Need another reason to quit sugar? Free shipping all this week

Posted on April 1st, 2013

I hope you all had a splendid Easter. Still in sugar shock? Resolute in your ambition to quit the sweet stuff after an indulgence fest? You might like to know that I Quit Sugar (the print edition) can be ordered right this instant, with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia (plus HALF PRICE shipping – $7 – anywhere else in the world) until April 8.

Order here today.

Hope that makes you feel fresher and cleaner and happier!



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  • Louise

    Our first sugar free Easter – EVER! My husband and I have been on your program for 5 weeks now. It’s completely made us rethink our own diets and that of our two young children. Didn’t miss sugar one little bit yesterday and I’m loving being ‘free’ from cravings (not to mention trying all the fantastic recipes). Thanks!


  • Andrea

    Easter Sunday was my first with NO easter eggs. I went shopping with my mum instead and guess what I bought? The print edition of I Quit Sugar. Looking forward to familiarising myself with the program and recipes. I’ve always had food related allergies and intolerances and hoping this program can help sort me out for good. Thanks Sarah :-)


  • Cassandra

    Argh! I quit sugar 3 months ago and have been feeling really good. Combined with Easter and a few family dramas I have felt a strong urge or withdrawal type feeling to eat Easter eggs. Actually I miss the chocolate only because it was the one time of year I would indulge guilt free. My kids have had so much, there is chocolate everywhere so its been dangling in front of me, tormenting me it feels for the past few days. I just want Easter to be over, I have not given in. I have eaten lots of nuts and melted carob with rice malt syrup to compensate (yumo by the way). Anyway this has been tough but I determined to make it through with out giving in to the sweet stuff….lol :-)


  • Sheree

    Hi Sarah – just curious as to whether you have any thoughts on Diane Sanfilippo’s 21 Day Sugar Detox program??


  • jane Pearce

    Just had to comment that I was extremely annoyed on finding the I quit sugar book in BigW yesterday For the price of $22 when I’ve just paid $34 ???? I know I’m receiving it at my door but $12 difference.


  • chris

    It seems hypocritical for you to sell a hard copy of your book and waist resources on paper and packaging when an e-book would have been the logical alternative if you’re into sustainability!


  • Alison

    What about alcohol. I love alcohol. Not like an alcoholic likes it, but I don’t think I could give up having my favourite drink in hand after a long day or celebrating with friends or a quiet drink when I’m spending a few hours with my horses. I’m feeling that drunkness is not my goal anymore, and I need to improve my diet because I believe it’s affecting my life, and I can live without sugar, but what about alcohol? Is there no room for it when you quit sugar? I read that back and I’m not sure it reads how I’d like, but what I’m saying is, can you fix your diet and keep an old friend?


  • Lynda

    I’ve been off sugar for over a year so now I find if I have the tinest amount I’m really depressed and teary the next day. Normal days I can avoid it but if I go out to eat, I never know what I’m getting and often have the bad day next day. I thought I’d try a tiny amount of sugar each day to help but the cravings started to come back. I’m starting to rethink this off sugar thing as I’m worried I’ve changed myself so much?? Any tips anyone


  • katharine

    hi, hopefully someone can clarify, I have just started iqs and about to move to week three, now in the book Sarah says give it ALL UP, which I am more than happy to do, just wondering if this includes milk, bread, good full fat greek yoghurt basically everything all kinds of sugar (lactose etc)? cos man i love milk- as they are all under the 4-6-8mg/100mg/ml? thanks guys.

    also lynda it sounds like you might have more going on than sugar cravings. being teary and depressed sounds like just that- depression. its worth talking to someone, a family or friend you can trust, GP’s can point you in the right direction for help or someone professional to talk to. dont be too hard on yourself with restrictions if its making you feel like crap! remember that you dont only have to feed your body but feed your soul, why dont you reward yourself with a massage or facial. exercise also not only helps you feel good, fresh air and sunshine, but a good long walk I find also clarifies issues that are filling my mind! at the end of the day you have to listen to your body…I hope that helps!