i love copenhagen style: a perve

Posted on September 19th, 2012

When I was in Copenhagen a few weeks back, Marija and I came up with a great way to meet locals. Especially the men.

Seen my Slow Food and Biking Guide to Copenhagen yet?

We would approach, explain that I’m an Australian journalist and that the two of us were doing a small photo essay and could we take their photo. Well. It worked. The Danes are notoriously reserved (not shy or necessarily cold; they just keep to themselves), but once you approach them first, they’re really rather open and warm and chatty. And not judgy of a stupid tourist antic like the one I describe.

UM. Some of you might recognise these from somewhere? Those Danes…stylin’!

And so, a photo essay evolved.

The men are very handsome in these parts. We were dumbfounded. We named the phenomenon: CopenhagMen. And we coined our series of photos: “CopenhagMen with…”

with… Van Halen hair!

with…baby and a Chris Robinson look

with…baby, a beer and a rockin’ technique sorted

with… a book on a stoop

with…pink pants!

with… flowers. I think it’s a thing here. We saw men toting flowers a lot.

The other phenomenon: Bike style. I’ve said it before, you look better on a bike. Try it. An ordinary outfit is suddenly suffused with elan when you climb aboard a bike.

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Classic Copenhagen style. Love this

I love the tan extras

goth get-up

lolly colours

Sneakers and frocks on bikes…it’s a thing!

pink yoga mat carrier

maxi on a bike

too many elements to mention…the accessories, wedges, emo child

everyone conducts their social calls on their way home…gently

hang on…that’s me

wedges and children…it’s a look

So-Cal mum

with…pale blue and tan

with… pale blue and tan (it’s a thing!)

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  • Shanina

    Hahahaha! Coffee came out of my nose when I saw the green shorts. Priceless!
    Welcome home Sarah – it’s been nice to travel vicariously with you. x


  • http://www.sparrowandsea.com Jess @ Sparow + Sea

    Haaa! The Copen-Halen Men crack me up!

    Riding a bike in a maxi and/or wedges seems very game! I have no doubt that if I attempted such a feat there would be (at the very least) bike grease all over my long-lovely-frock, and at worst (slash most likely!) I would end up toppled over, tangled in the chain, likely with my undergarments on display for the world to see…
    Not exactly the best embodiment of elan!


    Kaitlyn Reply:

    I think that lady had a chain guard to stop catching her dress in the chain! Great idea!


  • Sara

    I didn’t see anything different here than Melbourne, New York, Vancouver and a million other places. Great stylez thou :p Wedges are super easy to ride in, as are frocks. Just make sure your under clothes are wee shorts and you’re covered, literally!


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    Ah, but bike style STARTED here.


  • Katrin Helmreich

    I love the fact that bike helmets aren’t mandatory. Australia is so friggin’ over regulated on so many levels!


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    agree. agree.


    Fiona Reply:

    Well, it’s because it’s so much more bike-friendly there than in other countries. You are at far less risk riding your bike than you are in the vast majority of urban centers. But now there’s the “invisible” bike helmet you can invest in!


  • Mia Bluegirl

    I’m sure this was a great post and all but I CANT GET OVER HOW THAT FIRST GUY IS WEARING YOUR SHORTS.


    Hehehe :)


  • Gabriella

    Those guys with the Van Halen hair are hot hot HOT!!!


  • seeker

    this is brilliant!
    love the approach to talk to people!!
    its quite exhilarating when ya try it, hunh?!! fun fun fun!!
    brilliant pics, love imagining you two getting up to mischief & cooking up ways to entertain yourselves in a foreign country, it musta been a blast!
    i LOVE that dress your wearing sarah, is that one a Dane too? it looks smashin’ with your scarfie thing, superstylin’. xo :)


  • http://www.cirque-du-bebe.blogspot.com Cirque Du Bebe

    Oh lordy this is a great post! I really like these snapshot of the locals posts…very eye opening. I’m a bit worried for the girl in the maxi dress though.


    seeker Reply:

    i want that maxi dress!! LOVE it!


  • http://www.genussgipfel.at Kerstin

    Wonderful pictures and wonderful people riding their bikes. Remember me on Berlin, my former hometown, where bike is part of daily living. Here, in Tyrol, biking is a sport only and you will never see somebody on a bike with a special outfit. Only men in lycra. 😉


  • Kirsty

    Love the bike pics. Doesn’t everyone look happy on 2 wheels sans Lycra. I have one of the Christiana bikes from Denmark here in melbourne. It is hands down the single best thing i have ever bought. Super fun and my 3 little people love being out about in it. I’m surprised there’s not more of them about. A lovely Danish guy imports them – anyone interested look up PS Bikes.


  • http://awakenyourtastebuds.com Jess

    You are hilarious! Love the photo captions.


  • http://www.lucentimagery.com Lucent Imagery

    Oh we fell so deeply in love with Copenhagen. Could definitely see us living there. The approach to life balance, architecture, time outside with friends, bike and pedestrian friendly – aaagh so much goodness in this city. I also did photo essays of all the good looking people on bikes. The women were so beautiful and natural that I snapped. Love this collection.


  • Ms Jane

    You’re like The Sartorialist – but funnier. And such beautiful bikes, especially the ones with the carrier at the front. Love it x


  • Kym

    I loved this lookbook.
    The men do have a real flair….Is it a cool weather thing?
    Thanks for the sqiz!


  • Ian

    I was in Copenhagen and Roskilde earlier this month also and desperately loved the bike style. I came home via Gothenburg and Vancouver. The Danes started it and are still nailing it. Most importantly they are relaxed about bike life and style. Love love loved the whole setup and WANT more of their bikes/attitude here. I noticed the beauty of the people as well. They’ve got that nailed to!


  • r

    bwahahah copehagMen, i love it!!


  • Cate

    I could have sworn I saw those green shorts running round the tan in Melbourne this morning! Was it you Sarah, or have you started a trend?


  • http://Www.kympiez.blogspot.com Kymmie @ adayinthelifeofus

    Oh I love these pictures! So fabulous! I now want a bike. Xx