All this kombucha experimenting has become something of a hobby. This recipe I’m sharing today kinda brings much of the tweaks together – how to make a fructose-free kombucha (using rice malt syrup), and how to pimp things up a treat, using the right quantities of essences and fruits.

Strawberry Shortcake Kombucha, recipe below
Strawberry and Vanilla Kombucha, recipe below

This combo really does work amazingly well. The strawberries will lose their colour a little, but feel free to eat them – they’re lovely and fizzy and, of course, contain very little sweetness.

Strawberry and Vanilla Kombucha

  • 3 cups plain kombucha
  • 5-6 whole strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (not essence)

After removing the SCOBY from your plain kombucha, pour into a mason jar. Add the other ingredients, leaving 2cm room at the top, screw on the lid (this second ferment must be done sealed), and let sit at room temperature for 3-4 days depending on how warm your kitchen is. I like to keep the strawberries in there, but you can choose to strain after 1-2 days and then pour into a 750ml bottle (again, leaving 2-3cm of air at the top, and seal with a lid/cap) for the remaining 2 days before placing in the fridge.  Also, you may wish to use a plastic bottle for this so you can test how fizzy it’s getting with a gentle squeeze.

Any combos you’ve been playing with? Do share…

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  • Tara Hunter

    Lime and ginger! My fav but this looks amazing!

  • Lauren

    Does the mason jar need a lid on it whilst it is sitting for 3-4 days once you have added the strawberries and vanilla or just a cloth?

  • Melia

    I tried with raspberries and I found its just a bit too sweet. However the steps were a little different – I didn’t put a lid on the jar (still just had some cloth secured over the opening), does this make a difference?

    • Yes, lid must be on so it carbonates (after the first ferment)

  • Sharon

    Wow – this looks great. I have now made my 4th batch of Kombucha. This one is green tea made on raw sugar. I might just have to pimp it up a bit. Thank you for the inspiration – keep up the good work.

  • MJM

    I think you are on to something by replacing the sugar with rice malt syrup. After some googling this week on the sugar content of Kombucha I have learnt that during the first week or so of the fermentation the scoby is feeding on the tannins and nutrients from the tea. The next week or so it feeds on the sugars, with a preference for glucose. This means that at the end of a 14 day ferment the sugar that remains is likely to be fructose. Only after a fermentation of about a month would you get an almost fructose free beverage but it would be very vinegary. For further info try the KombuchaKamp website and Grow Youthful – Health at Any Age.

    • wow, great info. Thanks. makes sense…

    • Marnie Bergan

      Wow, that’s really interesting. Here I am sipping mine, thinking it’s fairly guilt free. I’ll try the rice malt next time. 🙂

      PS. Sarah, this strawberry and vanilla… oh, lordy. So good.

  • Nat

    Blueberry, cinnamon ( quill) and ginger:)

  • Rosemary Kitchin

    I’ll have to try this. I tried your strawberry jam recipe in your second book and it didn’t work for me…way too runny so we turned it into smoothies…another online recipe had a much greater proportion if strawberries to water. Any thoughts?

    • Marnie Bergan

      I haven’t seen Sarah’s jam recipe, but thought I’d suggest chia seeds. We make our own jam just by blending fresh fruit with chia seeds. They’ll absorb a lot of the liquid for you.

  • Olesya V

    I made blueberry and cinnamon kombucha.. Divine !!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Kirsty

    Sarah, i have made my plain kombucha (day 8) now and it has a film on top. I could send a photo as I’m not sure it looks right. This is my first try at making it so I’m unsure what to expect

    • jen

      could just be a baby scoby forming?

  • Kirsty

    I have just realised that as i put my batch in a large container the baby scoby that formed grew to the size of the bowl!!! It was huge!!! I am assuming the liquid will be okay?

  • Amy

    just had my first taste of strawberry and vanilla kombucha- a very enjoyable drink, like how its fizzy. Got another kombucha on the go as I don’t think this will last long