I love how the interwebs work! As time passes a growing number of the Good Eggs who I’ve met online have been finding a way to interconnect and circle back and form a lovely, supportive e-Tribe. I e-met bloggers Gala Darling, Gabby Bernstein, Tara Stiles, Danielle LaPorte and Clare Bowditch all through independent e-avenues. And whattaya know, in the past month all of them have collided and intersected, and somehow I’ve been included in the ride. It’s almost become funny how often it has been happening.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Anyway. Let’s chat Danielle and Clare. Clare and I connected a few years ago over Twitter, and then over a cup of tea in Melbourne, and discovered we have much in common. Clare has since shared on my site about her autoimmune issues and earlier this year she interviewed me for her site. Huge heart. Hearty contributor to life.

Danielle – I’ve been mesmerised by her writing and lifestyle for yonks and used to follow her site White Hot Truth regularly. She tells it straight. I once wrote about giving yourself permission to quit “low rent” experiences, pivoting off a list Danielle put together, which included:

  • check your email whenever the hell you want.
  • return crappy products to their crappy manufacturers (because you can vote with your dollars).
  • not finish reading books that you’re not really enjoying. Don’t force it, close it.

You can read the rest here.

Another time I wrote about how some of the most successful bloggers had ditched comments on their sites, Danielle being one of them.She did so to “make space for creative credo”. She likens it to “sitting around a campfire, under a big sky. We need room in order to hear, to be with our thoughts. We banter and converse and show up enough “out there, don’t we?”

Oh, yes. We do.

I was thrilled, then, when I found out a few days ago Clare is bringing Danielle LaPorte to Australia (for her first ever appearance) as part of Clare’s Big Hearted Business (un)Conference May 3 and 4. Details here.

Weekend tickets to the event include all keynotes, panels, lessons, morning tea, lunch, our “Find Your People” Afternoon Teas, the B.H.B. Sparkling Wine Party and gift-bags worth over $240. Joost and his team are doing all the waste-free food and flowers… I’ve interviewed Joost on my site here. He’s also part of my e-Tribe.

You can get tickets for the event here.

I’m giving away two tickets (each worth $587) to the conference. Here’s how you could win:

  •  Post the image below to your social media.
  • Hashtag #BHB2014 so that Clare’s team can find you.
  • Encourage your friends/followers to share the image, too and feel free to alert me to the share with a comment below.


Competition closes 5pm Monday April 28.
Winners will be notified via email and announced on social media on Tuesday April 29.
*Note: winners will need to be able to get themselves to Melbourne for the event.

If you have any questions on the event, post below and Clare will be only too happy to jump in and answer! x

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  • Amy Landry

    This excites me a little too much.

    Shared on Facebook… and think I may have even been the first of many to come.

    Thank you for the generous opportunity Clare & Sarah. xo

    P.s: Holla’d a little Tweet too!

  • Kylie Saunder

    Wow what a great opportunity to possibly win a ticket to the amazing #BHB2014 conference in Melbourne! Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed 🙂

  • Danielle

    This is amazing! Well done Clare & thankyou!! I adore Danielle & would be so super grateful to attend. Many many thanks Sarah for this chance and fingers crossed I’ll be there at what will be a life changing weekend x @daniellemifsud

  • Diane

    I just shared. What an amazing opportunity this event will be. I only hope I win tickets so that I can attend 🙂 #BHB2014

  • Fiona

    Don’t you just wish that we could all go?

    • Laura

      Yes 🙂

      • Fiona


    • Yes, me too! I’ll still be away.

      • Fiona


  • Jodie Preiss

    Love this, thanks so much Sarah. Have really wanted to go, but just can’t find the extra cash this time around, so would love to win a ticket. Have just shared it on my personal and biz page. Thanks, and good luck to everyone sharing this amazing event.

  • Catherine Devanny

    I have learned so much over the last year through Clare’s Big Hearted Business… and would love so much to be part of the conference this year (to learn, and to share too). thank you!

  • Roisin

    I wanna go so bad! Just shared on all. Fingers and toes crossed 😉 #BHB2014

  • Wendy-Ann Edwards

    Shared the comp. Wish me luck 🙂

  • Kristine Lubinski

    So generous, Sarah! It makes so much sense to me that you have been mentioning people such as Clare, Danielle, Gabby, Brene, etc of late…you are so beautifully aligned with their spirit and intention. I have shared the image via instagram @klubii

  • Stefanoir

    Would be so completely grateful to attend this event. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Thanks for this opportunity, I am super happy to share this everywhere as #BHB2014 looks amazing. I have shared on 2 business and 1 personal FB pages, Linked In and Twitter. I would love to attend but have been unable to find the cash for tickets, travel and accommodation, If I win tickets I will definitely be there in a heartbeat. This would be exactly the right place for me at exactly the right time as I am currently expanding my business CharityAdventureTV.com to support charities, community organizations and NFP’s nationally, and could really use some inspiration, social media ideas and connections with like minded souls. I will cross everything and in the meantime get on with my own BHB. Good luck everyone I am sure this Un-Conference will be unbelievably good.

  • Just shared on FB! 🙂

  • Have shared and holy dooly wwhat I would give to go!!!

  • Inara Beecher

    What a fantastic opportunity this would be! I would love to attend #BHB2014 and hear some wisdom, enjoy creativity and share the passion of those who have made their passion their life’s work!! Shared on Facebook and Instagram (InaraKB). Thanks 🙂

  • Emma Jane

    #BigHeartedBusiness unconference is a life changer! Huge opportunity Thanks Sarah x

  • Janina Lear

    OMG I would love to attend and see this fabulous line up of people.
    I have Instagrammed, Pinned, Facebooked and Tweeted

  • Bianca

    Keeping my fingers & toes crossed. @hollabee_bianca

  • Laura

    Yes, yes please! This is exactly what I need, I have been run-down, over-worked and over-tired. Trying everything to heal. @lauraperry731 #BHB2014 namaste x

  • Meghan Bridger

    I feel like Charlie out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory knowing that I am in with a chance to win a ticket to #BHB2014 Being a relatively new creative business I couldn’t come up with the funds this year. It’s been making it worse knowing it’s being held about 150 meters from where I live! I really hope I win, but if I don’t thanks for the opportunity and I hope that the winner enjoys thoroughly x

  • I can see so many people in the same situation as me, who would benefit from winning these tickets! I have a little smile on my face just imagining the worlds of creativity in the collective lives of all us commenters! Such fun! Thanks Sarah Wilson, have shared the image and the excitement. #BHB2014

  • James AO

    Just shared this on facebook in the melbourne creative group as James AO. This is such a rare bliss and forward serving amazing opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss out on. I’m a creative artist special fella and this infinitely resonates within me as a weekend of unleashing and harnessing my mind, body and soul artistry and then some!! Big ups Clare and BHB fam!

  • Melanie Sharpe

    Just shared this, what an amazing (un)Conference! #BHB2014 So hopeful!

  • Anna Ross

    Whooo – posted and shared! I am desperate to attend this conference, the line up looks amazing and I even know people flying down from Sydney for it! A huge applause to Claire for making it all happen!

  • Bron Roberts

    I can not believe I gave the money I saved for this event to a friend , OK she needed it more than me and family must come first and she will pay me back but not in time…..argh!!!! I adore Danielle and the chance to hear her speak in person wow!! I am not crossing anything, just closing my eyes and manifesting a ticket!! #BHB2014

    • Bless your generosity, Bron x

      • Bron Roberts

        Thank you Sarah, part of me said ‘of course’ to her need but a big part of me said “Oh no!!!! the un-conference”. It’s a hard decision when heart and head rule both decisions 🙂 but…………. the choice was clear. There’s always next year!

  • Vanessa

    Just shared it…I so freakin want to be there!!!

  • Medhavi Karu

    Thank you Sarah ! What a wonderful prize. I would love to attend and be inspired by so many fantastic speakers.

  • Jodie Beitzel

    Have shared on Facebook – thanks so much for the chance!

  • Amy Landry

    Feeling super excited – and grateful for this generous potential opportunity. Shared on Facebook (I think I was the first!), twitter, and Pinterest.. spreading the love high and wide.

    Sarah – Will you be going to the Melbourne event also?

    p.s: Commented here around 13 hours ago… but it doesn’t seem to have gone through.

    (Fingers and toes are tightly and politely crossed!)

  • Roxanne

    Entered and shared with the #BHB2014 hashtag! Thanks for sharing Sarah xx I hope that divine intervention is on my side for this one (instagram @lovebabymama)

  • Natalie

    Have entered and shared! Love sharing good things with people I care about. Hope some of my mates consider attending!

  • Emily

    A great meeting of ideas and people I would like to be friends with! By happening, this conference makes the world’s heart feel that bit bigger. Thank you. #BHB2014 #BHBwin2014

  • jannah lea

    Fingers and toes crossed for the power of synchronicity and things falling into place just as they should … 4 days ago I had my bags packed on my way to a 6 month adventure in New York and North America – but courtesy of an unexpected trip to hospital and some very unsubtle redirections from the universe the world tour is on hiatus and I’m now on my way back home to Melbourne.

    The brightest of all bright sides is that I now have the physical and mental space to direct my energy towards dreaming big and leaping into my career change sooner than expected – fingers crossed I have the chance to be at the BHB conference to soak up the inspiration and energy from such amazing people.

    Thankyou for the opportunity, and for all of the work that you do : )

  • Sharlene Meotti Robbins

    Sharing on Facebook! Would LOVE to hear Danielle speak in person! I’m in Sydney but would def get there if I had a ticket! #BHB2014

  • Rebecca Smith

    An amazing event and I completely agree on your list of Good Eggs…each and every one of these people are well and truly on my radar. I hope by sharing the event, amazing things will happen…

  • As luck would have it, I’ll already be in Melbourne for a Beautiful You Coaching Academy training day, so excited. Winning tickets to BHB would be the icing on a pretty delicious cake!

  • Ms Jane

    DLP is amazing!!!!

  • Lisa Dowling

    Love, love, LOVE Danielle La Porte!!! She is a goddess & my soul-sister! Would love to finally be in the same room, soak’in up some lurve! Have shared everywhere. #BHB2014

  • Fantastic!!! She is so inspiring! Have shared as what is better than to support e-friends!

  • Just shared about #BHB2014 on Twitter. It’s going to be a wonderful event. good luck to us all.

  • Talina Edwards

    Such awesomeness! What a fabulous bunch of big-hearted women! Love, love, love…and have shared all over social media of course x

  • What an incredible opportunity it would be to win tickets to such an amazing event. I have massive spirit junkie crushes in both Danielle and Clare, and winning would be so special for my own Baby Big-Hearted Business! Thank you so much for the opportunity Sarah. Xxx ps. Just shared?

  • Samantha

    Wow. I love Danielle LaPorte and Clare and the work they both do. I’m a marketer, sometime writer and at the ripe old age of 49 am back at Uni studying clinical psychology. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE tix to the BHB conference next weekend! Oh, and I’m in Melbourne! #BHB2014 shared on Twitter! @goodphoenix

  • Guest

    HOW freakin’ cool is this! Ya’ll KNOW I shared this one on ALL my social media. This conference has me so excited I dreamed about it 3 nights ago. To immerse myself with these amazing women? HEAVEN. Thanks for such an amazing opportunity Sarah. @thewholedaily #BHB2014

  • Erica Davis

    Love this Sarah! Fingers crossed to win a ticket – my business partner has got one but we would love to attend together! I’ve shared on my FB, Twitter, and Instagram 🙂

  • Grace

    Low rent indeed. I have never enjoyed drinking alcohol, and although I occasionally will have a glass of wine with dinner, I usually only drink under peer pressure or out of courtesy to whoever I am with (I know how ridiculous that sounds). As a recent teetotaller, I have still felt a bit sheepish and even embarrassed when offered a drink but after reading this, I feel satisfied that after all these years of not enjoying alcohol I finally have a good reason. And that is no reason at all. I do not enjoy it, I do not need to do it, therefore I do not partake. Thank you as always

  • Colleen Filippa

    Just posted on my Fifteen Trees website. Thanks Sarah for the chance to win a ticket to attend BHB this year. This is when I need my Irish heritage to kick in and give me some luck. Xx

  • I am a Desire Mapper, big time. Love it, love it, love it. Through her site I have very recently discovered you here and Big Hearted Business. It keeps getting better. Then I found out she was coming to Melbourne and guess what I live in Melbourne. Wildly ecstatic and would love to come along. Fingers toes and fairy wings crossed I win a ticket. Thanks for the generous opportunity. PS I love Gabrielle Bernstein too and wonder if the world is really as big as I thought. everyone seems to know an hang out together.

  • gerti44

    How lovely, Sarah.
    The fella in my life could do with some inspiration – he deserves to shine.

  • Deb Taylor

    I love Danielle La Portes voice and her wisdom so if I could afford to fly 13 thousand odd kilometres to hear her I would. But I can’t even afford this fabulous un-Conference to hear her even though it’s only a ride up Northcote Hill for me. I will share this info amongst my networks but feel like I’m spamming them as I’ve already entered Clare’s “When I was young” competition!! #BHB2014

  • Shilana

    Such an amazing and generous gift you are giving Sarah! Fingers crossed and keep up the great work!!

  • Ruth

    Hi Sarah, I’m a Melbournian and am trying to get my new yoga business off the ground…cue shameless plug!! (www.bemeyoga.com.au) so I would love to go to this unconference. I have shared on twitter and Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jocelyn

    I only discovered Danielle a few weeks ago, immediately bought the Desire Map and now, boom! She’ll be here. Shared, with delight. my new mantra is #DecideToRise

  • Jody Galvanator

    C’mon Sarah Wilson bring me some luck…..#BHB2014

  • Sarah

    Just shared! This sounds amazing! Thanks for the offer, fingers crossed x

  • All shared & done. Goodness this would be such an amazing event to be part of! I would LOVE to be lucky enough to score tickets. 🙂

  • Pilar

    I have just shared on my facebook too… i hope i am ultra lucky to be able to attend this. Last year and this year it has only been a dream to be able to attend. Inspiration overload of a weekend lineup!! Truly special and im sure it will be a life changing event.
    It is amazing that there is even an opportunity for some lucky peeps to win tickets to this! Thank you for the generosity.

  • Cate Lawrence

    ooh great competition, have added to my instagram

  • Em N Jim Anders

    Oh my!!! This would be just amazing! Everyone who shares their gift of knowledge is such a beautiful thing. I have everything crossed to be in the chance to win a ticket.xo

  • Shared 🙂
    Love your description of a digital ‘tribe’ am finding one of my own at the moment, and finding out alot about myself in the process

  • I too love how e-Tribes are created and the wonderful moments when you realise the connections between people you know & love- personally, professionally and as a reader, I regularly see synchronicity at play. I am also in big love with the term un-conference, hell yes to that! Ofcourse I wanna be in on winning a ticket so have shared on Twitter. Best of luck to all!

  • Christine Theophilos

    Just posted this. Fingers crossed. Would be amazing to go!

  • vienda m.

    has the ticket been drawn/winner announced yet? im patiently waiting to book my flights! 🙂 x

  • Gina Martins

    Sarah, did you hear Danielle will be speaking in Sydney this Tuesday 6th? Very excited!!!