my simple home: five ways to feng shui your joint in five minutes

Posted on June 13th, 2013

If you’ve been following the My Simple Home series, you’ll know I’m on a mission to create the cleanest, most eco, minimal home possible and sharing each step, figuring you might like to learn from the process, too. I’ve shared on hazards you should avoid and how to detox your kitchen, and you can catch up on the full series here. I should add: it’s a very slow process. I’ve been so busy that, well, I haven’t even bought a couch yet. I know, I know…I’m sure many of you have much to say on this (um, commitment issues?). My friends certainly do.

But I digress.

This post I’ve got building biologist and feng shui expert Nicole Bijlsma sharing her top five tips for getting the energy in my place sorted. It’s a snappy three minute video, if you’ve got the time. Otherwise, I’ve shared the highlights below.

1. Get rid of clutter.

Clutter represents the past. Hanging on to stuff? You’re hanging on to old stuff. Figuratively and literally.

2. Watch for the highs and lows.

Hidden clutter under the bed has an impact on you as you sleep. It stores in your body, and can make you sluggish. And clutter up high suggests the feeling of having things rain down on you. Remove the highs and lows.

3. Sit with a solid wall behind you.

Furniture placement is important. In a room where you spend lots of time – sitting at a work desk, or on a couch – make sure there’s a solid wall behind you. It’ll help you feel supported, and you’re less likely to procrastinate.

4. Don’t paint your bedroom red.

Aim for pastels, nothing too stimulating. Kids can get away with having the stimulation of primary colours, but it’s still wise to steer away from red.

5. Get a peace lily plant.

I asked Nicole for a recommendation of a good plant to have indoors. She suggested the Peace Lily. It’s a hardy plant. And it absorbs toxins from furniture.

Have you feng shui’d your home? What have you done to correct the energy? Tell us!


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  • Stormageddon

    I won’t judge you for your committment issues! (I’ll also keep my thoughts on feng shui to myself!) 😉 My favourite space ever has no dining table or chairs, it’s my mate’s bachelor pad. He has an amazing tv set-up where we watch sci fi together, and his walls are covered in photos of his travels, his mates and fun memories. He’s a travel agent and has made his home a shrine to travelling and his friends. It’s lovely and I am always happy there. I don’t think you necessarily need what everyone else has to have a happy home. You should tailor it to you, and what makes YOU happy.

    Whether you believe in feng shui or not, I think there is a lot to be said about the psychological impact of having peaceful surroundings. I know my ADD brain certainly loves less distractions around me when I’m trying to work.

    Mia x


  • Sit with a wall behind you – I’m going to try this out in my office!


  • picardie.girl

    I like this. Whether or not you believe in the reasoning, I think we can all agree that getting rid of clutter and having peaceful bedrooms are good things!

    Informative, short and straight to the point. Thanks Sarah.


  • Nic

    Can anyone suggest a good plant for indoors that is quite tall? I like the idea of dividing my living room and dining room with a lineup of green. I dont have much of a green thumb so ideally it can survive quite well (??) thanks!


    Just Zed Reply:

    Try a beautiful fiddle fig….they grow to be a tall plant and are an amazing design feature in itself.


  • Bong on

    Ask Joel Madden.


    Stormageddon Reply:

    Haaaaa! Love it.


  • Rebecca

    Please help. As a family of 5 Inc 3 children we are always sick. We have been residing in our renovated terrace forn8 years, door faces west. We are close to a hospital (which I understand is not good) but it really is starting to become very draining and taxing on us all. It can be big illnesses, husband got mumps 3 months ago at 43, to small illnesses, but someone is always always sick. I have sought to bring in an expert but at $1000 a consultation it is too expensive.

    Any general principals would be appreciated.

    Thx Rebecca


    Ms Jane Reply:

    We had the same thing in a house that we rented. We were all forever sick and in the winter a wardrobe in our bedroom became covered in mould. The day we moved out I discovered a switch in our bedroom that when switched on pumped out the water that collected underneath the house into the street. It was like a storm drain running down the straight after heavy rain!! We’d been living on top of a dam for 12 months!! I was furious but the real estate agent couldn’t give a toss, of course. I’m sure this is why my oldest has asthma and respiratory problems to this day. You need to get your house checked out or move. Good luck x


  • great 5 tips… do gave me some ideas for my home decorations with added feng shui elements in a consideration!!
    I love the lily plant as well….


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  • Gracious

    I find it extremely difficult to hear what is being said and the video cuts out before it has ended? Seems, from comments left, that not all are experiencing this glitch. ?



  • I wonder how it feels like sleeping in a room painted with red… I can’t imagine. Nevertheless, I love your posts.. very informative!


  • Tiffany

    Hi, I am hoping you can recommend someone to do a feng shui & colour consult in my new home. Thanks Tiff


  • connie Curtis

    I like your tips but i am very big on sustainability with what I buy as well and I share my information with others too but I do know many just dont get it or have a clue about resources running out or that they is a whole different way to live not this reformed that I have a job and must own something ( I think only if someone what to own a place then go for it) I am getting over being sick from gluten which affected many things like thyroid and that is how I found you. I want to be out side and playing or educating and I am getting out but working on getting a business online but somehow the body reminds me to get up from the computer and many of your blogs reflect what I believe and am trying to let others know too. We are the clearing for what we want the world to look like and you must be the change to see it happen.


  • Anna

    I am moving soon and I don’t want to have a couch. Seeing how long I can go without one.