the *I Quit Sugar* bundle deal offer!

Posted on June 28th, 2012

Well my I Quit Sugar Cookbook has been available for a few weeks now…thank you to everyone who has bought it, and given such kind feedback. I’ve loved seeing all your recipe photos, and hearing your enthusiasm about your own “sugar quittage” journeys.

sugar-free hot chocolate, photography by Marija Ivkovic

If by chance you don’t have the original I Quit Sugar ebook, I’ve now put together a bundle deal – and I’m offering both ebooks to you for $29. That’s a saving of $5.

You can get hold of both ebooks at this special deal by simply clicking on the button below. (You can still purchase both ebooks separately, too.)


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  • Mirei

    Hi Sarah,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I feel convinced that quitting sugar is the way to go. Do you have any plans to bring out your books in printed form (I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to books and I don’t own an e-reader)?


    Jo Foster Reply:

    Stay tuned!


    Steph Reply:

    You don’t need an e-reader anyway as they get sent to you in PDF form which you can save to your computer or just print :)


  • Jen

    Oh bother! I just bought them both over the last week…! Oh well, only $5 I spose :o)


  • Jane

    yes, I have been waiting for a deal on them both together also, but decided I couldnt wait any longer and bought the cookbook anyway last week. Was just logging in now to buy the IQS ebook too! I should have waited!!
    Ah well…

    Printed versions of books appeal to me much more than ebooks. I would be keen to purchase at least the cookbook in paper. Would there be a discount for those who have already purchased an ecopy first if Sarahs books go to press??


  • Caroline

    Just print the e books. I have. Now I have a printed copy!


  • mel

    Hi sarah,
    love your ebook, half way through the 8 weeks and feeling fab. Any chance of offering the discount to previous purchasers of the IQS?


  • http://N/A Pepita

    Hi Sarah, we pre ordered your IQS cookbook and we are loving it to bits,
    would you advise when we are going to receive the “gift” from Natvia,
    it’s been around six weeks and was wondering if maybe we have been
    overlooked? Look forward to your reply, Cheers Pepita


    Eliza Reply:

    I got an email from Natvia the other day apologising for the delay and advising that there should be something in the mail shortly (next week I think).


  • Natalya

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the heads up re the IQS book. Just wondering whether you’ll be putting out any printed versions? I’d love something tangible to refer to and keep in my bookcase.

    Many thanks and blessings!


  • Esta

    Well that’s great I bought them and click the link given to me to download (I’m on an iPad) and it says Safari cannot download this link. Now what? Can the books be emailed to me?


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    Email and we’ll sort!


    Esta Reply:

    Thanks have done!


  • Miche

    Thank you for the bundle deal, Sarah. I’ve been waiting to purchase (due to finances) the cookbook, and now I’m so happy to have both books (as was only planning to get the one). I have chemical sensitivities so I’m really hoping this will help me on my journey to good health.


  • Allie

    Just a little confirmation. I have been completely off sugar in every way I can since early january. I had some sugary cakes ( bits of some of them, but nothing like I would have eaten six months ago without even thinking about it) at a staff breakup yesterday and I’ve woken ( it’s 6 in the morning!) with terrible diarrhea this morning and a crashing headache. I know exactly what has caused it and that makes me feel great ( once I get over this patch of inconvenient discomfort!). Sugar! Just confirms MY wish to do this and be healthy. What else but a POISON would send my body into this reaction and the terrible thing is, my poor little bod would have just integrated all that poison for all those years, with goodness knows what internal effects before this year, when I consumed sugar everyday, as a matter of course. Cleansed of this over the last six months I now get to see its REAL effects – I have an ALLERGY to sugar and the now-diarrhea tells me that loud and clear. Not going to do that again! Thought I’d share that with you Miche. Health is IT!


  • Marisa

    What better day to start than the first of the month?
    Have read the ‘I Quit Sugar’ e-book.
    Now ready to gently ease foot off the sugar pedal.
    Will keep you posted as to my progress .
    I firmly believe that eating (poisonous) sugar makes you generally more hungry for all foods. Poison-free living is beckoning me…..


  • Sharon Connolly

    Hi Marisa
    I started today too. As part of a feel better plan I posted on Facebook yesterday I was giving up sugar and straight away I was sent the link by a friend. Now I have the help I need. I have been crazily consuming sugar over the past month and feel terrible.
    I am already wheat free for 18 months so looking forward to feeling great again.


  • steph

    Love this concept, gonna try it. Also kinda think $15 for a 61 page ebook (with LOTS of white space on the pages) is extremely steep. I just bought “wheat belly” ebook, which is about 350 pages, for $13.


    Jane Reply:

    I think it is a bit steep too, and it is only 41 pages not 61. But saying that (I have bought a copy and part way through), I figure it is not too much to pay for a run down and guidence on how to cut sugar from my diet, IF the benefits of doing so are as good as Sarah (and others) claim.


  • Anna

    Hi Sarah,
    I am an avid reader of your blog and just wanted to pass on some feedback which I have been thinking about for a while now. A friend at work is also a loyal reader. We both feel that the blog is losing a little bit of soul and becoming more and more focussed on the ‘buy my book’ mantra. While I understand that this is one mode of employment at your end, what made this blog special and unique was that while you offered your research and ebooks for purchase earlier, it was not as ‘actively’ seeking of purchasing as it is now. I know that I am losing a little bit of interest but am not letting go due to the promise of blog quality you have had in the past. I would like to assure you that this feedback is meant purely in a constructive manner and (being very keen on your no sugar research and being a researcher myself in health and weight management) not to offend.


  • Kirsty

    Hi Sarah
    I’m enjoying reading your blog and learning lots! I’ve read everything including your books.
    I’ve always believed a low fat diet is a healthy life choice, I’ve noticed your recipes and food choices do contain a lot of fat (admittedly `good fats’) but am curious about how much fat you recommend you should be consuming a day? Do you try to have a protein, fat, carbohydrate ratio/day?


  • Sylvia E

    Hello!! I MUST know where these mugs are from!! they are adorable!!! :)
    PS loving the IQS book…have read it twice and am only starting out but have already developed somewhat of a love affair with chai & all things cinnamon. And reading the section about coconuts has made my day! LOVE them! I don’t do my shopping without the coconuts!!! xx


  • leah downes

    I ordered the IQS bundle deal quite a while ago. When do you expect the books to be delivered? Looking forward to getting started on my IQS journey. Thanking you in advance. Leah



    fantastic issues altogether, you just received
    a logo new reader. What would you suggest about your put up that you just made a few days in the past?

    Any positive?


  • allannah

    hi Sarah, I am a Yoga teacher who has decided to try the quit sugar diet, after a bout of pneumonia in Feb saw me taking truck loads of antibiotics and left me with some very nasty symptoms. I have been on the diet for three weeks – I spent one week cutting down, instead of two, and I’ve been taking some anti fungals, garlic, Chinese herbs. my question is that I can’t find anything on your site about coping with the detox. my symptoms are worse – body aches, sinus, thrush, low grade fever. Do you have any suggestions for this very important part of the process other than it can last anywhere for a week to six? mine has lasted a week already…