It’s here: I Quit Sugar For Life.

I Quit Sugar For Life, available now!
I Quit Sugar For Life, available now!

I see this as a follow-up book to help make cooking, eating and our health more elegant and joyous. A framework for simple, no-brainer health that supports sugar-free living. Which is what we’re after, no?

If you’re keen to get your copy straight away, simply click on the button below. If you’d like a little more info, read on.

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I’ve been asked a stack of questions from you all over the past few months about this new book. I figured it’d be good to tick off some of the most frequently asked, so you’re all In The Know…

Why should I buy this book if I’ve bought the first?

My first book was an 8-Week Program designed to help you quit sugar. With supporting recipes. This book (with an additional 148 new recipes) takes things a step further. I cover cravings and lapses, exercise and detoxing. I talk about maximising your nutrition, eating sustainably and ethically. I teach you how to live with flow and less fuss.

Can you sum up the new book in one sentence?

I can. In fact I can do it in one word. It’s about sustainability. In the environmental and economic sense, but also as a wellness code that we can all sustain permanently without fuss or pain.

Which of your two books do you like more?

I love this question! I think I like my second book more. It has allowed me to expand on my principles in more detail, and to share more of the things that matter to me, like sustainability, living without processed foods, eating simply…

I’ve got your last book and I love the recipes, but I’d like some structured menu plans to help me. Do you have any in this book?

Yep! There are a variety of menu plans in my new book. I cover menus for Busy Solos (people like me who often cook for one), Foursome Families (or group houses of four…or whatever) and a Clean Week (a recalibrating menu for when you get a little off track).

When planning menus I start with a whole stack of veggies, throw in protein and then add fat. Veggie, protein and fat are the densest options, nutritionally speaking. So, each meal will contain at least a cup of vegetables, particularly leafy greens. Across the day 6-8 cups of veggies are included. I add protein at every meal – eggs, cheese, nuts and good quality meat – often a “secondary cut” which is slow-cooked, which, as I explain in my book, is the most nutritious (and economical and environmental way to eat meat).

Plus, I always include plenty of olive oil, butter or coconut oil. Many of the important minerals in vegetables – A, E, K and D – as well as protein are fat-soluble only. Which means you just don’t get the bang for your buck without the fat (fat is also very nutritious and satiating).

My meal plans are low calorie (1300-1500 p/day). This might shock you, but our dietician has run the numbers, and the meal plans surpass the daily micro and macronutrient requirements by up to 500%. I personally need more calories in my day, so I supplement with extra avocado added to salads, a spoonful of coconut oil in my morning smoothies, nuts and cheese.

Can my whole family eat from this book?

Yes they can. All meals serve one, or four. And are easy to double or triple.

There’s a kids chapter too, with a stack of lunchbox and snack ideas, and a week’s worth of clever lunchbox ideas. There’s also a surprise Weekend Project for your kids to do.

This is quite possibly my favourite recipe in the book…made with cauliflower as the pizza base.
This is quite possibly my favourite recipe in the book…made with cauliflower as the pizza base.

I’m looking for cheap and easy meals. Will your book give me either?

So am I! Economical and sustainable. I cover lots of clever ways to use your leftovers, and even turn one chook into fifteen meals for you in a choose-your-own-adventure challenge! The entire book uses the most economical ingredients and methods possible. It was a bit of an obsession of mine as I wrote this book.

My husband has said he’d eat sugar-free if it means he doesn’t have to give up his Friday night pie and beer. How do I win him over?

In my new book I have a chapter on Reinvented Comfort Classics, so you’ll be able to win over your husband and kids (and friends) with a healthy take on all their favourites. I cover off hamburgers, fish ‘n’ chips, “KFC”, pizzas, satay chicken, pulled pork (!) and Thai curry. Point out to your husband one or two beers with one of these meals is actually okay.

So do you buy organic, ethical, local and/or sustainable? It’s hard!

Yep, I cover this off. You’ll have to read the book!

Vegan, paleo, intermittent fasting… what do you make of these diets? Are they included?

Yep, I cover these off and pull out the most scientifically-backed and sensible (!) aspects of each. Again, you’ll need to read the book…

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I hope this answers your questions. If not, post in the comments below and I’ll try to get to you there. If you’d like to see a recipe from my new book, you’ll find one on today.

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  • Jennifer Crutchfield

    Any thoughts when it might be available from Amazon? I’d love to order it but the $17 shipping is a little much for me. Thanks.

    • do mean for Kindle or hard copy?

      • Jennifer Crutchfield

        I would prefer a hard copy but if I can get a Kindle version sooner, I would probably do that.

  • Marie

    Could there be a bundle with the new kids cookbook please? I’ve also been wondering what you think of Thermomix and whether there will ever be such a cookbook. Thanks!

  • Ian

    Woo hoo. Sounds fab. Thanks Sarah for answering those questions. Love the sound of the meal plans & the healthy take on the faves. Looking forward to it arriving in the mail.

    This one will create an even wider audience for the IQS movement, me thinks.


  • Holly

    Hi Sarah,
    Loving the sound of this book!
    Thought I’d ask if there will be a Kindle or PDF version available?
    Many thanks,

  • Jess

    I’m so excited about this book. I’ve been inpsired by the first book and the IQS program, but having a long term plan is going to suit me more. My biggest success has been around crowding out the sugar, now I need to maintain that and keep getting excited about new ideas and approaches. I’m actually starting to forget my old habits as I get taken away with your new ideas.

  • Carmie

    Sarah have you ever thought about creating a range of IQS cafe’s? Maybe too much to think about as you are so busy right now but being in week 4 of the program I was thinking the other day how awesome would it be to have an IQS cafe. I love places like Iku which I still think is pretty healthy but have second thoughts now about some other ‘health’ cafe’s since starting this program. And also was wondering – is there a job section in IQS? I’m a new Mum looking to get back into the work force, with 15+ years experience in advertising – strategy mostly and would love to combine my skills in a more aligned business than the past – cheeky but thought I’d ask!

    • Dana

      You really didn’t think it’d be more appropriate to email something?

  • Daniel L

    Congratulations Sarah! I’ve seen your new book yesterday at the bookshop and it looks really fantastic… Lots of nice, practical and very nutritional ideas, even better than the last time…
    Extremely inspirational material for me, so thank You for another great creation !

    • THanks Daniel!

      • suvannah

        Do you think there will be an IQS app in the near future?

  • Lucy Rundle

    I’m convinced!

  • I just ordered your first book this week and I can’t wait to get it! I had to order it from Amazon UK since we don’t have it in the States {and I don’t have a book store locally}. I’m so excited to read it!

  • Fiona Noakes

    Perhaps I’ve been under a rock but had no idea this book was coming out, so was so happy to bring a copy home with me this week having seen it at Big W. I absolutely love it, perhaps moreso than the first one. Great for those of us who are now 100% on the bandwagon, but would just like a few new recipes to try. Cauliflower based pizzas on the menu here this evening.
    Your books contain beautiful imagery as well as easy to understand writing … just beautiful. Both currently sitting on my kitchen table.
    Congratulations … and thankyou.

  • Ellie Lightfoot

    When will I be able to get an ecopy? I’m hoping to avoid a hardcopy if possible as I travel a lot. Thanks x

    • BroccoliWilson

      Me too! I’m so excited for this book but owning a physical copy isn’t really an option for me 🙁

    • No ecopy, this one is hard copy only!

      • Sue

        That’s very sustainable of you, Sarah.

  • Catherine Champion

    Hi there Sarah, I would love to buy your new book but the credit card section won’t accept my ANZ Visa card – I don’t have another credit card and am not willing to use paypal. Any suggestions?! Thanks!

  • Robyn

    Have got this new book I love it! Can’t wait to start!

  • Angie

    I held off buying the first book because I am lactose intolerant and it seems as though dairy is a big part of the recipes. How much “dairy” is in this book?!

    • Snoopy

      I’ve just bought this book and I love it. There’s loads of non-dairy recipes. I got it from Big W so you could always have a flip through in store before buying it to double check it will be suitable for you 🙂

  • Nat

    I just bought the hard copy version of the first book:) Really fantastic- can’t wait for the others if they are in the same vein!

  • Cass Good

    Hi, I ordered my copy online through your site and am looking forward to receiving it! Just wondering when it will be posted out? Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Cass, hopefully you have it?! We’ve been sending them out as fast as we can!

      • Cass Good

        Got it & love it!!!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Snoopy

    I just bought your new book yesterday and I love it!! I loved your first book but I absolutely ADORE this second book. There’s so much to discover! I’ve tried to read it one page after another but I get so excited by what’s on other page that I just flick through and back again! It’s brilliant!!

  • Lizzy

    Bought your book today Sarah, it’s gorgeous. I have to be careful with fat – gallstones – but I think there’s still so much I can still benefit from. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Thanks!

  • Monica

    Hi Sarah,
    Do you already know when it’s going to be available via amazon Germany? Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book!
    Best regards,
    an avid reader from Austria

  • Nelly

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I bought your book iqsforlife and I love it! Its a very simple approach to health, beautifully styled and well written:) I love all of the tips that you give to make sure looking after yourself is much easier than not! …and last of all- the recipes! Yum! Can’t wait to work my way through them:) have bookmarked the pulled pork for the long weekend ahead!

  • Jess

    My book is here! YAY! It looks amazing. I’m v excited.

  • Mary

    I have orderered your book on iqs website after receiving an email from your team on its release. I have bought your first book and all you’re ebooks off your website. I am still waiting for book in mail. I was very disappointed over the weekend when a family member had purchased your book at big w for 18 dollars which is almost half the price I paid and I am still waiting. I am a big fan of your books and program but am wondering how you can justify this price difference. I assumed when I received this email that it wasn’t in stores but yet here I am still waiting to receive it and paid double the price!!!

  • Lisa Robinson

    Some of the ingredients are actually really hard to find in England and not even stocked in health food shops local to me. I am going to have to order some ingredients online.

  • Fiona

    Thanks Sarah ! I say Thanks specifically because I have a whole bunch of healthy cook books at home, I have been trying for two years now to change my (lifetime) habits. Unfortunately, I read them, sometimes put a sticky tab on nice looking recipes and then.. that’s
    it!. Nothing. Some of them are too ingredient heavy, or too time consuming or just too different from my style of cooking. Your book I can actually see myself using – Yipppeee 🙂

  • Maxinne cochrane

    What book shop can I get this from?

  • Talia

    Hi Sarah, just bought your first book ( didn’t realise there was a second one) & love the idea of it, recipes and tips but am abit confused. You explain what oils, fats, seeds, nuts, etc. to use but not very specific in suggesting what can & can’t be eaten. You say cut out all fruit & juices & that’s fine but there is no mention about whether all veggies are ok, i understand white bread & flours are no good but what about wholegrain breads & rice. I really don’t feel I’m directed as to how to proceed forward. Maybe your second book does all this, I’m not sure. Please help as I would really like to start straight away. Thanks for your time. Talia