just curious Jade… how can you advocate not eating meat (which humans have eaten for 150,000 years) and advocate wholegrains (agricultural revolution was 1000 or so years ago) then claim to be eating the way we were “meant” to eat? Also, wholegrains HAVE to be processed until they are nearly unrecognisable to even be digested, so you’ve contradicted yourself again there. You seem to still be very confused.

    My advice? Try each diet that interests you out for a month at least, and make up your own mind based on how your body feels. Thats what I did. Paleo is the best for me, increasing my intake of good quality meat (organic & free range mostly with a lot of fish) and saturated animal fats was the best thing I ever did for my inflammation and thyroid. I have no joint pain now, my thyroid symptoms are greatly reduced, my reproductive system is working for the first time EVER, my inflammatory bowel disease is non-existent and Im gradually reducing my thyroxine intake (hoping to come off entirely) which is meant to be a medical impossibility. Subsisting on a diet of mostly meat, animal fat and vegetables is the best thing I ever did.

    Everyone is different though, I fully support the self-experimentation route! Sometimes if you read too much it does your head in. Good luck. xx

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  • Georgia

    I was wondering is there any really good website that you can buy good quality coconut oil in bulk? Or are there issues with heat/travelling etc?


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  • Jasmin

    Have recently got my hands on the Artisana coconut butter and they are soooo good my kids love it too! Am going to try the oil pulling in the morning, sounds interesting and thanks for more great suggestions Sarah! :)


  • Dee

    I have just bought my first jar of coconut oil, so am looking forward to trying many of these ideas, thank you Sarah. Mine looks very runny/liquid in the jar… does it go hard, or is that because people put it in the fridge. I do live in a hot climate, so maybe that is why it is liquid???


    Karen Reply:

    Yes Dee, where I live (in Singapore) my coconut oil is always clear and liquid. Put it in the fridge if you like, and it will become white and solid (easier to apply to skin, I find).


  • Claire

    I can vouch for the deodorant recipe. I got mine from the Crunchy Betty website, and it is easily the best deodorant I have ever used. I have been using it for around a week now, and have been doing alot of activity in the Brisbane sun – no smelly pits. I was not expecting it to be this effective – it just seemed too basic. Tip tho, if you are switching from a supermarket brand deo to natural, expect some smelly detox to happen before the effectiveness kicks in. As I’ve been using Miessence for over a year, I had already detoxed, so my transition was very smooth. Depending on the weather, your homemade deo might not actually harden, mine is more like a paste. Try it!


    Amy Reply:

    Hi Claire, I am really keen to make this deodorant (and thanks for the referral to the Crunchy Betty website, it’s great!). I have to ask though, how do you store it? I kind of can’t get my head around putting my fingers in and out of a jar to apply deodorant under my arms – can’t be terribly hygienic? Or does the anti bacterial quality of coconut oil make up for that?!

    I’m also wondering how to store coconut oil toothpaste which I’m keen to try but for similar reasons haven’t got there yet!




  • Nichole

    I have read that if you already have amalgum (silver) fillings you SHOULDN’T do oil pulling, as it will leach too many toxins into your mouth… anyone know more about this or whether it’s accurate?


  • Sarah L

    Love this post! Thanks, Sarah! I looove coconut oil as a body moisturizer! Though, it can be comedogenic, so I keep it off my face. Some rave about it helping clear their acne, but from personal experience it made mine worse. Just in case anyone were thinking of using it on their face!

    Also, for several more ideas on what to do with coconut oil, check out this list
    “A Millionish Uncommon (and Not So Uncommon) Uses for Coconut Oil” on Crunchy Betty!:

    You hit many of them in your post, but thought a couple of her suggestions were worth noting too!

    Love your blog!
    Sarah L


  • http://slimpaley.com slim paley

    Perhaps you’ve already seen this, but I just stumbled upon it via Pinterest this morning;


    I’m going to try it- Sounds yummy!


  • http://easyraw.blogspot.com Thia

    Coconut oil & coconut butter are not the same thing. The oil is simply oil, extracted from coconut. The butter is ground smooth coconut meat (mature coconut, not young Thai), similar to peanut butter (ground peanuts).

    I’m a bit surprised you would think they are the same, considering you have tried the Artisana oil & butter packets. (??)


  • georgie

    Please DON’T buy from New Directions, they are a huge multinational company who cannot be paying their producers properly. Plus a lot of their stuff is adulterated and/or sub-quality. It’s important to buy coconut oil ethically as well as organically in this region especially as coconut products are a cash-crop for our Pacific neighbours.

    Try this instead: http://www.nuicoconut.com/
    or this: http://www.naturepacific.com



    Mel Reply:

    Well I am just posting back to report that i tried the Nature Pacific brand. Far inferior flavour to the New Directions and made me quite nauseous. I use this oil for flavour as well as the other benefits and this one just tastes awful.
    I’m back to New Directions.


  • julia

    I’ve been oil pulling for a while now, a year or more.. I started due to some extremely sensitive teeth after a cavity was filled. Helps with my sensitive teeth quite a bit. It also helps with the bumps on my arms.. PK. I couldn’t believe it when they started going away as I’ve had them for as long as I can remember. I mostly pull with olive oil, but will pull with coconut when it is warm in my house. I have done it when the oil is cold, but I don’t like waiting for the oil to melt.

    butter vs oil. Oil is just the fat of the coconut refined, butter has coconut meat in it.. butter is very similar to manna. Both have a natural sweetness that the oil does not have. Coconut milk is water and coconut meat blended and the meat then removed. Coconut cream (if I’m not mistaken) has more fat in it – so I believe it has more oil in it then the coconut milk. Coconut water is the stuff that comes out of the coconut when you first open it.

    I like using oil on my rough feet.. I’ve also been rubbing it on my back over my adrenals which are shot. I don’t much like the taste straight up so I make coconut oil fudge..


    JJ @ 84thand3rd Reply:

    Great explanation of all the products – thanks! Coconut cream is generally just 100% extract from the first straining, while Coconut milk simply tends to have more water or be a subsequent extract.


  • http://www.kisslifestyle.blogspot.com April

    I LOVE this article, it’s a fab read, especially the roast ya roots recipe, adding vit E for moisturiser, the snack recipe, eating to curb cravings and I just tried oil pulling this morning!!! I slop it on all over my body at night before bed, slip into pyjamas, the smell is so good to drift off to sleep and I am super soft in the morning!!


  • sharyn

    Great article! I love conconut oil – I use it as a deep conditioner before washing my hair, or I put some on my hair as it dries after washing. Also, use it as a body mooisturiser and make up remover. Coconut oil also helped heal a big graze I had on my leg. It’s excellent stuff!! Thanks for the recommendation of Artisana. I haven’t heard of these products before.


  • http://84thand3rd.com JJ @ 84thand3rd

    Hi Sarah – love all the ideas in this post – thanks :)

    Here is the link to the Whole Spelt and Coconut Oil Pie Crust I mentioned – http://84thand3rd.com/2011/11/23/whole-spelt-pie-crust/ it’s perfect with the no-sugar Pumpkin Pie from yesterday!


  • Diane

    Good morning everyone. I have been using virgin coconut oil for7 months now. I love it!!!!! I order it from tropicaltradtions.com and I am so pleased with them. I have thrown out the butter, margarine, and oils except for virgin olive oil, and since using it in everything I cook, have lost 30lbs. My periods were unusually crazy for the last 5 years for no unknown reason. Since taking it, they are back to normal. I use it on my skin everyday after a shower, from head to toe,on my hair, I love it!!!! It is so clean and healthy and I feel good when I use it. I also use it to deepfry , from homeade fries, to chicken strips. Tropical Traditions sells it in great big buckets. I will never go back to regular oils or butter. Thanks for all of the info. there are more things now for me to try with it.


  • Alicia

    I oil pull for 20 mins every morning. Not always on an empty stomach though and do it in the shower. I have wisdom teeth growing without pain and my teeth are whiter (despite 21 years of drinking coffee and red wine). I prefer sesame oil at the moment for oil pulling and will take the tip about switching to coconut in the summer heat. I use coconut oil as a moisteriser and it fills in wrinkles and laugh lines.


  • Abbe

    Hi sarah,
    Some great ideas above. I aM a huge fan of cocconut oil and have been having it for years now. When you say you have 2 tablespoons after lunch… Is that by itself?? Just not sure I could stomach it plain… I usually add to smoothies or cooking

    Btw I have just stumbled across your blog recently and I cannot believe there are others out there that go through the daily struggles I do. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 1/2 years ago but my symptoms only improved slightly going gluten free. I have only just cut out grains in last few months and finally feel like I’m getting better slowly. I was fascinated to read that you get burning lips occasionally, this along with constipation, fatigue,thrush and moods are my key symptoms when I’m inflamed!!

    I am going to download your quit sugar book as I was at the suveran in bondi this week and he seemed to think that my issue was the bad bugs and once I cut out all sugar … Including fruit my symptoms would improve dramatically. Fingers crossed.

    If you are really interested in the paleo diet you should definitely read the book “the gut and psychology syndrome” book, otherwise known as gaps diet. Whilst she talks a lot about the gut and brain connection she also touches on digestion and how you can completely heal the gut.

    Thanks for sharing such brilliant stuff 😉


  • KL

    Many don’t know this. Keep some by your bed and it’s THE best and safest lubricant around. And doesn’t seem to hinder conception. For me, three pregnancies resulted from the frivolity.


  • http://sitnoseckano.blogspot.com/ bojana

    i love this list. i use coconut oil already, but here are some new ideas for me.
    i use it in cooking, i made a deodorant with it and it’s great, and i use it as a facial cleanser.
    and thanks for the recipes with coconut oil.


  • http://www.superchargedfood.com Lee Supercharged

    I love to cook with coconut oil and use it in many of my recipes. Sarah thank you for this post! xo Lee


  • Paula

    Whoa y’all! I tried oil pulling for the first time this morning. I used coconut oil.

    Strange thing, swishing oil around your mouth for an extended amount of time, but totally doable.

    We’ll see what the long term benefits will be, but as for today, I can already say that it has dramatically helped my chronic sinus congestion – SO much clearer today! And it’s gotta be the OP because nothing else has changed.


  • http://myonlyfacade.tumblr.com Anu Menon

    Coconut oil i sgreat on burn wounds. And i speak from personal experience. It speeds up the wound healing process and helps the new skin look and feel more healthy!


  • Amy

    Hi Sarah, just letting you know I put in an order for Arroy-D coconut milk and cream following the link from your blog and after wondering where it was (4 weeks later!) I finally received a response back saying the order had been cancelled because they don’t ship to Australia. Thought people would like to know b/4 they attempt the same.


  • http://Www.bellygood.net Piggyeatalot

    I actually mix coconut oil with my body scrub, it made my skin so smooth!


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  • YZ

    Hi, I got very interested with coconut oil after reading this blog and decided to give it a go. I bought the Niugini (raw organic virgin) brand today and after cooking my food with it, I started to feel nausea.

    Is feeling nausea after eating coconut oil for the first time normal? I can tolerate coconut milk and cream so this sensation was quite unpleasant and strange.


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  • Donna

    I’m part Polynesian so using coconut oil in hair is just something you do. Stops a lot of split ends. The added bonus is that if your kids are getting head lice from school, it’s a great way of stopping the cycle. It really does attack the little beasties without stripping the hair or burning the scalp and it is easy to comb them out with a fine tooth comb.


  • LeanneK

    Just wanted to agree & add to what Donna said – coconut oil truly does cure those pesky head lice!!! A friend told me about using it when i announced that my son had a decent infestation (yuk!). I was suspicious but figured I’d give it a go (and saved a fortune in the process). I simply massaged it in and combed through, repeating the next day and weekly thereafter for a few weeks. Really does make for lovely soft hair, too.
    Thanks for all the great ideas above! I too, eat the stuff off the spoon ever since I had a Kinesiologist inform me about 3 months ago that i wasn’t absorbing the fish oil that I was faithfully taking and switched to this instead. I’m liking the effects 😉


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  • http://www.soulfulspoon.com Heather McClees

    Oh Sarah, I just love your blog. You make me laugh so much ! I overcame a seizure disorder from quitting sugar at age 18, and I haven’t missed it since. It inspired me to go to school to become a Nutritionist and start a health blog. I’m so glad I found your website. I love your approach to eating.
    When I saw this article I knew you truly were as great as I thought. I’m a coconut NUT so to speak. I love, love, love it! I like it raw, and just found a new raw kind that is organic, unrefined and even contains raw vanilla in the raw coconut oil. It is by Bright Earth Foods (http://www.brightearthfoods.com), if you ever want to check it out. I also love the Artisana raw coconut oil. I have tried oil pulling and noticed some mild detox symptoms, teeth whitening, and generally a sense of clarity after doing it. I love coconut oil in just about any way if the oil is from a good source. I’ve always wanted to make my own homemade toothpaste and I LOVE this recipe!:) Thanks so much!:)


  • KrisT

    Great info on Coconut Oil, thank you, I just love the stuff. I use it on my breakfast every morning. Just mix it in with your muesli or oats or whatever you have then add milk. I make up a fibre blend of psyllium husks, fresh ground linseed, wheatgerm, bran, figs, shredded coconut, sesame seeds and whatever other high fibre stuff you want. Keep this in the fridge and as you need it, mix 2 litres fibre blend with 1 cup coconut oil. Use 1-2 tablespoons of this on your brekkie or in a smoothie. Start with a teaspoon a day and build up to a quantity that suits you. It tastes fabulous, is very filling and keeps things moving inside. I buy my coconut oil at the local asian store. It’s a bit too strong for some but I love the intense taste


  • http://getwellordietrying.wordpress.com Toria

    I love you as a writer, I really do, but I find it very hard to believe that oil pulling can result in “white, straighter teeth”. How does it straighten the teeth exactly? Can you provide more information please?


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  • http://www.loveyourselfnaturally.com Lyn

    These are all great tips for coconut oil. I am currently in India, where coconuts are in abundance. I was overjoyed to find my local grocery store selling litre’s of coconut oil that the owners family make by hand. I also have a little coconut stand by my house where, once we are finished drinking and eating our coconuts we return them to the guy and he makes oil for us.

    I have been oil pulling for the past 2 weeks and am really starting to notice the difference. My teeth are whiter and feel cleaner (this wasn’t the case in the beginning), my digestions is changing (but I am also shifting a bit of my diet). Mostly I feel it in the quality of my teeth right now.

    I also use it at night, all over my body and in my hair as a deep, overnight conditioner. I take my make up off with it (I have only used natural oil to remove my make up for years). I credit this alone to my healthy skin and hair and the fact that people are often surprised that I’m 36 and not 30 (I’ve also taken into consideration that they are just being kind, genetics and diet also play a role)

    This oil is fantastic.



    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    ditto…oil pulling for teeth. I haven’t tried it yet. But will soon.


  • Latifa

    Love your site!


  • http://intheworks.... nat

    Hi there! Thank you for writing such an enlightening and at times sobering book…I bought three copies yesterday and sent two back home to family in L.A…. You are a rock star..
    Just a quick question about a recipe in your book…page 181(Simply Sweet Biscuits).I used 1/3 cup of stevia
    (100% pure Extract powder) and only got as far as the batter…as it tasted soooooooooo strong and rather unedible, and my palate is pretty open minded.. I am guessing perhaps it is the stevia I used? Is pure extract powder stronger than another form of stevia?? It seemed like just a pinch of this stuff would have sufficed.. I’m a virgin to the world of Stevia, so thanks for your guidance. Nat


  • michele

    Strange uses we done in our family…my huband used it to clean his trombone, then used it on it for slide oil, said it worked better than anything else hes ever used! I used it to detail my car, dash, leather and all! Worked great on the chrome too !


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  • Angie

    I also heard that a tablespoon of coconut oil a day reverses the symptoms of altymers and dementia !!! For younger people it helps with memory and motor skills


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  • http://vitiligohelpline.com Herbert

    Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!


  • Niobe

    Hi, I’m interested in using coconut oil for making deodorant but I’m confused on what kind of coconut oil to use?
    There’s extra virgin cold pressed unrefined coconut oil and fractionated coconut oil from a website I want to get from. It comes in bottle/dropper form and not in those tub containers that I saw in photos online for use in deodorant making.
    Also will coconut oil clog pores?
    Thanks. =)


  • http://careeraction.org/dermatend-reviews-theres-no-necessity-for-anxiety-with-regards-to-skin-tag-removal/ Celia

    I’m surely bookmarking this website as well as sharing it with my acquaintances. You’ll
    be getting a lot of visitors to your site from me!


  • Kylie

    Hi I was wanting to have coconut oil daily but do I have coconut oil or butter there’s 2 in my health food store, are they the same or should I just stick to the coconut oil??


  • mick

    If i notice my teenage son breaking out with acne / pimples I get him to put coconut oil on his face. Within 15 mins the inflammation is almost gone. Its pretty amazing


  • Della

    Many readers who love coconut oil will not have realised how important it is in treating mild to moderate alzheimers!

    Go to the http://www.coconutketones.com site to read about it. Then read Dr Mary Newport’s account of how she treated her husbands early alzheimers and how he improved. Coconut oil contains something that “feeds” the brains dying cells, and whilst it can’t stop alzheimers once t’s begun, it can help the sufferer to regain more memory and movement, and does not conflict with prescribed medication.

    I hope you find this useful. By the way, we all need some saturated fatty acids in our diet, so to cut out dairy completely is not a good idea.


  • http://krokus2012.weebly.com/1/post/2013 http://krokus2012.weebly.com/1/post/2013

    Thanks for sharing such a fastidious idea, article is nice,
    thats why i have read it fully


  • http://www.nexopia.com/users/peacefulzo015/blog/3-keep-skin-clear-of-acne-with-these-tips-3490 zap it acne Treatment system

    Well written articles like yours renews my faith in today’s writers.
    You’ve written information I can ultimately agree with and use.
    Many thanks for sharing.


  • http://www.thisamericangirl.com This American Girl

    Awesome article! I just wrote a post all about coconuts, including a section on coconut oil and wish I had found yours first! You have tons of new uses! Oh, and btw coconut butter is actually made from coconut flakes in a high speed blender and it’s oh soooo yummy! :)


  • erin

    Great post! What would be the best coconut oil to eat straight off the spoon taste wise?


  • coconutty

    I use Melrose Organic coconut oil / butter.
    I’ve found this to be the best for “me” so far…
    Myself – I cannot use any brand anywhere on my face or lips. I break out in big blotches and huge cold sores on my lips however I have absolutely no problem with eating it or pulling…
    My sister who is a hairdresser says it is also good for head lice, itchy/dry scalp. I use it weekly as a hair moisturiser keeping it in overnight.


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  • Christin

    i add coconut oil to my coffee or tea. Therefor I blend the coffee with 1 tea spoon of coconut oil and a little almond milk and cinnamon…very yummy.


  • michael

    Have been doing the coconut oil pulling for about a month now and it definantly works. Ive had sore and bleeding gums for years when i brushed my teeth. After about 5 days my gums are fine now no sign of bleeding at all and my teeth are very white. Actually a dentist in philippines put me onto it. She said i should whiten my teeth but do it natually with coconut oil, and also she said to use activated charcoal tablets. So morning is coconut oil/toothpaste, evening is charcoal. I crunch up the tablet and brush it gently on my teeth, leave it for a while then rinse. Dont have to spit out the charcoal its safe and healthy to ingest. Give it a go.


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  • Lizzie6470

    I use coconut oil as a facial cleanser. I melt a small amount in my hands, apply it to my face, leave it on for a few minutes. I brush my teeth in the meantime. Then dampen a wash cloth with warm/hot water, rinse it and put the cloth on your face for about 30 seconds. This won’t clog your pores, that’s a problem I often have with ‘normal’ cleansers.


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