I like clever food ideas. Things you can do to make culinary life smoother.

Some of my favourite tips are contained in this post on what to do with left-over herbs.

And this one on paleo-friendly kids lunchbox ideas.

I use icecube trays for storing excess chicken stock (ready to pop out and use for deglazing or even frying) and I use my Vitamix for a bunch of steps in a recipe (by reordering the way I do things). Check out these additional doozies that I’ve collected, and feel free to add yours below….

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I’m a bacon nut. And this idea – plaiting it before grilling or frying it – is very much my favourite thing today.

Make edible bowls by moulding biscuit dough (sweet or savoury) over the bottom of muffin tins.
Put coffee beans and tea lights in a ramekin for a very I Quit Sugar-assisting smell in your home.




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Over to you…nifty ideas?

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