Paleo salmon chowder plus a giveaway

Posted on May 23rd, 2014

The interwebs continue to get tighter. As some of you know, I recently connected with Mickey Trescott from via Instagram (I think it was) on my recent US trip. Turns out she found me years ago when she got diagnosed with hashimotos and began reading my autoimmune posts. Wonderfully, she went on to study the topic intensely and now follows a strict autoimmune protocol, thus healing herself dramatically.

Salmon Chowder xxx

Mickey’s Salmon Chowder, recipe below

Her tenacious and dedicated efforts put mine to shame (I get a bit lax with the grains, nightshades and gut-building stuff).

Anyway, when I passed through Seattle we managed to catch up for brunch and bush walk and did what hashis sufferers do best – talk passionately and excitedly about stuff…including our illness. Turns out her book was about to come out and she promised to let me loop readers here into things when it did and to share a recipe and give away a few copies. (Giveaway details below.) Here’s her chowder…totally Paleo and gut-building and autoimmune protocol perfect.

Salmon isn’t necessarily the most sustainable fish to eat (large fish generally aren’t; to see my guide on which are, go here), but when you’re using the carcass to make the stock (as you do in this recipe), you can offset things somewhat. Also, I advise asking your monger to give you the offcuts (not the cutlet or steak) – you’re cutting it up; it doesn’t need to be a perfect shape. Additionally, I advise tossing the bones and skin Mickey asks you to trim into the Read more

My slow hike in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, UK

Posted on May 21st, 2014

Growing up in the 1970s on a desolate hill where ABC was the only TV station available, I was exposed to a lot of quaint British programming. The Good Life, Worzel Gummage, The Famous Five, To The Manor Born, All Creatures Great and Small…you get the drift. All of which were evoked in full rolling-hills-and-howling-hounds effect during my most recent adventure.

Love the Brits observation #464468: they're perfectly happy to have a public #bushhike route pass through their front yard

Love the Brits observation #464468: they’re perfectly happy to have a public bush hike route pass through their front yard

You might be aware: two of my biggest passions are hiking and eating and I try to combine the two whenever I get a moment’s leave. I always try to orchestrate it so that I hike a good 5-6 hours, from one foodie village to another foodie village (you can catch up on previous efforts here and here). It creates a destination to aim for, a sense of adventure, a “point”.

During my most recent trip (you can catch up on it here and here) I took four days off in a mad-busy schedule to do a walk in the Southwest of England. Some careful planning – totally aided by the team at Foot Trails – saw me hike and eat my way along the most perfect little route, foodie village to foodie village around the Dorset-Somerset-Wilshire borders. Added bonus: quaint hills, hounds, brambles, bleating lambs, brooks, eccentric folk in tweed ensembles, pints and soup in cosy inns and the whole clichéd shebang!

This is how I packed: Read more

The IQS 8-Week Program goes global! Plus an international Getaway Giveaway…

Posted on May 20th, 2014

I’m not sure if you know – I Quit Sugar has gawn global. As in, my book is now on sale around the world and the online 8-Week Program can be done wherever you are on the planet. The impact of this, for me, has been huge. I now get feedback from people from cities I have to look up on Google who share their experiences with the Program. I meet people in the street in countries on the other side of the world who approach me to tell me how going sugar-free has affected them and their families. I am always touched and awed by the way messages can cross borders. Mightily humbled!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 1.52.41 PMAnyway, as a sort of celebration of all this international-ness…I have a treat for you, wherever in the world you come from…

I’m giving away an international Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel voucher valued at $AU600
($US600/£400GBP). Details below.

The I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program now has participants from as far afield as Dubai, Kuwait, South Africa, Panama, Switzerland, Indonesia and Sweden. The impact of sugar on humanity’s health is crossing all kinds of cultures and borders and demographics – a massive concern in health circles right now is the rise of sugar-related diabetes and obesity in second world countries such as India and Indonesia.

  • You can read here about how Laura from the UK quit sugar after seeing an extract of I Quit Sugar in The Mail.
  • Read here about how Anita the pastry chef from Spain has changed her eating (and cooking!) through the Program.
  • Or here about how Lucy from New York  has completely changed her tastebuds after quitting sugar.
  •  Or here about how Daniela from Germany has healed her depression. Read more