5 clever sugar-quitting recipes on a Tuesday

Posted on November 6th, 2012

Since more than 3000 of you are currently doing the I Quit Sugar Pre-Christmas Program (and tens of thousands of you have already quit sugar), how about I share a few really clever frucken fructose-free recipes that I’ve spotted on Instagram lately. These are recipes by folk who’ve already done the program and have invented clever things to eat that help with cravings and snack times. They then “tag” their image with the I Quit Sugar hashtag (#IQS) so that other IQS kids can find them.

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But to the recipes:

Egg pancake

That’s the image above and it’s by Ashleigh Nuich. She says: It’s a basic omelette “topped with haloumi and homemade silverbeet pesto (a recipe from my I Quit Sugar Cookbook, replacing the kale with silverbeet).

Cake batter yoghurt

This one’s from Skinny Latte. She says: “It’s Greek yoghurt, with a tablespoon of almond meal and vanilla stevia mixed through, for a delicious nutty cake-batter vibe… topped with my coconut ‘ice magic’ made from a teaspoon of coconut oil melted with a teaspoon of organic dark cocoa powder and stevia.”

Peanut butter choc chip profroyo

Also from Skinny Latte, this clever ensemble: Greek yoghurt, peanut flour, vanilla protein, stevia, cinnamon, and some Well, Naturally sugar-free chocolate chopped up for some choc chips.

Sugar-free macadamia and coconut paleo muffins, with coconut butter

These paleo muffins are by Cora.

  • 2 cups almond meal
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup macadamia nuts
  • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup coconut cream
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 175 C. Combine almond meal, baking powder, salt and shredded coconut in a bowl. Combine coconut oil, coconut cream, eggs (add one at a time mixing after each one), and vanilla in a bowl. Combine wet and dry ingredients. Add the macadamia nuts and mix well. Spoon into muffin cups and bake for 12 – 15 minutes. Serve warm with coconut butter.

Almond macarons

This recipe came through from Thomas Stott.

  • 2 large egg whites (left at room temperature for an hour, or overnight)
  • 70 grams ground almonds (blitzed using food processor as fine as possible and then sieved)
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of salt
  •  40 grams stevia granules

Preheat oven to 140 C. Use an electric mixer or hand held mixer on high to whip the egg whites and salt – about 6 minutes. Combine the almond meal or ground almonds and mix together with a wooden spoon. If too runny add another 10 grams of almond meal. Pipe onto baking paper and leave for an hour uncovered. Cook for about 15 minutes.

Feel free to share your ideas below or on instagram! I’ll share about…


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  • Coconut Ice Magic. Totally awesome idea. Is there anything you can’t do with coconut oil?


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:



  • Naz

    This is a traditional Persian recipe called Kookoo sabzi (Herb Frittata):


    1 cup packed fresh parsley.
    1 cup packed fresh dill.
    1 cup packed fresh chives.
    1 cup packed fresh cilantro.
    6 eggs.
    1/4 – 1/3 cup toasted walnuts (optional)
    2 Tbsp barberries – soaked for 10 minutes and drained (barberries can be found in Middle Eastern stores if you can’t find them leave them out).
    1 tsp baking powder.
    Grass-fed ghee or butter.
    Sea salt & freshly cracked black pepper to taste.


    Chop up all of the herbs and place in a large bowl.
    In a separate bowl add in your eggs, baking powder, salt and pepper. Mix together.
    Pour egg mixture into the herbs and add in walnuts and barberries (if using).
    Mix it all together.
    Heat up some ghee/butter in a skillet.
    Pour in your mixture.
    Cook until the bottom sets, then cut into quarters and flip over to cook the other side.

    Here’s the post on my blog for these: http://cinnamoneats.com/2012/11/01/kookoofrittata/


    Adriana Reply:

    Ohh I looove that stuff! With the bits of walnut and the occasional juicy sour-ish “zereshk”. Amazing stuff and so good for u!


    Naz Reply:

    YES! Me too I love zereshk 🙂 It is one of my favourite dishes from childhood and still is!


    Lauren Rose Reply:

    Will definitely be trying this one Naz! Yum.

    Naz Reply:

    It really is yum Lauren! Let me know how you like it 🙂

    Sharon in Philly Reply:

    Hi Naz,

    I made it tonight, it is lovely. Unfortunately I didn’t have any barberries but I’ll look to have the next time.

    Thanks for posting it.

    Naz Reply:

    Hi Sharon… glad you liked it. You can buy them from Amazon just search barberries and they’ll come up. If you have any Middle Eastern grocery stores near you then you might be able to find them there.


  • We’ve got a whole category of sugar free recipes over at Two Modern Cavewomen. There’s a banana caramel coconut muffin at http://www.twomoderncavewomen.com.au/banana-caramel-coconut-muffins/ which is based on a Teresa Cutter recipe with a couple of tweaks, and the macadamia coconut butter looks divine as well.

    The full list is at http://www.twomoderncavewomen.com.au/category/recipes/dietary-choice/sugar-free-recipes/. We’re a new site but gathering quite the collection of healthy recipes.


  • I’ve got a slightly different take on the muffin idea:

    Cocoberry Muffins
    Makes 10 muffins

    1/2 cup coconut flour
    1/4 tsp bi-carb soda
    1/2 tsp cream of tartar
    1/4 cup coconut oil
    2 tsp stevia
    6 eggs
    1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
    1/2 tsp sea salt
    2 cups fresh or frozen berries (I used a mix of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries)

    – Preheat oven to 180 degrees
    – Blend together melted coconut oil, eggs, stevia, and vanilla
    – Combine sifted flour, baking soda, cream of tartar and salt, and mix together well, until there are no lumps
    – Fold in berries
    – Grease muffin tins – make sure your go overboard here, these are sticky little suckers!
    – Fill muffins tins about 3/4 full
    – Bake for 20 minutes

    You can find the full post on my blog here http://www.alittlenourishment.com/cocoberry-muffins/

    Keep up the sugarfree lovin’ peeps. xx


  • Hi Sarah

    I have tried registering for the program a couple of times now and I still haven’t received a newsletter? is it possible to put me on the list manually? I am IQSing up a storm but it would be great to be able to read the newsletter as well.




  • I know it’s a bit off topic but am sitting in a cafe with my three year old. Not only am I free from sugar but so is he.
    So why does kids meals ALWAYS translate to cheesy pasta, chicken nuggets, fish and chips and ice cream? Does being a kid mean you need no nutrients, deep fried, gluten and sugar?


    Lauren Reply:

    I know, drives me crazy! My 3 yr old son is not into “kids food” he’d rather have a salad and some fresh fish or prawns, he’s not into carby stuff, so I always have to order him something from the adult menu meaning it’s too big and more expensive!!
    Why do people think kids food needs to be boring and free from colour.
    I taught my son that the colourful stuff is the fun tasty food and I love that he is a healthy eater but the rest of the world really does not support this…..sad.


  • Chantelle

    What is the centre of the almond macaroons? All recipes I know use icing sugar for the butter cream?


  • Bec

    Great ideas. Now following Skinny Latte on IG. Does anyone know a good brand of peanut flour and where to buy?


  • Oh, peanut flour. Never heard of it, but I’m going to take a guess that you’re talking about the peanut equivalent of almond meal? I’ve never seen it anywhere, but if you had a Vitamix Blender or at Thermomix, you could mill your own. You can make your own nut butter in them both.


  • I love these recipes! I really need to try out the “ice-magic”. It was such a novelty when we were kids!

    My new fav snack or breakfast is Protein Pancakes (but you can leave out the protein if you prefer)

    2 Eggs
    1 Bannana’s
    optional – 2 tablespoons of natural protein powder
    1 tablespoon almond meal

    Mash up the bananna and add in the eggs. You can actually just make the pancakes like this but I also add in the protein powder and almond meal to thicken it up a little, but it’s not necessary.

    Serve with coconut butter and cinnamon or natural organic peanut butter. Soooo good!


  • Kristen

    LOVE it!!! Cake batter yoghurt! AWESOME 😀 know what I’m making later!


  • Those coconut muffins look like they have a gorgeous texture! If there was such a thing as paleo white chocolate chips, I’d be adding them too.


  • Vasiliki

    What I find amusing with any diet or healthy way of eating is how many recipes that are “deserts” are available but not so for meals. I am trying to totally cut the idea of eating deserts also and see if my mind can be retrained to enjoy just the idea of eating fresh foods and not the idea of missing the “desert” element … that has been my biggest issue the last month … OH! I re-introduced “sugar” on the weekend and this has been the WORST week … it is amazing how quickly you feel it.


  • Jane

    Wow I am going to be busy writing out all these fabulous recipes. Thanks for the recipe sites too to check out. Feeling hungry for breakfast now so off to whip up
    Something special


  • Andrew

    Hi Sarah,

    I want to ask about how to use different types of Stevia. I live in Vietnam. I got my friend to bring some Natvia from Australia. I can buy a different brand (Hermesetas Stevia Sweet) here in VN, if I get desperate and my Natvia runs out, but I don’t know the amount to substitute. I’m not sure if they will be the same because this other brand isn’t as dense i.e. it’s a 75g jar that is twice the size or more than my 200g Natvia. I’m not sure if the measurements would be the same? I have both your ebooks and use the recipes from Sweeter Life, but my Natvia is running low and I will have to go to the other type of Stevia.



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  • Mo

    Sorry after reading the recipe’s, I don’t like Stevia, terrible stuff, after drinking cranberry drink that had Stevia in it, made me feel sick, had to throw it out. and after reading about Aspartame, I have told my son to stay away from diet drinks, as he has Type two diabetes
    and Fybromialgia


  • Lisa

    Coconut Chai Frozen Yoghurt

    4 chai tea bags in 2 tbsp boiling water
    2 cups of BioDynamic Organic Whole Milk Yoghurt
    1 can of Ayam coconut milk
    1 cup of organic dessicated coconut

    Mix yoghurt, milk and coconut together with spoon. Squeeze chai tea bags over mixture and stir in. Freeze. After a few hours when semi frozen, blitz in food processor. Refreeze and enjoy!


  • Lisa

    Oh add 2 sachets of stevia if desired and sprinkle with cinnamon when serving!


  • Lady Tremayne

    I tried the macaron recipe. I did not like it at all. First the recipe is incomplete. It does not tell you at what point to add the stevia. There was too much salt, 40 g. Of Stevia gives it too much of an aftertaste.


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