Q: whose advice do you *actually* still follow, two years on?

Posted on December 29th, 2011

Since I quit my Sunday Life column I’ve been asked by many of you what tricks and techniques acquired along the way are still part of my life repertoire. As in, the things that actually worked and stuck. Last week I posted some techniques. Here’s some advice that’s stuck really firmly…I do all three techniques below regularly. They work. They’ve made my life better.

photo via Lady Marshmallow

1. I’m thoroughly me.

Sure, but how do you work out what you like doing so you can then go about doing it? The gazillion-dollar question, right? Gretchen advises thinking back to what you liked doing as a kid. Which is very Jungian and fine if you can recall a time when you weren’t trying to fit in to the collective’s idea of fun. Read the full post here.

2. I accept I’m a scanner.

New York-based author Barbara Sher, who coined the term, reckons I’m a classic case. A scanner, she tells me, is genetically wired to be fanatically interested in multiple things at once. “You love everything, right!” Well, yes. “But you get bored and go off on tangents! And you think it’s bad that you keep quitting things and moving on!” Yes, yes, I do! “Don’t! Have some fun with it instead!” Read the full post here.

3. I get deliberate. 

 “You have to get deliberate.” I love this. Deliberate. As in, not flaccidly expecting it to just happen, but, making it happen with focused techniques. Applied with fired-up focus. This means actively letting go of certainty. Do you stall on decisions by asking everyone else around you their opinion? Hey, me too. And, hey, Brown, too. She deliberately notes when this happens. “It’s a red flag.” It means she’s gripping at certainty. When this happens she stops and deliberately sits in the “not knowing” a bit longer. A gut instinct will then always emerge. Read the full post here.

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  • Amanda

    Your post on scanners definitely resonated with me the most. Since leaving high school almost 8 years ago I’ve been on a constant search to find the perfect career that will make me happy. After trying 3 different courses related to 3 different career paths (never actually getting a degree under my belt), I’m still so clueless. I LOVE learning but get bored easily after a point where I move onto something else more exciting and “new”, yearning to succeed and be truly satisfied by something but never really finding “it”. Can there ever really be “one” job to truly satisfy scanners, or do we have to accept that we’ll always be switching from one thing to the next?

    Your blog is amazing btw Sarah. Big props!


  • Ross H

    Boy can I relate to the scanner description. That’s me to a ‘T’. Can be a real problem when you are trying to focus on one particular thing in research – keep coming across other things that are interesting, dragging you off on a tangent.

    Nice post, Sarah. Very interesting and typical of why I like reading your blog.


  • Sal

    I’m not asking to this to be rude, but do you have colleagen in your lips? I was looking at the twitter photo you posted today and your lips look much larger than normal.

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed the fresh air and exercise.


  • Hi Sarah, I love reading your blog – you have a gift for putting into words what many of us are only unconsciously aware of.

    I just re-read your post about Brene Brown and liked what you said about taking note when things come in threes.

    Last week was the third time someone I admired and respected mentioned they’d just completed training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – I first heard about it from you.

    Being a huge fan of Sally Fallon, David Wolfe and many of the other lecturers at the institute the course really appeals to me and I feel like that third mention is a sign for me to sign up.

    Thanks again for your inspiring blogs and very best wishes for 2012!