Followers of my blog and social media will know I’ve been camped out in New York doing publicity for the release of the US version of I Quit Sugar. This morning I did a segment with Carson Daly on NBC’s The Today Show and made two of the most popular recipes from the book: Raspberry Ripple and Crunchy-Nut Cheesecake. I’ve shared the clip below if you’d like to watch. Happy (sugar free) Easter long weekend to you all. xx


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  • Ximena

    OMG Sarah…I’ve been a reader of your blog for eons, and to witness what you’ve achieved is amazing. Respect.

  • Guest

    Congratulations Sarah, it is really exciting to see the momentum of your health message! Always a joy to read your blog, I wish you continued success.

  • Sheridan Watson

    Congratulations Sarah, it’s very exciting to see the increasing momentum of your health message! Always a joy to read your blog, I wish you continued success.

  • mw

    Well Done Sarah .. I’m going to buy some rice malt syrup. Success favours the well prepared !

  • Sara Humphreys

    Do you have the nutritional breakdown per serving?

  • Sarah I just heard you on BBC Radio 2! I had just come home and was about to open a box of cupcakes ( back to school woe) then I heard them announce you were on the show and literally said “for god’s sake Sarah why do you do this to me” put the cupcakes down and got a carrot and some hummus instead! Thank you! 🙂

    • Ha!!! Sometimes you have to listen to the signs!!

  • Alice

    Hi Sarah,
    Just a few thoughts I’ve had…
    I understand that ‘quitting’ sugar has positively changed your life, but I am finding it increasingly annoying that every single time I turn on the TV or radio or computer, all I hear are endless stories of what we should and shouldn’t eat. As a teenage girl struggling with anorexia, I found it really hard to hear the message ‘DON’T DRINK APPLE JUICE PEOPLE’ when listening to you on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon whilst doing my homework, and yes.. drinking apple juice, after finally putting the straw near my mouth. For some people, finding foods that they can manage to eat is a huge struggle, and when there are constant mixed messages flying around, eating is made even harder. I know that the whole population doesn’t have an eating disorder and most ‘normal’ people can just choose to ignore food advice, but some cannot. I also know that the majority of the population isn’t drastically obese and does not need to be made paranoid and stressed about eating sugar. Our bodies need sugar, so ‘quitting’ it doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. More like a promotion of an unbalanced diet. Tomorrow there will probably be another food that we ‘can’t’ eat, and yet another mixed message. I wish you the best of luck in your career and I know that you’ve been very successful with your books so far, and I do hope that that continues, but I would appreciate it if you could specify who you are aiming this ‘sugar free diet’ at.
    Thank you for your time, and I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

    • Bella

      Alice, An interesting comment however if you do your research I think you will find that we do not NEED sugar, in fact I’m in the fermented food business and sugar is a killer… it feeds candida in your body turning it into a very nasty bacteria. Anyways food for thought….

      • Alice

        It depends what sugar Sarah is talking about. Sugar occurs naturally in items such as fruit and milk, and these foods are good for us- you can’t get rid of these sugars. Without sugar from glucose, we wouldn’t be able to respire, and if you don’t respire.. well, you’re dead. I agree that the processed sugars in fizzy drinks, sweets and shop-bought cakes are not needed in our diet, but saying “I quit sugar” implies that all sugar is bad, which sends out a bad, and totally wrong, message.

        • Sally

          I hope Sarah replies to your comment. You’re a brave person, expressing yourself is not easy when you’re views on a forum are in the minority. I hope you get the information you need. I borrowed Sarah’s book from the library which gives the whole picture. I am sorry to hear about your struggle with anorexia I wish you well.

    • I totally get you on the competing messages. But thing is – there is not a single bit of our bodies that need fructose and we’re just not designed to eat more than 6-10 teaspoons a day. Juice is a very recent “invention”…I’m not here to tell you what to do…just to share information. Feel free to go to to read info and see if some of the science adds up for you x

  • Bec

    Go Sarah! I was so proud to catch you on the Today Show, spreading the good word – you are an inspiration. Congratulations, keep on sharing the wholesome sugar-free love! Best of luck with the book, you deserve all the success!

  • Taking over the world one amazing leap at a time. Go Sarah!

  • princessfreesia

    Amazing. AWEgasmic. You go-go-gadget Sarah! 😉 xx

    • a 70s/80s girl ABC girl!

      • princessfreesia

        Ahhhh, I love a bit of retro nostalgia and tend to shove those sorts of phrases into my lyrics 😉

        I heard you’re in London at the moment? I live in Brighton (I’m Australian/Latvian) and love it here, but the lack of sunlight can certainly be a bit of an autoimmune issue for me when trying to amp my Vitamin D levels in the best way (I have hashis too). Still, green smoothies are a godsend, and your IQS recipes are lighting my way too 🙂

        I can’t wait to buy your new “I Quit Sugar For Life” book over here in Blighty; I’m dying to try out the new recipes, haha!

  • Debs

    my raspberry ripple always separates 🙁