I’m giving 100 I Quit Sugar cookbooks away…

Posted on August 24th, 2012

If you’re involved in a charity that helps people make their life better, then you might be interested in this.

Photo via Flickr Commons

You see, my ebooks have sold well. Better than I expected (I tend to work from low expectations). I feel blessed and so I’d like to give out just a little.

Today I’m giving away 100 ebooks – 20 each to five charities doing great stuff locally, and in and around helping people – young or old – with a food focus.

The books can be used for prizes, promotion, auctions to raise money for your charity. Or just give them to people in your charity. Whatever you want. Just comment below and share what your charity does… a good way to share what you do, too. I’d be interested to know what’s going on out there.

Jo and I will advise Wednesday next week and send you the ebooks.



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  • Marieclare Pigott

    I walk every Saturday morning with vision impaired people through Vision Australia. We call ourselves the Woy Woy Walkers and meet at 7:30am and walk for an hour. Vision Australia help many locals in all sorts of ways so they can enjoy all the things that we with full vision do. They hold knitting, reading and cooking classes in their rooms at Gosford.
    I would be happy if I could give them some books to help in their fundraising.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  • Holly Hardstaff

    I run a girl guide group for girls aged 10-15. We love to cook but they are all about the sweet stuff! My aim is to encourage these young women to lead a healthy life and seek alternatives to the norm. Hope we can benefit from one of your fab books ready for our next Masterchef evening! X


  • Samatha Walker

    Hi Sarah,

    Although I do not work for a charity persay, I believe charity starts at home. I’d love the oppertunity to give a couple of copies to my patients who are single mothers and stuggaling finacially. I’m a naturopath and one of my areas that I work in is “fat” loss. I teach the sugar free message to all of my patients and speak of healthy eating and not of “dieting”.

    Thank you for the opportunity,

    With kind regards,

    Samantha Walker


  • Samantha Lynch

    Hi Sarah

    I am not involved in any of the above but my Husband has just read SWEET POISON
    and as a family we are all getting involved to help him and the 3 kids for the future!
    Its been ok but it’s the evening when you would normally have a tim tam with a cuppa tea are the hardest. i’d also like to learn some great recipies that are sugar free.

    Fingers crossed



  • http://www.relayforlife.org.au Jen Davis

    Sarah you are a superstar. I empower local communities to raise funds for the Cancer Council Queensland through Relay For Life events. Relay For Life is an overnight community event where teams of 10-15 participate in a relay-style walk or run to raise funds for Cancer Council. Relays are held all over the world. The event brings the whole community together for a night of fun, entertainment, celebration and remembrance. Each Relay For Life event is organised by a local volunteer organising committee on behalf of the Cancer Council. I look after six communitites in South West Queensland with the next event in just a few weeks time in Dalby. We hope to raise $52,000. Statewide Relay For Life raises over $4 million annually. These funds enable the Cancer Council to continue to fund our vital cancer research and prevention and early detection programs, and to assist Queensland families affected by cancer. I am constantly blown away by the amazing volunteer committees & dedicated fundraising individuals I come across in my role. I am so lucky!



  • http://www.darlingcompanion.blogspot.com ashley

    I don’t have a charity but I would like to enter on behalf of my favorite non-profit organization. The Feingold Association has been life changing for us. It is what steered us towards eating whole foods and helped our son’s behavior immensely. They could really get behind your book!


  • http://www.zigzagfoundation.org Sheri

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m on the executive committee of Queensland based, 100% non-profit Children’s charity Zig Zag Foundation. We work to raise funds so that sick, at risk & underprivileged children and their families are given the best opportunity possible to live a full, happy and healthy life.

    We’re made up completely of Volunteers, who donate time and resources so we can hold events that raise money for children 0 – 18 in need – regardless of their need. As we all volunteer our time, resources and skills we ensure no money raised goes towards administration, marketing or operational purposes. All promotion materials are donated and event promotion is through Word of mouth, digital channels, mailing lists, supporters, sponsors and ambassadors.

    This year we reached one of our goals – raising $1 million in funds to help children and their families.

    We also donate funds to other well known, global charities to help them fulfill their goals of helping children. You can check out the results of how funding rounds are assigned on our website at http://www.zigzagfoundation.org/results.


  • http://www.rspcaqld.org.au Amy

    RSPCA does such an amazing job of helping our poor little animals, and they do it all without government funding. As part of my quest to raise $1k for them, I have decided to compete in the Noosa Triathlon. I recently broke my arm after being hit by a car, and needed some incentive to get back on the bike! I decided to combine that challenge with doing something worthwhile by raising money for the RSPCA. If I was fortunate enough to win your books, I would auction them off in my quest to raise funds.


  • seeker

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m a runner for Meals on Wheels in the Bondi Beach area – we bring prepared meals to mostly elderly people who are not in a position to get out to the shops or cook for themselves, for one reason or another, and sometimes to younger folk who have suffered some kind of injury or are doing it tough.

    I LOVE it! … Love meeting the oldies and they enjoy the few minutes I get to bring a bit of the outside world to their often lonely lives.

    Every week I look at the ingredients on the food boxes and feel a little sad and frustrated – there are alot of ingredients in there that don’t need to be there (in my view)!
    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, I should get my act together and start a super health conscious meals on wheels type service … sigh … I don’t think Ive got it in me so for now I’ll do what I can, which is just this!!

    I don’t want to sound like I’m dissing the quality of the meals – they are nutritious enough & they only cost $5.50 for a meal, a dessert, and a juice. But perhaps a copy of your ebook would inspire those in authority to cut out the processed stuff, the additives and the sugar, & the’ free’ juice (made from concentrate) that they get, and try a few new recipes?!

    I’m not sure where to start with changing the menu, but I guess it all begins with the Council, so it would probably go there …

    Thank you for giving back with your ebook – you are an inspiration!

    See you sometime,

    Li. :)


  • Kathy Burgess

    Good morning, I am a Legatee for Brisbane Legacy, our role is to care for the families of deceased and incapacitated service men and women throughout Australia. While the majority are female and elderly, we are getting an increasing number of young families coming under our care because of deaths and injuries in the current war zones. I am sure they would love to be able to access the information in your cookbook and it would give them a psychological boost as well.




  • Linda Miskiewicz

    Good morning Sarah

    I love your weekly emails – such a positive touch to a Friday.

    11 children from our local scout group are attending the scout Jamboree in Maryborough next year. The Jamboree is a 10 event for the young people to experience positive memories and challenges. We have organised a fundraising committee to raise money to cover the costs. We run BBQ’s, raffles, and we are currently organising a Mega Cent Sale in Ocotober in Townsvile. One of your books would be a welcome prize. Thanks


  • Kristy Curry

    I teach in a Public School on a Special Education Class, we do cooking every week and I am trying to teach my class about Healthy Eating and teaching the children how to cook for them selves. These are essential life skills that the children with differing special needs will need to participate fully in a ‘normal’ life after school.
    To be able to teach them ‘Sugar free’ life Habits would be a wonderful experience and something new and exciting that they might also be able to teach their families also!
    Although we are not a charity, funding is limited and I think this is a very good cause to support!
    THanks Kristy


  • Sara Vickers


    I am a volunteer for Kittitas County Search & Rescue in Washington State. We are a group of volunteers on call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, focused on helping our community members our when they are lost, injured or otherwise in danger while they are in the outdoors. Our members are focused on continuously being in shape, eating healthy so that we can provide the best assistance to those in need. We are hosting a silent auction at the end of September to raise money for new training and equipment and I think that you’re book would be a great addition to the auction!

    Thank you for your consideration!



  • http://www.asthma-nutrition.com Jamie Hayes

    Hi Sarah,

    I have created this site to help empower parents of young asthmatics about the power of good nutrition as a key ingredient to primary asthma prevention.


  • http://www.isagameon.com Amie White

    I am a volunteer Life Cleansing Coach with Game On! My first game was in Oct. 2010. I learned about nutritional cleansing and replenishing as an answer to prayer. I too have Hashimoto and have struggled … I was on the verge of going on an anti-depressant after my fifth child and wanted so desperately to feel as amazing as my life looked!
    That very day I was at my wits end when my friend http://www.natalienorton.com posted an invite to play this wellness game with her. I read about the high quality nutrition and the idea of cleansing and knew it was for me! The game is built upon the 4 Pillars ISA GAME ON revolves around 4 Pillars of wellness:
    1. Proper Nutrition
    2. Exercise and Hydration
    3. Rest and Regeneration
    4. Stress Management
    Isagenix is the company of choice for it’s nutritional cleansing and replenishing system.
    I would like to share these books with the players as a reward for winning a round or for being chosen as an MVP in a game.
    I have overcome so much on every level through saturating my body with optimal nutrition. And by cleansing I feel that I’ve been able to better absorb nutrients which makes me feel (and look) pretty amazing! I have less belly fat than I did before I had my babies! And I’m working on getting off of my thyroid med. completely. It’s all about progress, not perfection. The more I read today, the more we had in common! Yikes! I’m sorry other people have to deal with some of this “stuff”, but we are becoming more empathetic people. I would never give up the depth I’ve gained as a person for a “perfect” body! My body is perfect for me. And I am grateful for the opportunity to help others feel the love for thei bodies too!


  • J

    I work with both Haemophilia Foundarion Tasmania and Australia to support people with bleeding disorders. We provide mentoring and support, raise funds to help people get to medical appointments, and run member events to give people time out from worrying about bleeding issues. It’s a small community, but the need is great. I’ve also been involved in a few national projects, raising awareness and funds to support women with bleeding disorders, and working on a new youth website, factoredin.org.au. The books would be great additions to raffles and other fundraising efforts to support our community, with one of our medium term goals being getting as many people as possible to the World Congress in Melbourne in May, 2014.


    J Reply:

    I forgot to add – keeping healthy and exercising is a significant part of treatment. The stronger and healthier you are, the less likely you are to have bleeding problems, and easier it is to recover.


  • http://www.sidsandkids.org Sue

    I don’t have any association with a charity as yet but am an avid supporter of many of the very deserving causes. However I do have many a long conversation with my work colleague over the support his wife and himself have received from SidsandKids in Canberra, after the loss of their newborn son, this lovely couple play an active role in supporting this fantastic charity and offering support through their experiences to other families in the ACT. A truly inspiring young couple who also happen to be sugar free.




  • Kimberley Taylor

    Hi sarah!

    I would love this e book to help my clients with MS eat better and feel better. I work with the MS society here in TAS and a lot of my clients say that as they are wheelchair bound, they obviously find exercise near impossible, depression sets in and sometimes binging on sweets occurs…fair enough! If I could help with some sugar free treat ideas, well that would be awesome.

    keep up the good work,


  • http://www.zipit.org.au Amy

    Dear Sarah

    I’m currently working on a new national mental health campaign called ‘Zip It for Mental Health’ and would love to be able to offer up your books (all about health and wellbeing,) to people to entice them to register and/or encourage them to seek sponsorship. Zip It invites people to be donate their voice for 24 hours on World Mental Health Day (Wed 10 October) to help turn up the volume on mental health issues. Zip It asks people to be silent in solidarity with those suffering silently with mental illness. Funds raised will be divided b/w Black Dog Institute, headspace, Lifeline and Suicide Prevention Australia. http://www.zipit.org.au

    Thanks for your consideration




  • http://www.sorellaandme.com Anna McGregor

    This is a fantastic initiative Sarah and, as always, very generous of you. I’m sure there are many charities that will really benefit.

    Makes me even more excited to meet you at the Problogger conf in Oct. Hopefully there won’t be any cakes at the morning tea break to tempt us! ~ anna


    Nikki Reply:

    I agree with Anna. Great initiative Sarah. I have been writing about food for over a decade and my latest mission is to help spread the word about wholefoods and the benefits of eating unprocessed foods and cutting out sugar fits with this. The fantastic thing about your idea here is it reaches people who may want to make changes but don’t know where to start, I often feel like I am ‘preaching to the converted’ and have been thinking about how to reach a broader audience as you are doing with this giveaway.

    I am on the waiting list for Problogger conference tickets fingers crossed one turns up and I will hear more from you and perhaps meet you too Anna!


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    Thanks Anna – so lovely!


  • http://www.facebook.com/Blingforthegirls Jane Hillsdon

    Hi Sarah
    I am a member of the ‘Bling for the Girls’ committee which is based in Port Macquarie NSW. Each year we hold a charity event with the sole purpose of raising money for local women’s issues. Last years event managed to raise $18,000 for the local women and children’s refuge and as a result they were able to renovate a very tired and inefficient bathroom. Please see the Bling for the Girls Facebook page attached for pics and a thank you card we received from one of the current residents. This new bathroom really demonstrated to these women that the community cares about their welfare.
    Our next ‘Bling’ event is coming up in November. We invite 100 local ladies and host the event in one of the committee members house. We provide all the food, wine and entertainment and rely on goods and services donated from businesses to use in our Auctions and Raffles. This year the funds raised will once again be going to the Hastings Women & Children’s Refuge as well as the Port Macquarie Sexual Assault service. 20 e-books would make the perfect prize for our auction or raffle.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Kind regards



  • Joyce

    Thank you for this opportunity Sarah.
    Albany Surf Life Saving Club – They do a great service for the community of Albany, WA.
    It’s all volunteer work and we are in the throes of trying to raise money to build a better clubhouse for all our equipment. It’s not a grandiose project and will not include restaurants, cafes or casino facilities. Our club is in a country city and we recieve little help from our local council. We are very much a family oriented club and a close knit family of members. We set a great vibe for our beach. Everyone loves doing patrols and putting something worthwhile back into our community.

    Ryan Marron Foundation – Ryan Marron is a young policeman trying to get back on his feet after being bitten by a mosquito while on the job in North Western Australia.
    He contracted the rare Murray Valley Encephalitis. Ryan was passionately involved with helping indigenous youth when this unfortunate incident occurred. He may never be fully restored but it won’t be without a fight.
    The foundation is supported by a website of the same name.

    Thanks again and all the best to everyone.


  • http://www.weekoftastes.com.au Helen Campbell

    I run a program for grade 4 primary students. Our aim is to teach the students how they use their 5 senses when they eat. They learn about sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami and that trying new unknown foods is not the least bit scary. The process expands the children’s food vocabulary and expands their ability to make better food choices. Each class is also visited by a chef, baker, pastry chef, food providore or farmer. Through tastings with these passionate food professionals, the children have an opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt.
    Thanks for your consideration,


    Helen Campbell Reply:

    I forgot to mention, we run a writing competition “My Most Memorable Meal” where the children can write prose or poetry. The idea is for the children to share those food memories which connect them to their understanding of how food forges love, family, community and a commitment to the environment.
    Prizes are awarded and I believe your book would make a perfect recognition of the importance of good food choices and ability to articulate our experience with food.


  • Kelly

    Goodness! How on earth are you going to choose??!


  • https://www.crohnsandcolitis.com.au Ann Marie Duane

    I work for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia. We are a charity that support the Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis community. While we invest in research and wait for a cure for inflammatory bowel disease, we continue to advocate for world best treatments and health services for those living with Crohn’s and colitis. Through our programs we offer education and support for Australia’s growing Crohn’s and colitis community. Our services are offered free of charge. As we receive no funding from government sources, we rely on the generosity of volunteers, donors and community fundraising to continue our work.

    Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis are chronic diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract. Currently there are 70,000 Australians living with this illness and at present there is no known cure. Diet and nutrition play an important role in helping people with living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease to feel as well as possible.

    I work as the Online Communities Coordinator for CCA and part of my job is to share useful information and resources to help support people with IBD. I enjoy your emails every Friday, there’s always something interesting and inspiring to carry me through to the weekend. I would love the opportunity to pass on your ebooks to our members and followers as I’m sure they would benefit from the relevant information.

    Happy Friday,
    Ann Marie.


  • http://happyskincare.com.au Phoebe Breckell

    Hi Sarah, My husband and I run an organic skin care company and we make regular visits to cancer and lymphoedema support groups in the Newcastle NSW area to talk about natural skin care choices. The group members are incredibly interested about natural skin care alternatives because many of them have had so much damage done to their bodies by their cancer treatments. I would love to be able to give away some of your cook books to the group members, I’m positive they would be very keen to learn another way that they can improve their health by taking sugar out of their diet. Thanks :) :) Phoebe


  • Denyse Gibbs


    I work with 27 young male Aboriginal students at a school in Canberra. The kids range from year 4 to year 12. Some have had to overcome a lot of adversity in their lives. This year we wanted to try to support a charity that helps Indigenous kids improve their literacy levels, especially in rural and remote area. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation( ILF) are running Indigenus Literacy day on 5 September and our Aboriginal students are having a sausage sizzle and a collection to raise funds to send to ILF to help buy books for these kids. A great cause and a copy of your book would be a good prize to offer for a guessing competition we hope to have on the day.


  • http://www.svhm.org.au rachella

    That’s a great idea and I have just the charity to donate those books to!…
    St Vincent’s Hopsital has helped save lives and provide healthcare to locals in Melbourne for 118 years. It was started by a group of amazing nuns who wanted to create a public hospital (so they held a month-long fete until they raised enough to start the first wing of the hospital!). The unique thing about this hospital is it cares for a range of people – rich and poor – with the same level of caring and compassion for all.

    I am in the misdt of organising a fundraising fun-run/walk called St Vincent’s Scrubs Run. It will raise funs for new equipment needed for the hospital. We would LOVE to have a bunch of your ebooks as prizes for our walkers. We aren’t a competitive race, we are enocuraging friends and family to socialise while being active. Your ebooks would be used to acknowledge and thank to highest fundraisers.

    Fingers crossed. And thanks for such a generous offer to donate to charities.



  • http://www.nourishmehealth.com.au kris

    Hi, I’m a nutrition coach (from IIN!) and work exclusively with families of kids with autism – this is because I turned my autistic son’s life around with dietary and biomedical intervention. I am a Chapter leader for the MINDD Foundation which is dedicated to raising awareness of integrated healthcare for kids with autism, asthma, allergies, chronic diseases etc. They run purely on donations and volunteers and every two years hold an international forum with many doctors from the US coming to train practitioners and parents. They advocate clean food, clean air, clean environments, clean water as the basis of recovering our kids.
    I have your book and I love it, and would love to raffle them off to give some funds to this most deserving foundation.
    thanks for your generosity!
    cheers kris


  • christine

    Hi, I work as a diabetes educator and know of a lovely, hardworking charity that would greatly benefit from your wonderful books – ‘Diabetes Counselling On-line’ and ‘Diabetes Wellbeing Service’ both run by Helen Edwards who is a mental health social worker. I would love to see your books having a greater impact in this area. Thanks :)


  • Libby Taubenschlag

    Hi Sarah

    A friend of mine is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She is becoming more aware of the havoc that sugar can wreak on a body as it is a major discussion point for the chemotherapy day patients – omitting sugar from their diets. Unfortunately, there seems to be a wall between good intentions and implementation…. If you can see your way to donate some of these books to any chemotherapy day ward they would be most appreciated. We are also running a fundraising night for breast cancer on Sept 7 and I would be very happy to auction them off on the night.

    Thank you


  • Kristen

    Hello Sarah!

    I teach free healthy living and natural hormone balancing workshops to new moms, at workplaces, clinics and peoples homes and on of the biggest topics is giving up sugar and how detrimental it is to your health. I usually have so many people asking for more info on how they can make treats for their families that don’t contain the junk. I’d love to be able to spread the word!


  • carol

    I came to tell you all about my husband who is a pastor, how we see so many people who need your book, was going to tell you all the reasons why…then I read all the post before me and now I just wanted to say how blessed we are and how much we have in compared to so many others. I have no idea how you are going to choose but thank you for being willing to share. I would love to read in your blog on some future date about how each set of books were used and how they touched lives all over the world. Thank you for your blog and how much you have taught me and many others. God Bless you and those who use your books for so many good causes.


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    This is sooo lovely Carol, thank you


  • Shawna C

    I would love the opportunity to read and share your book. Even if I do not win I will be purchasing the book very soon. My organization is the San Diego MS Society. I was recently diagnosed with MS. After much research I decided to change my diet and lifestyle. Quitting sugar has improved my health. I am currently not taking medication but thriving by eating healthy living food. I tell everyone I meet what a difference living sugar free makes in my life. Having a book to share would encourage other MS suffers to adopt this wonderful lifestyle. I hope that you will share your book so that I can share it with others!!! God bless you for all that you are doing!


  • Marie

    Hi Sarah,

    What a wonderful idea! I work as an educator for Life Education, the largest non for profit drug health organisation in Australia. Working in a mobile learning centre (big van) with a giraffe Harold, we visit primary school age children and talk about the importance of healthy eating and how to stay safe in a fun and magical environment. We also offer parent sessions and work closely with schools in getting the message across. Sometimes I find it a struggle when I find the message gets through to the chid about the foods to eat everyday and ‘sometimes’, but not the parent. I would love to be able to show parents how they can properly nourish their children, so they feel good and achieve their very best! It saddens me when I see what our children carry in their lunchboxes.
    We would love these for our organisation, they would work well as prizes, for our yearly auction and as a reference in educating parents.


  • Lyndal Griffiths

    Im involved in a weightloss challenge with a group of women and men i know and next week is our final weigh in which will include prizes and whatnot. Id love to be able to donate your book to the prizes as i am living by your book atm, Im only on week 1 and a half but im doing really well. I havent lost any weight yet and im still feeling sluggish but im not craving which is something. I think the other girls and guys in the group would really benefit from the book too.


  • http://maxinebutler.com Maxine Butler

    Hello Sarah,

    After reading all the way down to here to see Libby has entered for a friend undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, I was like oh nooo!!! I do know how her friend must be.

    I was going to say it would be wonderful to offer something back like a book of yours to the hospital where I was undergoing treatment my self for such a long time, for the same thing ; breast cancer.

    I have experience so much new learning, to live life and become well once again, that with out the staff, and they are many, not just doctors and nurses , but oh so many areas , never mentioned that much in the public arena, I honestly don’t know how I would have ever reach the place where I am today.

    Being able to say I would welcome a gift to give to the team of 5 West at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, would be something they, as well as myself, will be grateful for; one thing I am more than sure about is that they will know how to make the best use of your book, for people like myself.

    Now should this go to Libby’s charity that she has brought to your attention I will be more than happy to know she was chosen , so I place this request into your kind hands to make the final decision and wish all the charities the very best who ultimately become a recipient of this amazing offer.

    To every one who has entered this campaign; as well. I am sure you all feel the same as I do, whoever is amongst the winning charities we will be rejoicing for them.

    Thankyou Sarah for A Sweeter Life on a Friday.
    I always look forward to hearing from you.



  • http://n/a lisa diano

    Hi sarah,
    Wow what a great idea.
    I beleive doing random acts of kindness whenever I can have learnt this amazing lesson form Oprah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I am one of the secretaries at my local meals on wheels have been there for 3years now.
    Boy I have seen peolpe come and go and see the goodness in peolpes heart donating thier time and energy to us.
    They are all so giving I loved to treat them.
    I have been sugar free nbow for only two weeks but thats huge for me so I would love to learn more about this way of living.
    Kind regards
    Lisa x


  • Catherine Myers

    My daughter attends a childcare run by Communify Qld Inc a non profit organisation which has been working for the community for over 30 years to develop and deliver locally based services and activities in response to the issues and opportunities that life can present.

    Communify offers services that enable it to reach out, advocate, connect, inform and offer support around people’s needs, interests and issues. Services provided include aged and disability services, asylum seeker assistance, Mental Health Services, home assist – basically anything that people in need ask for.

    Communify is having a fundraiser for much needed funds on 10 November and the Cookbooks (which I LOVE!) would be fantastic to dontate as raffle prizes on the night!!!!



  • Sandra Wallbridge

    Hello love your work Sarah!
    I am a mother of two boys and our school is holding a fundraising event for the building of a health and gym centre. How appropriate to auction your books to raise funds for the children to use for a better and healthy life.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    My husband and I are changing our ways for the family and would live to share these with the wider school community.
    Cheers Sandra


  • Jane

    Hiya, one of my clients is YWCA NSW. The ‘Y’ is a not for profit and runs (amongst many programs) a breakfast program for young children who, for whatever reason, don’t get breakfast in the morning before school.

    ‘Operating in Sydney Metro and the Shoalhaven region of NSW, our breakfast clubs ensure that disadvantaged children have the opportunity to start every school day with a nutritional breakfast in a safe and nurturing environment in readiness for learning.’


    You never know, the book may even inspire some menu changes.



  • https://www.facebook.com/ourepicride Kaitlyn

    This year, my partner and I set out to do the epic 200km ‘Ride to Conquer Cancer’ benefiting the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne (the only hospital in AUSTRALIA solely focused on cancer). We are both 21 and live in bayside in Melbourne.

    The minimum to raise is $2,500 and we have already hit $4500, hoping for over 6! We hosted a movie night last month and sold out the cinema in Brighton and raised $2100! Through donated raffle items and silent auction items, I just cried the whole lead up to the event because I was so shocked at people’s generosity!

    Peter Mac is 100% dedicated to patient care and preventative research, sharing it’s work with the world and impacting the lives of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS!

    We have had relaxation, fitness and alternative medicine products and services donated for our next big fundraising event, and as a student Naturopath I believe prevention is the best medicine! 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, a figure that still shocks me every time I read it.

    Would love your help! Addicted to your blog, keep up the amazing work (both of you!)

    Kaitlyn McAlaney and Eric Forcey!


  • http://happymoments virgo

    hi Sarah..
    i love your blog and i enjoyed so much the last posts you wrote for Ikaria island.. i’m Greek but i haven’t gone there still, i intend now. i volunteer to teach yoga and German for free.. i love cooking and i’d like to change the way my family and i eat. thank you for the opportunity.. xoxo


  • Ted Catmur

    Hi Sarah,
    I enjoy your newsletter each week.
    I am a member of The Longford Men’s Shed in Longford Tasmania and we have a community garden behind the shed with approx 30 raised garden beds all of which have fresh herbs and vegetables growing in them. We also work with the local youth and unemployed with cooking programmes to help them understand how to take care of themselves better. We are holding a home grown home made market in 3 weeks time to raise money for an orphanage in India that one of our members is involved with.
    Thank You for the opportunity to enter this competition.
    Keep up the great work you are doing.
    Regards Ted.


  • Erica

    I’m a member of this Sisterhood, https://www.facebook.com/SophieSlimSisterhood or http://www.sophieslim.co.nz/p/the-sisterhood.html over here in New Zealand. There’s a off-shoot group in the US, and the founder has had interest from several people willing to start groups around the world.

    Hundreds of ladies round the country send ‘love bombs’ to other sisters in need. What’s a Love Bomb you may ask? Basically anything you can use to cheer someone up/or help someone in need. We’ve sent special food for a beautiful baby with special dietary needs, gifts to sick mummies, gifts for mums in new cities, gifts to a family who lost their home in a fire, and the list goes on. It’s really just passing the love to people we don’t even know and to say you’re amazing and you’re valued by others. It would be really cool to give these books away to people, and any other help that anyone on this site would be able to give.


  • http://www.books4spain.com Rod Younger

    Hi Sarah,

    May I suggest the Motor Neurone Disease Association (www.mndassociation.org) as a worthy charity. Not sure if you have a similar one in Australia but UK one is fantastic and the contact there is Anita Frith . Its a truly awful disease and the MNDA are brilliant at making the lives of sufferers and their families as good as possible under the circumstances. See also: http://books4spain.com/blog/run-espana-to-raise-100000-for-the-motor-neurone-disease-association/


  • http://foodinfluential.com Prana Arnold

    Hi Sarah,

    I am currently about to Graduate from IIN, living part of the year in Byron Bay, part in Europe and part in Kerala India, where me and my husband have done volunteer work full time for ‘Embracing the World’ (embracingtheworld.org) a massive humanitarian organisation based in Kerala for the last 17 years.
    Studying at IIN has actually been the first thing I have done outside of this organisation, where I moved from Australia to live at when I was 16.
    Embracing the World, does an immense amount of charity work. To name just a few: A huge super speciality hospital where people can pay as they are able, mobile medical units, orphanages, schools, universities, an Ayurvedic graduate school, pensions for widows, the farmers suicide project, feeding thousands of people and immense help for natural disasters such as the Tsunami (which actually hit us there, I was in the wave) hurricane Katrina, etc…

    I am finding that the knowledge I have learnt at IIN is being tremendously beneficial to those people also doing volunteer work (the whole org. runs 100% on volunteer work, there is no middle man where the money gets filtered through, which is the reason that we can do so much.), especially in the German branch where I am currently staying. I have done some talks there, and plan to do a sugar blues workshop soon, trying to educate people about the dangers of sugar etc…and I hope to take this knowledge and spread it among the other people doing full time volunteer work for this org. When those people get more healthy, they can do more, and then the charity can do even more than it is doing right now. Its like a ripple effect.
    So I could use one copy for that (actually, your i quit sugar e-book would also be awesome for that) And the other copies we could definitely sell in our merchandise shop, (100% of all proceeds go directly to the charities) or make available to a larger group of the volunteers….

    Even if you don’t pick me, I am really happy to be able to introduce myself to you, and it would be cool to meet you one day! I was always hoping to bump into you at the Byron farmers market when I was there earlier this year. And you are right, the mushroom ladies shitake mushrooms are to die for!



  • Jagoda

    Hi Sarah!

    I came across your web just a few weeks ago, while searching stuff about healthy food, and since then I follow it every day. I love all the paleo recipes you have! Honestly, I don’t work frequently for any charity organization however I help one of them (called ‘hospicjum sw.Lazarza’ in Poland where I live) to organize some small ‘fundraising’ at my University.
    The reason why I am interested in your ebook is that I have 4 people in my family that suffers from diabetes type 2, and despite big effort, it is very hard for them to quit sugar…. Above all, I would like to help my 83 years old grandpa, who is a lovely and calm man with big sweet taste:) He keep’s telling me that I can’t deprive him of this pleasure, so instead of prohibiting the sweet stuff, I would like to see joy in his eyes while bringing him healthy deserts. I know it works, because I do it every Sunday when we meet, and eat together some healthy deserts that I prepare. I would like to share this ebook with all my family who is trying to quit sugar, and I would like to give a copy to one lady that works for the ‘hospicjum sw.Lazarza’ whom I help to organize this charity events at my University.
    Thanks for the opportunity and I send you warm greetings from Poland (Cracow)!



  • Victoria

    Hi Sarah,

    Good on you for sharing the love!

    I am president at our local Community Kindergarten, where my youngest is one of 40 children attending the centre. I am also a member of the P&C at our local primary school, where my other 2 children attend, and I am on the Canteen Committee there. There is a very strong sense of community at both the Kindy and school.

    The canteen committee was formed last year, after our dedicated volunteer left the position after 20+ years! She was very committed to the school and adored the children, however there were certainly some parents who wee not happy with the food on offer – much sugar laden and processed food (to her credit, some homemade things too).

    The commitee was formed to review the canteen operations, menu and finances. I am proud to say we have managed to eliminate foods containing many unwanted additives (colours, preservatives, flavour enhancers etc), and sugar. it has taken a bit of ‘getting used to’ by the kids, but they’re getting there. There has been some unhappiness at the removal of some junk foods, but after surveying parents, we’re committed to sticking to the commitment to providing wholesome, nourishing yet appealing food. We are still watching the progress, trying to make it financially self sustainable (now that we are paying someone to run it).

    We would love to have some of your recipes to try in the canteen, and possibly as fundraising for the school/kindergarten.

    How exciting it would be to be able to influence a whole community of children and their families in their food choices, thus impacting their long term health! (and beyond).

    With love and gratitude for your work,



  • http://www.ourrainbowhouse.org.au/ Cheryl

    Hi Sarah,

    I do volunteer work for a local charity called Our Rainbow House.

    Our Rainbow House is an Australian registered charity with a focus on the village of Chainda, on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia. It is based in Emerald , Central Queensland, with friends in Brisbane, Sydney, and beyond.

    At present we are raising fund to feed, cloth and educate our Orphans and Vulnerable children. We opened our school earlier this year for around 60 children aged 4 and over, most of whom had never been to school before.

    We are currently renting the school from the local council and have been very busy fundraising to purchase land/buildings of our own. Our next event will be a charity bike ride to be held here in Emerald on Sunday 16 September.

    It is wonderful to be involved in this organisation as many of the childrens are orphans and there is very little of anything, some are lucky to have one meal a day.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this wonderful competition, should we win any prizes we will certainly use them to benefit the children 100%

    Have a wonderful day :)


  • http://www.ffsc.com.au Amy Jelley

    Hi Sarah and Jo

    I own the local CrossFit box in Ballina. We are running a fundraising event on Sat 20 oct for 2 local community organisations, Biala Special School and Ballina District Community Services Association (BDCSA). We are currently looking for donations for prizes for our CrossFit and BJJ comps and our raffle. Your books would be greatly appreciated and would go to no doubt a very great cause.

    Here is the link to our first release of info for the event http://ffsc.com.au/ffsc-2012-charity-roll-call/

    Many thanks for considering us, Amy Jelley


  • http://1001casino.com Buena Wellnitz

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  • Lidwina

    I am not a charity but teach families who have a child with disabilities. These families work at home doing a physical,intellectual and physiological program to help their child achieve their maximum potential. A key foundational program is nutrition. This includes elimination of sugar, white flour, white rice and beginning a whole foods nutrition program. I would love your book to help these families.
    It was great to read of so many wonderful projects helping to create a better world.
    Lidwina van Dyk Human Developmentalist Victoria


  • Stophi Aitkn

    I love sugar and I need charity to help me stop!


  • http://www.dirtcheapyoga.com Jill Pickett

    Hi, I teach yoga for a non-profit call Dirt Cheap Yoga. We provide affordable classes to a larger community that might not otherwise be able to afford it. We’re planning on doing some free wellness events that offer health and nutritional advice…your books would be great to give out. Thanks for your generosity!


  • Jen Armstrong

    I work at a not-for-profit drug and alcohol counseling center. It is a high-stress job with huge rewards when someone graduates the program successfully. More often, unfortunately, we see people return to a lifestyle of drug and alcohol use and abuse. Because this job is typically behind a desk or sitting in a chair facilitating group sessions. Many of us struggle with our weight and I think it would be an exciting challenge for us to quit sugar. Thanks for the consideration!


  • http://www.aydenshope.org Erin

    Hey there. My name is Erin and I along with my husband have founded Ayden’s Foundation of Hope. When we suddenly and tragically lost our 3.75 year old in June of last year, we knew something had to come of it. That Ayden’s death would not be in vain. We knew God could bring beauty from ashes. One year ago today actually, Ayden’s Foundation of Hope was born. We minister to other grieving families by sending them a “package of hope” that contains books on losing a child and still having hope.. that can only be found through Jesus’ death on the cross. . We also send a check to help with funeral expenses. In the one year since it was founded we have ministered to over 50 families! For more info check out our website: http://www.aydenshope.org It will never be easy and there will always be bad days without our boy, but we will never be HOPELESS.


  • http://www.aydenshope.org Erin

    Sorry the email was misspelled, there it is.


  • Caroline

    Your generosity is inspiring. I have enjoyed reading the comments and learning about more of the great work that volunteers and nonprofit organisations are doing in Au. Well done to all of you!


  • Grace Tarabene

    I volunteer at THE GAP ON GRAHAM, which is a youth center in Melton, Victoira, and we have girls nights and boys nights which are aimed at 10 year olds and above and we teach them all sorts of skills one of which is cooking. We aim at teaching them nutrition in a fun way where by they don’t really realise that they are learning it as then it becomes daggy for them. I have quit sugar myself and am in the midst of detox and I feel that this cook book would be a great way to show the kids that you can still enjoy yummy food without all the sugar.


  • Jen

    Hi Sarah, I dont work for a charity but I work in Aboriginal Health with some amazing people. I work as a fitness instructor and work with groups with chronic health conditions, aging and rehab. I also support in a ‘Healthy eating lifestyle program’ for Aboriginal people with chronic illnesses and diabetes. This book would be a great addition. Unfortunately our funding is just scrapes us through, and you need to jump through hoops to get resources. I am starting a garden project next week with a Drug and alcohol rehabilitation Program, which also runs a healthy cooking class each week with a dietitian.



  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hope-in-Namibia/409013852488655 Vikki Kay

    I help fund-raise for my sister who runs a charity in Namibia that supports AIDS sufferers. She is finding that diet is more and more important in the work they do with their clients. Healthy food options and recipes will always be appreciated by their organisation!


  • Kylie Jones

    Our family supports Friends of Himalayan Children, a locally organised charity providing humanitarian aid to remote rural communities of Nepal. In December/January my partner and I took our three children to visit Batase Village in Nepal and had the opportunity to meet the children of the orphanage and the school supported by FHC. We assisted with teaching English and taught first aid (we are both Paramedics). The nutritional status of these children is poor with the majority of children attending school without eating or turning up with a packet of biscuits or a handful of sweets because they are cheaper than a nutritious meal. I voiced my concerns with the president and founder of Friends of Himalayan Children, explaining the effect of sugar and the long term health risks associated with this.
    In January 2013 my 15 year old daughter is returning to the village. She has been working part time and booked and paid for her flights and accommodation. She decided that before she goes she would like to raise $1000 to establish a meal programe in the school that will ensure each child receives at least one nutritious meal each day. Your cook books would be a fantastic fund raiser to assits her in achieving her goal and improving the nutriton of these beautiful children.

    Kind regards


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    Hi Kylie,
    Please email jo@sarahwilson.com.au with your contact details – we’d love to give your daughter 20 books to use for her fund raising!


  • Rachel Talley

    I may have already missed the cutoff for this and if so, I understand. I have no great charity in mind….just the health of my own kids. 😉 I have a teenage daughter who is a vegetarian and does not tend to eat very healthy. I am trying to change my own eating habits (I have a terrrible sweet tooth) as well as teach her better habits. My 2 younger sons are at risk for diabetes since all the males in my husbands family have it. I want to cut sugar out of our family’s eating habits all together and change our outlook on food and health.
    Not sure where to start but having some good ideas on healthy substitutions seems like a great idea.
    God bless you in what you are doing with helping to educate others. Thanks for sharing. Whether its with me or not.


  • Melissa kelly

    Hi I am the hospitality leader for Howrah Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS). We believe better mums make a better world. We meet together to encourage each other. We have some kind of teaching relating to family life then do a craft. We try o help other mums in the community where we can. We do things like make gifts for women in shelters, support a sponsor child etc. We are interested in raising healthy families so to be blessed with some of your books would be amazing.


  • Νicole

    Not sure if I’m too late…
    I work at Victorian College for the Deaf. We have a beautiful cafe – ‘Tradeblock Cafe’, which is Not-For-Profit and open two days a week. Tradeblock Cafe is run by the senior students (who are completing the VCAL subject Cafe). Each year I see the kids’ confidence grow as they develop a range of important skills. They work tirelessly to produce amazing lunches, gorgeous treats and outstanding coffee. Meals are made with fresh, organic produce which is kindly donated by an awesome local market vendor. It would be fantastic to see a few sugar-free items available on the menu.


  • Thomas

    Hi Sarah,

    I would love one book too!

    Hope you are enjoying your time in Iceland! :)


  • http://www.thewholekitchen.com Hannah

    I lead Type II Diabetic (or on boarder diabetic) women through a health and nutrition class. I would love to have your book available for reference to eliminate sugar.


  • Ashley

    Could you do an updated post on your diet? I would love to know how it has changed? what you are feeling good with right now? or is it still the same as it was when you did your paleo post? I am curious to read about your diet since you’ve been saying in posts that you are feeling great :)


  • Jenny

    My husband and I are Christian pastors in our community and in various ways seek to help people with the issues they face in life. We understand that to REALLY help people requires ministering to their mind, body, soul AND spirit. In the last few years, after coming across FOODMATTERS we have come to understand how significant diet is in the overall health of a person. Lately the topic of sugar and refined foods has been at the forefront after seeing you, Sarah, on 60 minutes. We would love a copy of your ebook to have as a resource for us to first of all learn more for ourselves so that we can in turn help as many people as we can with their health. As one example I have been building a relationship with a lady at the gym I go to who has just this week come to a crisis point in her life concerning various traumatic events she is facing all at once. She also has an autoimmune disease. I know that to REALLY help her will require me to help with her diet. Our ministry is called Fathers Heart.


  • http://Www.westcarepenrith.org.au Alex Briffa

    Hi Sarah,
    I love your generosity and though fullness for others.
    These are the attributes that we try and show to everyone that comes through our doors at WestCare Community Services.
    Out charity looks after families and individuals in need of food, emotional support and debt counselling.
    We feed over 5,0000 people a year. Our passion is to provide good, healthy food and offer our clients alternative ways of eating and cooking their food. Your book would be a great resource for us.
    Thank you.
    Alex Briffa


  • Sylvie

    I had to comment to say I am humbled by so many people doing wonderful things for their fellow human beings. Reading all these comments has made my day! Good luck choosing Sarah!!


  • http://www.ryla9640.org Jessica M

    Hi Sarah, I hope Im not too late!

    I volunteer with a personal and professional development seminar for people aged 19 – 28. Its called RYLA which stands for the Rotary Youth LEadership Awards, whilst it is a Rotary program, we as the committee are all young people who want to give back to this awesome program which has helped so many of us realise our potential. The seminar is only available to people within our district which is Northern GC, out to Goondiwindi and south as far as Grafton/Wooli. I can say with my hand on my heart that RYLA has turned my life around and made sure I will keep on a positive path for the rest of my life.

    We have so many uses for your fabulous cookbook from fundraising, thank you’s and prizes for awardees during the seminar.

    I would be very happy to share the cookbooks with another group, even 1 would be fabulous!

    Thank you Sarah :)
    Jess McClean


  • Morris Nakhla

    Hi ,
    I am involved helping older people in a group called Easy Care Gardening which helps older people who lives at home but can not look after their gardens.

    I am also involved in my church and helping other in need, supporting others and doing managing the church finance


  • Rachael H

    Hi Sarah,

    I know it is a little late but I work for the non for profit organisation YMCA. Their vision is to build strong people, strong families and strong communities in mind body and spirit.

    By contributing books, our clients would have access to your books in the health club and health consultations.

    Furthermore, we sell books in your centres for our Charity open doors which gives disadvantaged people access to our facilities.


  • http://none Jenny

    I just stumbled across your website and this contest. I lead 4 Girl Scout troops in my town (Grades Kindergarten through 6th) and I’m constantly trying to find ways to promote health with the girls. these books could be used for that – we could try the recipes together as troops – look at the nutritional value of things vs. what we normally would eat – i.e. your granola vs. store bought granola. could be fun and very educational.

    Thanks much!


  • http://none Jenny

    I just stumbled across your website and this contest. I lead 4 Girl Scout troops in my area and I’m constantly looking for ways to promote healthiness with them. This cookbook could be tons of fun – cooking the things together as a troop – taste testing – comparing recipes – i.e. comparing your granola to store brought granola and looking at the nutritional info on them. Thanks for doing this.



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    In many states the tax laws will differ from those
    in another state and the IRS which can be responsible for giving a charity tax exempt status will request certain criteria to become
    met before approving the application. While promoting a charity could be the
    ultimate priority, ensure all administrative procedures are both up to
    scratch and meet both charity and tax policies allow an organisation to operate effectively.
    Third, a final goal and inner essence of charity is to build a social
    atmosphere by which people are used to mutual help and equal status.