just 7 fun food ideas (that will make you scream “genius!”)

Posted on February 19th, 2013

I like clever food ideas. Things you can do to make culinary life smoother.

Some of my favourite tips are contained in this post on what to do with left-over herbs.

And this one on paleo-friendly kids lunchbox ideas.

I use icecube trays for storing excess chicken stock (ready to pop out and use for deglazing or even frying) and I use my Vitamix for a bunch of steps in a recipe (by reordering the way I do things). Check out these additional doozies that I’ve collected, and feel free to add yours below….

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.27.50 PM


I’m a bacon nut. And this idea – plaiting it before grilling or frying it – is very much my favourite thing today.


Make edible bowls by moulding biscuit dough (sweet or savoury) over the bottom of muffin tins.


Put coffee beans and tea lights in a ramekin for a very I Quit Sugar-assisting smell in your home.




You might also like this post on how to eat your scraps, or these truly clever kitchen tips.

Over to you…nifty ideas?

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  • Sassy

    Hey Sarah, I think your draft went live xx


  • Pam

    genius for sure!! ❤❤❤


  • I love these ideas. Being a busy mumma can never get enough of nifty food ideas!


  • Diana

    I tried the baked eggs on the weekend and (pardon the cheap play on words…) had an eggplosion in my oven.

    They only took around 15 mins in a 170 degree oven.


  • Mia Bluegirl

    Poach eggs in the microwave!

    Half-fill a mug with cold water. Crack the egg into it. Cook for about a minute, add an additional minute for every egg-mug that you add. Keep a close ear on the microwave, if you hear a “snap, crackle, pop!” then your egg is done. Its not genius, its mostly just laziness, but still awesome.

    Your bacon-plait is such a great idea, I am stealing it.


    Sharon in Singers (was Philly) Reply:

    Thanks! I’m going to try the poached eggs


  • miss jodi

    Absolutely love the grilled cheese idea ! That’s insane….I’m so doing that 🙂


  • Sarah

    You can also crack the eggs into a muffin tin an cook in the oven. It comes out looking like a McDonalds style fried egg!

    I also made Sarah’s chocolate raspberry ripple recipe but poured it into ice trays and placed a raspberry on top. That way I can pop one in my mouth when I’m looking for a quick treat.

    Use plastic shower caps over bowls for leftovers in the fridge. You can re use them.
    That’s all I can think of. I get a lot of tips from Pinterest! Such a great website!


  • Dee

    Just wondering about the bacon, though, it’s full of nitrates! I eat it when I can get organic, which doesn’t have all the nasties, its brown
    in colour. I only want to eat meat that I know has been raised and killed ethically


  • Adriana

    I’ve heard the grilled cheese in a toaster is a very bad idea! Gets burnt and very messy if cheese leaks!! I guess depends on ur toaster…maybe the ones with wide toast space would be ok.


  • Zoe

    Genius! Do you think pastry will work on the bottom of the muffin tray?

    The bacon weave looks pretty good too.


  • Pinner

    You might want to remove that toaster one. The Pinstrosity blog had someone try that and they set their toaster on fire.


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    Ha, really!? I guess I have to leave things up to people’s smarts…I’ve set a toaster on fire with rice cakes, too.


  • Thanks for the tips. It must be the day for cookie cups, I’ve been inspired by some on chocolate covered katie too. 😀


  • Bev mcdowell

    Toasting cheese in a toaster will ensure 2 things, the cheese will eventually get into the elements. Need to buy new toaster. The person responsible will get the order of the boot. Cant believe i am seeing this on a well respected site.


  • oh shoot – that bacon looks delicious!… not to mention so pretty all criss-crossed that way. LUV. 🙂


  • oh yeah – this is my ONE made for TV item that i would recommend to anyone – EGG GENIE! its seriously the best and totally works – hard boiled eggs are THE BEST snack. LUV. 🙂 http://www.amazon.com/Egg-Genie-Electric-Cooker/dp/B0026RXLGU


  • Natalya

    Finely grate Parmesan cheese into a bowl, add a sprinkling of chilli flakes/ walnuts chopped/ fines herbs- whatever you like. Then bung teaspoons of the stuff onto a paper lined baking tray- cook till browned but not burnt( obviously!)

    Voila! Easy peasy crackers! If you like you can also put them on the back of a muffin tin when they get out of the oven as shown above in the blog and you’ve got parmesan bowls for salad:)

    This one was trial and error for me at the beginning, but the errors are yummy anyways lol

    P.S- not sure if this works with the pre grated cheese as I don’t buy the stuff.


    Zoe Reply:

    Ooooo that sounds yummy! Definitely worth a try.

    I tear up pieces of mountain bread and sprinkle them with oil and paprika. In the oven for 5 minutes and voila…instant chips.


  • Natalya

    P.P.S-.It helps a lot to leave enough space on the tray to allow for spreading and melting of cheese .


  • tcee

    Hi i was wondering do you worry about the nitrates in bacon or do you eat nitrate free bacon?


  • Fi

    Hi Sarah/anyone who can assist – sorry to digress but I am new to ‘quitting’ – I am bamboozled by the nutrition labels and the Carbohydrates and Sugars thing …what am I going with? what am I aiming for in the Carb grams per 100. Thanks so much x