With each passing day, my lunch arrangements get more and more ridiculous. Actually, I don’t think they’re ridiculous. They’re very practical and economical and smart. If you ask me. And, if I can be boastful, they’ve inspired others to get ridiculous too. Check out the I Quit Sugar team’s efforts from the blog the other day.

Here's how I bring in my lunch
Here’s how I bring in my meals. Zip lock bags and containers a’plenty.

My eating technique is this:

I make my own breakfast and lunch each day. I never buy takeaway – ever – and don’t eat out for breakfast very often (only under sufferance; I struggle to pay $17 for eggs).

As I don’t eat breakfast until about 10am most days, breakfast is eaten in the office or on planes. En route, as a rule. Lunch, I’m often in meetings, on shoots or interstate. And so I tote.

I eat dinner out a few times a week or at friend’s houses where I don’t necessarily eat what I’d normally like to eat. So breakfast and lunch is my own. And so I tote.

These are some of the things I do to tote:

1. I make my green smoothie which I carry in jars and drink bottles. I don’t go anywhere without one. It’s the easiest thing to take on a plane, or into a meeting. I use a really good metal Zip water bottle I got given at the Sydney Festival. You’ll see it in the photo below. (I took my smoothie to a cafe for catch ups with my brother Ben.)

Ben and I, with my green smoothie on the table.
Ben and I, with my green smoothie on the table.

You can find green smoothie recipes in the I Quit Sugar Cookbook.

2. I freeze kale or spinach (parcooked) and add some frozen peas and place in a cup. I put two eggs (uncracked) on top and cover with plastic. Then tote to work, crack the eggs, stir, microwave for 2 minutes to make a muggin. More details on that below.

Tip: I keep some eggs in the fridge at work because they can be added to all kinds of breakfast meals, or salads for extra protein. The I Quit Sugar General Manager Zoe does similar, with a tin of “Emergency Salmon” in a drawer at her desk.

3. I take some of my Coco Nutty Granola and yoghurt (full fat) to work in a jar.

4. I do Porridge Whips: yoghurt (full fat), oats and berries (for extra flavour) all mixed together in a blender.

5. I put leftover soups and bone broth in jars and old vitamin containers and freeze them. This way they don’t spill or leak in my bag as I’m tote-ing. They defrost (in the fridge) during the morning, and they’re ready for heating at lunch time.

Tip: I use old medicine and tablet containers to transport most of my meals. Yoghurt containers also work well, as do coconut oil mason jars.

Here I am, tote-ing across Oxford Street
Here I am, tote-ing across Oxford Street

6. I bring in all the ingredients for my Fudgy Protein Bites in one jar and make them in the kitchen. Pop in the freezer and they’re ready in 10-15 minutes.

All the ingredients for Fudgy Protein Bites in the rice malt syrup jar, heating in hot water. And I'm melting the coconut butter to add to the mixture and then pour into moulds.
All the ingredients for Fudgy Protein Bites in the rice malt syrup jar, heating in hot water. I’m melting the coconut butter to add to the mixture and then pour into moulds.

7. I make warm salads: broccoli, pumpkin puree, harissa, frozen peas and capers all in a jar heated in the microwave. I’ll often add a tin of tuna on top.

8. I bring in Avocado and Coconut Popsicles leftovers and put it all in a cup. It’s like a granita. Try it!

9. I make up a muffin-in-a-mug recipe. Muggins. I usually par cook it so it doesn’t spill while I’m travelling, and then do the rest of it in the microwave at work. You’ll find some muggin recipes in the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook, and in the I Quit Sugar Cookbook.

Tip: I always freeze as many things as possible so there’s less to spill.

10. I carry sauerkraut and avocado in ziplock bags to add to whatever lunch I’m having. These are particularly good with a jar salad.

Tip: I wash my ziplock bags and dry them on the window.

11. If all else fails I’ll find some extra veggies. I swing by a market on the way to work and grab a handful of beans or sugarsnap peas to eat raw.

If you’re looking for more items to make and freeze, and tote… why not try the Breakfast Casserole, or Zucchini Cheesecake from the I Quit Sugar Cookbook.

How do you carry your lunch to work? What works for you?


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  • alice

    There are awesome options from Cheeki that you can put hot soups and stews (anything you want) hot or warm or cold and they will keep it that way so you don’t have to microwave. X. Great ideas for food options. X

  • koko

    I love the idea but have concerns of your recycling containers. Please only microwave in glass with no clingwrap. You will find most containers contain BPA unless otherwise stated. Use stainless steel or glass containers. Otherwise, I love the concept!!

  • Katrina

    And that’s not personal opinion Jan? The article the piece links to doesn’t exactly look legit either.
    Perhaps you’re the one who needs to look deeper before judging others.

    I get what you mean Leen, just found this from the ABC, whom I consider a reputable source:

    What to believe??

  • Sarah

    I Love your work Sarah! Just a minor note though – you don’t pay $17 for eggs at a cafe – you are paying for the privilege of sitting at someone elses’ table and chairs, you ask for the eggs and more than one person is paid with that money to make it for you and bring it to you! Home is cheaper but you do it all 🙂

  • Terri

    Eat fat it is a great way to get sustained energy

  • Terri

    I take 2 eggs a slice of full fat bacon, butter and a tomato to work for brekkie post gym. Fry up butter, bacon and tomato on the snack and sandwich maker at work. Microwave the eggs with a dash of cream or full fat milk and butter for a minute, stir cook another minute yummy creamy scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato. This fills me up until about 2pm. Sometimes have a slice of brie with it or smoked slamon, yum!

  • BellingenBob

    Do you recommend any particular juicer. I’ve heard cold press juicers retain more nutrition as they operate at lower temperature.

  • Hannah Rose

    I’ve made the ‘muggin’ recipe a few times now, used all the ingredients it says in the recipe in the book, but it never works 🙁 It just ends up either burnt or liquidy with a crunchy texture, please help!