Got a few minutes? Watch this quick video of Russell Brand-isms. And then let’s reconnect below.


I’d risk sanity and my mother’s approval to, um, be in this guy’s orbit (I’ve previously said I’d marry the guy…is there a slightly watered down take on such a commitment that I could opt for?!).

Russell Brand is a big human spirit who traverses life’s bumpy path authentically and with a rawness that I think is geared at connecting and leading (leaving aside Get Him to the Greek). His mind expands beyond where most of us are at. He can get too big for his human experience…and this can be dangerous to observe (I once dated a guy like this, whose energy would trip like a kid running down a hill faster than his legs can carry him). But, gosh, his intent is good. (Brand’s, not so much my ex’s, as I learned a little too late.)

OK, got to the end of the video yet? This is what I took from it:

* We need to access our oneness. Actually, we must.

* We know it’s there. We know it’s important.

* It’s also inevitable that we do connect with this bigger background force…

* …and our slippery, seductive attempts to dance around and away from it are going to land to land us in strife.  They already are. When something is inevitable, and we fight it, it will blow up.

* We’re still allowed to be “caught up” in life – in the playing out of it, the artifice, the fancy shoes, the nice candles, the need to have a night out at the movies; we can be thoroughly caught up in our ego – so long as we also access our oneness.

The urgency of his message really got to me. It reminded me that we’re able to – indeed, let’s! – get aligned now. As I write this post, I’m driving down into myself to ensure my intent here is attuned to connecting with you. I literally focus my attention down into my heart space.

In a moment I’m going to write an email to someone who I know I’ve hurt today with my abruptness and perfectionism. Time to get raw.

I’m looking at some flowers Jo, who works for me, has just bought for me – in a moment of alignment – and I’m absorbing her care.

I’m reflecting for a minute – chewing my lip a little – and I’m sensing many of us are feeling a certain emotionally-charged awareness that’s crying out for more. Perhaps it’s the change of season, the moon, the end of year vibe…I don’t know.

But the solution – to everything – is to get aligned, like, now.

Now, let me know if I’m sounding as loose and dangerous as Russell…


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  • Lopsy

    Hey Sarah!
    Thanks for creating an interesting debate…with this one. Ah, Mr Brand…… Used to like him….a lot…. and thought he was incredibly bright and actually very sexy —- this is circa 2007, mind you…
    Then after how he and Mr Ross behaved with the whole Andrew Sachs debarkle, I kind of went right off him completely. What a horrible thing to do.
    Then he met and fell in love with Katy Perry and made a huge big fuss with a very elaborate wedding with elephants etc…then that seemed to fall apart. And now he’s on political debate shows and the like and spouting off a lot in the media. And although I like some of his political views and the work he’s done around drug addiction etc…. he just seems a bit manic and ranty and full of LA speak spiritualism. I just cant take him seriously – just doesn’t feel very sincere, sorry …
    By the way, he came into the centre where I am a Massage Therapist the other day and he has a very beautiful white dog!

  • Sharyn Holmes

    Russell’s messages resonate fully with me. It’s like electricity, all that he says my inner voices says “Yes” to. He articulates what some of us can’t put into words succinctly. Sure, anyone can and has judged him on his past instead of listening to the inspiring message he brings forth today. I must admit when I first saw him on TV I was uncertain about him (truth be told his appearance reminded me a little bit of an ex – hence my initial trepidation!). He compelled me and with an open mind I watched some videos on youtube, watched his shows and he grew on me. So what that he used to be an addict? Does that mean he shouldn’t have the right to recover? That what he says is rubbish? I like that he brings his enlightening message and opinions, however agreeable or not, to the world when there is so much noise and b.s. elsewhere. We receive so many mixed messages with hidden agendas and political and religious propaganda, what is Russell’s agenda? He’s not a politician just saying what he thinks everyone wants to hear, sugar coating, lying and then retracting it when it doesn’t suit his needs, he is saying what he thinks and some of us will not agree and some of us will. Like anyone, he doesn’t need every individual’s validation to say what he thinks.