so, a few things are going to change around here

Posted on May 27th, 2013

I very much like change. I like growing. I like inventing stuff just to see if other people like it. And I love when things (finally) gel and flow and I can invite people onto my little canoe and we can paddle together. Because, while I’m a calcified lone ranger, I also do like sharing and being blown away by other humans and their skill and heart and uniqueness.

Zoe SW

Preamble over, let me share some friggen great news with you all. I Quit Sugar is about to unfurl in some dramatic new ways.

And first up, let me introduce you to our new General Manager, Zoe Eaton. If I could abide emoticons, I’d insert little clapping hands here. She has been on board a total of four days and has impressed us with her colourful outfits (I describe her sartorial personality as “licorice allsort” inspired), her lamb chop lunches and her geek speak. She’s been working in online and marketing for more than 10 years, previously at Turner International.

A little personal context: Zoe and I first met ten years ago when I was editing Cosmopolitan magazine. She was the senior marketing manager on the magazine and we worked together robustly (that would be a fair way to put it, hey Zoe?). We remained friends when we both left the magazine (around the same time) and get together to eat, drink red wine and share Big Ideas. We were doing this over some pulled pork only three weeks ago and she was fleshing out one of her Big Business Ideas. And it occurred to me: Zoe belongs at IQS. We both move fast. We both like change. Only 23 days later and here we are.

Please make her feel welcome!

Over the next few weeks you’ll notice a few changes around here.

* The site will be going live in a week or two. If you haven’t already, sign up to the newsletter to be alerted to the great giveaways and offers we’ll be running when we hit “launch”.

* Once this happens, the sugar-related food stuff that I share on here – mostly on Tuesdays – will shift over to the new site. And this blog will return to being my indulgent outlet for exploring a range of other wellness and “make life better” topics.

* In August we’ll be launching a very exciting project: the online I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program. We’ll be telling you more about this soon. It will be fun. It will be fresh. It will make life better.

Thanks for your time. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have…um, like what Zoe eats for breakfast (this morning it was a potato and some yoghurt?!)…


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  • Stormageddon

    Congratulations Sarah, and welcome Zoe! Might I just say that the Liquorice Allsort description tickled me immensely. I love colourful people.

    Pleasant paddling, Sarah!

    Mia xx


  • Kate

    Hi Sarah! Could you please do a post on ethical clothing choices? I don’t know if it’s better to buy those made in poorer countries and keep those people in work, or to not buy them and therefore not support the companies that treat them poorly. Sorry if you’ve done something on this before and I just couldn’t find it! Love your work xx


    Astra Reply:

    Would love to know this too 🙂


    Nomad Reply:

    Please! I keep seeing beautiful Nike trainers but the stories of Nike and child labour in Pakistan are front of mind – don’t know if this is still the case or was?


    Chloe Reply:

    Great request – I would love this too!


    Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson Reply:

    Here’s a previous one…


    Astra Reply:

    Hi, I came across this website for fair trade, sustainable fashion, based in the uk, looks good, prices are not too bad and they often have sales 🙂


    Sharyn Reply:

    Peopletree are fantastic! High quality cotton and easy to wash in the machine. I have a few tees, pants, couple of skirts, a dress and a coat. No loose threads of dropped hems, unlike so many other brands.


  • wow big things happening. I love the idea of the online program for IQS! So clever. That is going to be epic. Yay YOU!


  • Martin J. Rollins

    Agree wholeheartedly – IQS going ‘online’ is a great idea.

    The more disruption the better.



  • Sarah Wilson

    Ha. Not intentional!


  • Eva

    Ohh, can’t wait for the launch of the new site! I’m one week into my journey of giving up sugar and so excited!


  • Exciting news, welcome Zoe. I recently fell off the quitting sugar bandwagon. again. I can’t wait to see the new site.


  • Lots of awesome changes! I love it x