This is a short post on a Friday, especially for my American mates. The US version of my first print book, I Quit Sugar, is now available for pre-order… with a bonus sugar-free I Quit Sugar Cocktail Cookbook!

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From today until the book’s US release April 8, simply place your pre-order and you’ll receive the bonus mini e-cookbook to start cooking from straight away. The mini e-cookbook contains my favourite sugar-free cocktail recipes and a couple of clever hors d’ouevres ideas for your next shindig and will arrive as a pdf.

Here’s how to access the bonus pack:

  1. Pre-order your copy of I Quit Sugar.
  2. Send your proof of purchase to [email protected]
  3. You’ll receive a reply email with a download link for you to instantly download the e-cookbook.

Plus! If you’ve already pre-ordered, you’re still eligible for the bonus cookbook. Simply send your proof of purchase to [email protected] and my team in the US will send you a download link for the Cocktail Cookbook.


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  • Gina Baj

    Is there any way to get a copy of the mini book for those of us aussies, that bought the book two weeks ago (have thrown the receipt away) ???

    • Hey Gina, this is for US pre-orders for my first book, not for I Quit Sugar For Life.

  • Sarah

    Hi 🙂 I just bought the book here in the UK. Do we qualify? It’s fantastic so far! Thank you 😀 x

  • Kel G

    Yeah, how do us Aussies get the sugar free cocktail book? I already have your I Quit Sugar cookbook (in hardcover & e-book) plus the Christmas cookbook. Now I really want the cocktail one!!

  • Oooooh. Sugar-free cocktails. I like that idea! Please tell us more

  • Taryn Clothier

    What about for Australians? We love cocktails too!

  • ampd333

    is the US book any different than previous versions? i have all your other books… what’s different about this one?

  • Erin

    All of the questions from Australians have been ignored. Are we not a priority anymore?

    Side not bought the new For Life book without the freebie yesterday. I would still like the option to at least buy the cocktail book.

  • Vicki Box

    I purchased “I Quit Sugar” on New Years Eve after spending about two hours in the book shop deciding whether it was possible (to quit sugar). Then I paid for the 8 week plan (vegetarian) in Feb and bought “I quit sugar for life” as soon as it came out. I have also purchased three e-books (Chocolate, Christmas