8 end-of-year favourites: a listicle

Posted on December 31st, 2013

Dearest Reader,

It’s been the biggest year of my working life. Bugger it, let’s not tone it down. It’s been The Biggest Year of My Life. Also the hardest. Also the best.

Looking forward to 2014, I am!

Looking forward to 2014, I am!

I’m grateful many of you joined me along the way. You kept me honest and steered me where I needed to go. Thank you. By way of a signing off to 2013, just a list of the posts that many of you seemed to quite like. Perhaps you’re after some reflection-reflexive reading tonight/tomorrow.

Yours New Yearly,

Sarah x

PS Anyone feeling disconnected or lonely or suffering FOMO tonight know that you’re no Robinson Crusoe and that there is probably a really good reason to be home alone tonight. Find that reason! Even if it’s “to have a good cry and truly feel the depth of things”.

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what you’re craving is much closer

Posted on December 19th, 2013

Last weekend I got super antsy. It was a classic Single-When-All-Your-Friends-Are-Ensconced-In-Relationships scenario: I’d rung around everyone I knew, trying to fill out my weekend with activity…and everyone was busy…with husbands and kids and family barbeques and trips to Bunnings. Or whatever. And I felt abandoned. Then I felt like a loser for caring.

Image via rosencrown.blogspot.com.au

Image via rosencrown.blogspot.com.au

And so on it spiraled.

I work hard to not be a whining single. I largely find single life pretty ace. But something in me was craving intimacy and company. I was needy and the planet could smell it. A Sunday night buddy. I just want someone to watch a DVD on the couch with! Is this asking too much??!!

And, as my antsyiness descended: If I didn’t call my mates to organise catching up and connecting, would anyone call me? If I died…would anyone notice? How long would it take to find my corpse? If a single falls in the forest and no one is around to care, do they make a sound?

Sunday morning, however, I got a grip, got on a train up north and did one of my bush excursions. Fling yourself into bush. Climb a tree. I once had this edict taped to the back of my bedroom door for just such antsy moments.

Life was against me, however. The Northern line was undergoing work, so it took me four trains and a bus to get to the starting point. I’d eaten too much for breakfast and felt heavy. The weather turned. I could’ve given up. But I persevered.

Finally, two hours later with rain imminent, I entered the bush, not a soul in sight. Within minutes my whole energy shifted. I unfurled. I came back home to myself.

And I realized this: I hadn’t been craving other people. I’d been craving me. My little Silly Season-frazzled soul wanted to be taken care of by… me. It wanted to be carted off into the bush, where it feels most at home in the world, for some free thinking and the rhythmic caressing of provided by walking. Read more

Why i choose green smoothies over juices

Posted on December 18th, 2013

I kind of cringe at the fact I’m a green smoothie fan. I never bought into flouro T-shirts back in the ‘80s and I don’t do diets. I try many things, but I don’t like to buy into a “thing”, unless a) I’ve looked into said thing in detail, b) I’ve experienced a substantial improvement in my life from it and, generally, c) I can do it myself (without purchasing some fan-dangled contraption or procedure or whatever).

Choc Mint Whip, recipe in I Quit Sugar

Choc Mint Whip, recipe in I Quit Sugar

Surprisingly, green smoothies tick off my three considerations:

  • The evidence suggests they are an effective way to get dense nutrition into our bodies.
  • I’ve found them to be a really nifty way to eat my greens and notice the difference when I’m not drinking (or eating) one.
  • Green smoothies are not about purchasing a fancy, expensive product in terribly wasteful packaging. I make my own with ease and tote in old jars and reusable cannisters.

Thus I comfortably do green smoothies. Most days. And in different forms.

Why drink your greens?

We need to be eating 5-6 serves of vegetables a day (according to national nutritional guidelines) to get enought macro and micronutrients into our beings. I’d say 6-8 is optimal, especially if you have compromised health. Most of us find this hard to pull off daily. Most meals are packed out with carbs and other nutrient-negligible fillers, leaving little room for greens.

By creating a meal around greens, it ensures you get a good 2-3 serves of the good stuff into your day.

It also “crowds out” the crap. While ever you’re filling up on greens, you’re not eating the nutrient-negligible fillers.

Green smoothies v green juices

The difference between the two is this:

smoothies are made by pureeing whole fruit and vegetables into a thick drink.  Juices extract the ‘juice’ only and the pulp is tossed.

So why do I prefer the former?

  • Smoothies are more filling. The fibre keeps us fuller longer, taking almost twice as long as liquids to leave our guts. Juices can also slow your metabolism (the calorie decrease can send the body into starvation mode, causing you to store energy).
  • Smoothies don’t constipate. Juices can. You need fibre for your gut to move and to maintain the right kind of bacteria to keep Read more