How rad. David Byrne from Talking Heads is a big bike banger-on-erer. And he makes a good point. The New York Times just ran a video interview with him.


I’m a non-helmet wearer (I wear one on big rides or dangerous roads)…ditto Byrne for the same reason. Oh, people get arked up about it…for reasons that make no sense. For my take on why it’s safer and better not to wear a helmet, click here.

A few other things:

  • Talking Heads take seven bikes on tour with them. So they can explore while there. I tell you, it’s the best way to see a city.
  • He’s just written a book – Bicycle Dairies –  which chronicles riding in bike-friendly cities in the world…surprisingly he reckons northern Italian towns are the best.
  • He advocates putting highways underground so bikes have more room and clean air. Friggen good point.

I truly hope more people get enthused about bike riding…not for fitness, not for making a point…just because it makes sense. That’s why I post these posts, in the hope it inspires more people to get on ya bike. And to not be scared of wearing a white pant on a bike.

Which city have you cycled in? I’m always on the hunt for new places in the world to explore…

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  • disqus_KYplOuMZC2

    exactly you make cool helmut to sell to all the brainwashed misfortunes. Maybe you shouldn’t enter races until you start learning to ride better maybe you’ve spent years carelessly speeding around. Take off the helmut and use more common sense might help the falling part. Also mindfulness helps to judge situations better and costs absolutely nothing. PEACE

  • Katie

    I am 31 years old. I am a public heath professional and I hate helmets. Me and my daughter have never wore helmets in our lives. 1. I like people to see my bare skin. When I see a bike helmet, I think of someone hiding themselves and that is not what you want. That is why I don’t let my 13 year old daughter wear a hat or a helmet. I want to see them not a helmet. 2. The breeze, I love seeing my daughter’s hair blow. With a helmet on can’t see the breeze. I also love the feeling of a breeze. 3. Helmets are not needed, you rarely ever fall off your bike and when you do you fall on your legs. 4. You look dumb, I don’t want my daughter to look dumb and get made fun of so I make sure she doesn’t were one. Or I make sure everyone knows that see bikes a lot so people see she doesn’t. 5. I don’t want my daughters hair to get messed up, I hate when my daughter doesn’t look good so its off her head. 6. It has made so many people not want to bike and thats to bad because biking is a fun, heathy activity. This summer I decided to bike everywhere with my daughter, I went to Seattle, London, Paris, Tokyo, Rio, Dallas, Miami (City and Beach), New York City, Beijing, Moscow, Honolulu, Barcelona, and Indianapolis. I went through all these cities without wearing one helmet. So don’t be afraid. Its O.K your helmet won’t save your life, trust me.