a friday giveaway: 30 Wild Patch chocolate gifts

Posted on June 7th, 2013

Because it’s a Friday, and it’s a long weekend, I thought it might be nice to giveaway chocolate. This time, Linda from Wild Patch has kicked in to share:

30 x fructose-free chocolate gifts, worth $15 each plus shipping 

I’ve shared a bit of Linda’s story before. She’s a chocolate maker from Olinda (near Mt Dandenong) in Victoria, who did my I Quit Sugar program a while back, prompting her to create a fructose-free line. Nice!

Chocolate Granola Clusters

Chocolate Granola Clusters, from my Chocolate Cookbook. Photography by Marija Ivkovic

Linda’s been importing German brand Frusano’s fructose-free chocolate bars for a while (“mainly for our own consumption” she says). Now, along with selling Frusano bars (these are the ones I’ve mentioned here on this blog before), she sells a range of fructose-free chocolate products that she makes. She also sells sugar-free chocolate supplies, including 100% cacao mass (unsweetened chocolate), cacao nibs, cacao powder and cacao butter – if you’re looking for ingredients to

make recipes from my Chocolate Cookbook like the one above.


Included in this Wild Patch chocolate gift pack:

  •  a milk or dark chocolate bar
  • a cashew-nut cluster
  • a hand-moulded solid chocolate figurine

All of the chocolates are sweetened with glucose only.

To be in the running to win, simply buy your copy of the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook by clicking on the button below between now and 5pm Monday June 10 and we’ll randomly select 30 winners*.


* This competition is available to Australian residents only. Sorry!


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  • https://twitter.com/adriennnemac Adrienne

    Oh, I already bought the e-book, am I still in the running??

    Also, I have purchased chocolate from Linda before and it is delicious! Couldn’t tell the difference without the sugar! Will definitely re-buy and recommend.


  • Zoe

    Wow Sarah, I did not realise that Wild Patch do fructose free choc, I was sent a box of these a few months back and they were fabulous, the best presentation I have seen in a long time! My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in March and we bought your book and have been following for the past 6 – 7 weeks… absolutely awesome. He has been insulin free for the past 18 days and even though he would be in his Honeymoon period, I am putting the ‘no insulin’ down to following your program and mainly a paleo diet…. really stoked with the results!


  • Mel M

    I’ve already bought one of your delicious cookbooks – I couldn’t wait and got one as soon as the pre-release was announced! Am I eligible to win?


  • Sarah

    I too have already purchased the chocolate cook book, am I eligible? :-)


  • Karly

    Oh boo, I bought the book already last week. Bad timing! Am definitely keen to try this chocolate. It looks delicious!!


  • Ann-Maree Riviere

    I pre purchased ebook – can I still enter??? Please pretty please x Always on the look out for new sugar free treats to try.


  • Lynette Frunks

    I have also already bought the book :-(
    I have tried Linda’s products & they are awesome…she is actually based in Olinda, Mt Dandenong Victoria. Wild Patch is beautiful & we stayed there for a couple of days & Linda taught us how to make chocolate. Highly recommended for a girls weekend.


  • http://emailwizardry.nightjar.com.au/ Nicole

    Oh damn! I bought it literally two days ago. That is so sad :(


  • Rachel

    I’ve already bought it too!!! :(


  • Sarah

    I’ve already brought the book too, but would love to be in with a chance to win!


  • http://moreicingplease.blogspot.com Hannah

    Well I didn’t already buy it! I was waiting till I finished the 8 week detox, but never mind…. I’m buying it now!!


  • Nicole Callaghan

    I bought the I quit sugar ebook and have been doing so well BUT I have unfortunately been having little treats of chocolate since the cooler weather has hit! Wow I would love to have the opportunity to try a healthier version from Wild Patch as I am sure I would be a fan! I need to get back on track as cutting out sugar definately makes one feel better overall.


  • Margo

    I pre-bought the book too, and I would also love to be in the running to be randomly drawn out to win this pack of deliciousness!!!


  • Mel

    Me too, I bought mine on amazon- does that count? :(


  • Isabella F

    I hope people that have already bought it can be in the running! :)


  • Mel

    Hi Sarah

    Are you going to print a hard copy of your chocolate cookbook?

    I have both the e-version and the hard copy of your other books, but I love flicking through the hard copy when looking for things to make.


  • Jane

    just bought the e-book I Quit Sugar Chocolate Recipes and looks fantastic…

    cant wait to get into it….thanks Sarah for all the amazing work you do, and your interesting posts….

    I am now buying from Nourished Life my make up and skin care
    and my lipsticks from Luk Beautiful……

    Thank you


  • lisa

    Hi Sarah,
    Is your cooking book coming out in hard copy in the shops.
    I have all your books would love to buy this cooking book as well,.
    Keep up the excellent work .I have been sugar free 10months going strong.


  • http://www.foodsafetytoday.com.au/ aena knost

    These look absolutely delicious! Totally worth going fructose-free!


  • http://AHealthyView michele chevalley hedge

    Yeah… good connections.
    I knew you would love Linda and her chocolates…
    She came on my cleanse… she was already on her way with you and bingo many many kilos less was inspired to do this chocolate… thrilled to be creating a world of happy sugar free peeps! Michele Chevalley Hedge


  • Sylvia Simpson

    I also have purchased the sugar free chocolate cookbook. But of course would like to win the free pack or any information about the products. I have been away for a few day.s


  • Kathy


    just wondering if winners were announced and I missed it.


  • Cat

    When are the winners announced?


  • JD

    Is there any way to buy frusano chocolate in Australia online any more?