The interwebs continue to get tighter. As some of you know, I recently connected with Mickey Trescott from via Instagram (I think it was) on my recent US trip. Turns out she found me years ago when she got diagnosed with hashimotos and began reading my autoimmune posts. Wonderfully, she went on to study the topic intensely and now follows a strict autoimmune protocol, thus healing herself dramatically.

Salmon Chowder xxx
Mickey’s Salmon Chowder, recipe below

Her tenacious and dedicated efforts put mine to shame (I get a bit lax with the grains, nightshades and gut-building stuff).

Anyway, when I passed through Seattle we managed to catch up for brunch and bush walk and did what hashis sufferers do best – talk passionately and excitedly about stuff…including our illness. Turns out her book was about to come out and she promised to let me loop readers here into things when it did and to share a recipe and give away a few copies. (Giveaway details below.) Here’s her chowder…totally Paleo and gut-building and autoimmune protocol perfect.

Salmon isn’t necessarily the most sustainable fish to eat (large fish generally aren’t; to see my guide on which are, go here), but when you’re using the carcass to make the stock (as you do in this recipe), you can offset things somewhat. Also, I advise asking your monger to give you the offcuts (not the cutlet or steak) – you’re cutting it up; it doesn’t need to be a perfect shape. Additionally, I advise tossing the bones and skin Mickey asks you to trim into the stock, too.

Salmon Chowder

  • 1 salmon carcass–bones, head, and tail
  • 1 litre water
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 tablespoons solid cooking fat
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 parsnips, chopped
  • 3 carrots, chopped
  • 2 ribs celery, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 700 grams salmon fillet, skin and bones removed, cut into 1 1/2-inch chunks
  • 1 cup creamy coconut milk [Mickey has a recipe in her book, but you could use store-bought]
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced (about 1 tablespoon)
  • 3 green onions, thinly sliced

To make the broth, place the salmon carcass, water, and bay leaf in a stockpot, bring to a boil, cover, and turn down to a bare simmer. It is essential to cook this at the lowest simmer possible. Remove and discard the carcass and bay leaf. Strain the broth into a large bowl and set it aside.

Heat the cooking fat in a heavy-bottomed pot on medium heat. When the fat has melted and the pan is hot, add the onion and cook for 5 minutes, stirring. Add the garlic, and cook for another couple of minutes, until fragrant. Add the parsnips, carrots, and celery; cook another 5 minutes, stirring, until the vegetables are lightly browned.

Add the reserved fish broth, vinegar, thyme, and salt to the pot and bring to a boil. Cover and turn down to a bare simmer, and cook for 30 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Place 2 cups of the soup in a blender, leaving the carrots behind, if possible as not to turn the soup orange. Blend until smooth, then add the purée back to the soup.

Add the salmon chunks and coconut milk to the soup and cook for a few minutes, just until the soup is piping hot (do not let the soup boil). Add the lemon juice and serve garnished with green onions.

Note: Tastes best served fresh, but if you must, reheat gently over low heat.

And now to the giveaway!

I’m giving away five copies of the eBook version* of Mickey’s book (which means anyone can win!).
Simply share in the comments below why you’d like a copy, before Friday May 30. Winners will be emailed a copy of the eBook.

*90% of the recipes are the same as the print book. The ebook version includes all the same meal plans, food lists and intro material, with the exception of the reintroduction guide.



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  • kim

    Would like to see if the paleo diet would be work for me

  • Breanna Hendricks

    I need this!! In the process of healing my body from an autoimmune condition and this would be a huge help! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Selena

    I am coeliac + have allergies to dairy and eggs. I also have a number of autoimmune conditions, Hashimotos included. I follow a strict diet and am doing all I can to live a healthy life for me (and my 6mo daughter). Some interesting new tasty recipes would be great! Now that I’m on mat leave / occasionally working & studying from home – I get boxes of fruit & veg delivered, would love to put them to good use!

  • Maria Calafiore

    I would love a copy because I love discovering and trying new healthy, nutritious recipes to aid me on my journey to better health

  • Fiona

    This salmon chowder recipe looks delicious. If that gives a sense of what the book is like, I would LOVE to win a copy!! I have suffered from joint pains in my knees and hips for 12 years (I’m only 24) and a work colleague told me about Sarah Wilson, I Quit Sugar. I had read an article in the paper but hadn’t given it a whole lot of thought. However, I went home and researched Sarah and bought the book. I followed the plan to quit sugar (successfully!) and have not had hip or knee pain since!! I would love new recipe ideas to keep up the healing process!! 🙂 I am now also battling to clear my acne. I’m constantly researching ‘good foods for acne’ and ‘what to avoid when you have acne’. A cookbook like this would provide me with healthy meal ideas to encourage me to keep going.

    • Gen

      Hi Fiona, it might be worth giving up all dairy for a bit and see what happens. I have tried introducing dairy back into my diet as an experiment but I get a breakout every time. Google “acne and dairy” and there is a bit of info out there.

  • Sue Allison

    I really love bread…. this would be the hardest thing for me to give up, when I did the I quit sugar program I was so happy to still be able to eat sourdough bread 🙂

  • Sara Thieman Evans

    Thank you for your blog. I just had a horrible day so I thought I would come and read anything to make me feel better. And I ended up landing on your site from facebook. I’ve had (been diagnosed with) Hashi’s for around 5 years. I know that I’ve had it much longer than that, but I just thought it was depression and aging (at a ripe 28 at the time, now 34). Lately, after having extreme fatigue, which is unacceptable for a stay at home mom of an energetic toddler, I’ve been trying to do whatever I can to feel better. I’ve eliminated gluten and dairy- though I have cheated on dairy (too many dairy products in the house with a toddler to tempt me). I have allergies to soy and almonds. And, after reading your book, I am quitting sugar. I’ve done well for a few months (dairy is actually harder for me to quit) but lately I’ve been in a slump. I know these choices are for my health and for a longevity-lifestyle, but it’s just been hard lately. I actually don’t mind the food alterations. It all tastes very good to me. But I do have a major challenge with the learning curve of cooking, the time it takes, and the budgeting needed to buy some of the food and all the extra supplements (and having a husband who just wants his pizza). Anywho, I could go on forever. Thanks again for all of your research and your generosity for sharing what you have found.

  • csulik

    Doing all I can to overcome leaky gut caused from mercury poisoning…I live in Hobart at the moment and can enjoy world renowned huon salmon for this delicious recipe and help heal myself 🙂

    • Pat

      Csulik, how were you able to find out what caused your leaky gut?

  • Tammy Prien

    I have hit rock bottom with my body and its time to make a change. This would be a great start to a new me for the rest of my life I will start to live!!!

  • Vid

    I need to win this because I love food!

  • Nicoleboyd1

    I would love to win one of these! I have rheumatoid, hashimotos and an inflammatory condition which I am currently battling with and am in the process of trying to heal myself naturally with food and natural supplement supplement s.I think this book is exactly what I need!! <3

  • Naomi Ryde

    Simply put I have been sick for years and am slowly recovering. This book would provide more recipes to help me continue on the path to excellent health.

  • Andrea

    I find paleo helps settle my auto-immune lupus down, especially cutting the sugar and flour out. Would love some fresh recipes to try!

  • Bianca Stanley

    I would love to win this for my lovely friend who is having a horrid time with her health. She is committed to getting better, combining medication with exercise and a healthy diet. This would be a great show of support!

  • Heather Hoffman

    I have been gluten dairy free for my psoriatic arthritis but its beginning yo flare again because of my cheating and I need to get it back under control.

  • Ashling

    I would love this!!!! hashimoto’s + pernicious anemia + arthritis + diabetes, and just dipping my toe into trying to support/heal all of these more nutritionally, not just medication wise. So far I’ve dropped sugar, gluten and nightshades, and really struggling to find a variety of recipes that can cater for me, while still being delicious.

    LOVE seafood chowders – so excited to give this one a go 🙂

  • Meg

    I’d love to win a copy. I’m always on the lookout for thyroid-friendly recipes to keep my Hashimotos at bay.

  • emT

    After completing two rounds at I quit sugar, and thoroughly benefiting from this new lifestyle. I would like to further my knowledge and would be interested in reading and trying to new recipes:)

  • dre

    I’ve had Hashi’s for 16 years, a secondary autoimmune disorder for 4 years, and have been Paleo for 2 years. While things are definitely better, I’m thinking it’s time to go whole hog and follow the autoimmune paleo protocol. My body is saying so, anyway, lol. Having a gorgeous book full of delicious AIP-friendly recipes would be aces. Thanks for the chance. Love, love, love your blog and your message.

  • aususacan

    Hi Sarah, the information above does not say how long to simmer the carcass for the stock. Can you please give us a time indication? Thanks.

  • Michelle Redman

    I am a personal Trainer and purchased your e-book when it first came out. I have been recommending it to my clients ever since to purchase for themselves. I would like to see if this new book could benefit my clients as well, Myself and my clients need up to minute ideas and recipes ,thanks for championing sugar free

  • Tamara

    Becoz life is only lived once so making the most out of this body and nourishing where needed is wisdom and key to a great life 🙂 And an influnce to those around 🙂 And i just flat out LOVE the taste!!!!

  • Joanne Draper

    My bestie from gym is going through a really hard time trying to put on weight due to autoimmune disease. I would love to cheer her up with a copy.

    • Pat

      I’ve found that for me, in a similar situation, lots of root vegetables and plantain (which are AI friendly) have become daily necessities.

  • Alexandra Cook

    I would really appreciate winning this.. I haven’t been well for some time now, and struggle with my health. I am looking to make some big changes to my life, and your work, recipes etc really inspire me. I own hard copies of both your books and just love them.
    My family has a history of autoimmune disease (MS in particular) and I think this could be a great asset x

  • Alicia

    I’ve recently altered my diet to assist with immune issues. I would love a wider range of healthy options. Thanks for the opportunity for this great giveaway and the time spent in creating something like this for the rest of us.

  • Daniel L

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for this tasty recipe in today’s post, it is inspirational, as always…

    That ‘dork’ photo with helmet and knee pads is fabulous !!! 🙂
    Happy Friday 🙂

  • Tara Hunter

    I have suffered vitiligo for 12 yrs, diagnosed leaky gut for 5 yrs and thyroid issues for 3 yrs following childbirth. I need a push to really control my diet and this would help on a huge way! Thank you

  • Pepita

    Our family has been following you for around three years, we have ramped up our requirements through femented vegetables and tea (love the kombucha) and are all enjoying the benefits, would love a copy to further enhance our education and well being. Cheers

  • Karen

    Hi, I have been on a path to regain my health for a number of years. I have an autoimmune disorder and I would like a lifestyle protocol that would help to heal and repair my body. I eat Paleo now but would like to learn more about specifically for autoimmune.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Brooke

    I have been sugar free, gluten free and dairy free for several years, and have recently cut out grains and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my Hashimotos and CFS. However I feel like I need to do be doing more because I am still unable to live life to the fullest. I feel like my health issues are holding me back from achieving things in many areas of my life. I have only recently found Mickey’s site, and printed off the ‘include/avoid’ lists and decided to give it a go. I would love some more guidance as to what to do with the ‘include’ foods, because I am no kitchen wizard! Thank you for all of your hashimotos posts Sarah, it is so helpful to see what does and doesn’t work for a fellow hashi’s trooper!

  • Nissa

    Would love to win- I have Crohn’s disease and typical healthy eating kills me. Currently in week 2 of paleo and looking for some more recipes, etc!

    • Nissa, I have Crohn’s as well, and since I went AIP, my belly is much happier!! Hope you have great success on your road to health!! 🙂

  • Kerry

    I desperately need this book as I have been recently diagnosed with lupus nephritis. My sister passed away from the same condition so I need to arm myself with the best information to heal my body and I don’t know where to start as I find modern doctors are of no help. Thanks for the opportunity Sarah!

  • Brigitte

    I’ve been struggling with hashimoto’s for 6 years now.The doctors haven’t been able to manage my levels and my last blood result a month ago showed a TSH level of 137!I’ve finally realised I have to take control of my own health and find a way to control it through my diet and lifestyle changes.I’ve been researching the paleo diet and am going to give it a go!Sarah you’ve inspired me to take the first step and shown me that it’s possible.Thank-you.

    • Pat

      Are your doctors also testing for T4, T3 and reverse T3, to help them to work out exactly what is causing this, so the cause/s can be addressed? I’ve found that Autoimmune Paleo is much more effective than just Paleo, and Mickey’s website is brilliant (she’s really strict!! ; ) Wishing you success in this journey!

      • Brigitte

        Hi Pat! Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback. I try to get them all checked but sometimes it’s a hard sell to the doctor to get the reverse T3 done….they somehow think it’s unimportant…crazy right?! I’ll focus on autoimmune paleo and check out the website. Thank-you so much for your advice and well wishes.I really appreciate it Pat 🙂

  • Jess

    I really resonated with your comment about passionately and excitedly talking about your stuff together…that’s how I feel when people often talk to me about health and food. This week another friend has text me to share that she was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition because she remembered that I’ve had a long journey in this arena myself. Next week we talk face to face. It is so good to share the journey with each other – those who have been in it for the long haul like me (14 years) and the newbies who have just received ‘the news’ and have disheartening outlook forecast but delight in finding hope in natural approaches. I would LOVE this book to help me broaden my knowledge and repertoire of recopies! Happy Friday to you!

  • Teagan

    I’ve recently incorporated a paleo diet and have been able to regulate my pesky hormones. This would be a perfect next step!

  • emma

    Would love a copy to help me start working out what healthy recipes all my family will enjoy after eating not so healthy options for such a long time

  • S

    Hi Sarah, I’d love to win a copy of your book because I believe food is medicine and is one of the steps on the path to wellness, and in my case, recovery from multiple autoimmune conditions. And while I’m at it, why not recover deliciously?

  • jules

    I too love food and would love to win this book to broaden my cooking skills and knowledge to benefit my family.

  • jules

    I would like this as I am trying so hard to help my underactive thyroid by eating a gluten-free diet, avoiding sugar and doing lots of exercise. I want to live a long energetic life so I can always be there for my children.

  • Samantha

    I need motivation and guidance on my journey. Something hardcopy to follow will keep me on track, thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  • Angela

    I’m very new to Paleo, thus such a book would surely function as a great introduction!

  • Alexandra Piper

    To regain my health i am learning to nourish myself not only with the right food but also nourishing thoughts and lots of love.

  • cinnamongirl64

    I have coeliac disease and hashimoto’s thyroiditis and would definitely like to win the ebook. Thanks for your wonderful website also!

  • Loredana

    I have been following the AIP for 3 and half months now. I have severe psoriasis and have suffered it for 20 years. I have been grain free for a few years now. I have tried all types of diets, this by far is the best. So excited to try new recipes.

  • Jilnz

    For the past 3 years I’ve been experiencing a range of health problems including thyroid cancer (removal of thyroid), gastritis from an unknown cause, severe arthritis in my upper back,that have been having quite an impact on my lifestyle. Over the last 3 months I have experimented with diet largely removing sugar and wheat from my diet and what a difference! almost magically most arthritis pain is gone as is the tiredness and now I’d like the tools to take the diet further, I think the book would greatly assist me with this.

  • Dayna C

    Have just been introduced to this new world of healing yourself through diet & would love to win a copy! Dealing with the very beginnings of RA it seems.

  • Eliza

    My passion and love is health and well being. As someone who is currently trying to work through how to manage IBS the best way for me while maintaining my commitment to endurance training I absolutely love filling my mind with new ideas, recepies and healthy ideas… This book can be added to my growing collection to help me be the best I can be!

  • Melissa

    I have just recently looked into the Paleo diet and all the benefits this way of eating would have on my auto immune disease. I am currently Gluten and lactose free and have found the benefits of eating this way so beneficial, I would love to be the winner of this book to continue my healthy eating plan with great paleo recipes. I have had Hashimotos for almost 16 years and am now currently finding that food is the key to my health and happiness. Good luck to everyone xo

  • Alexia Klerides

    My husband has rheumatoid arthritis in his right elbow and I don’t want to see him suffer any longer (I also don’t like the idea of western medicine). It’s also something we can achieve and learn about together! Thank you for this great opportunity! 🙂

  • Sharon E

    Hi Sarah, My daughter Emma has just been diagnosed with Hashimotos this week. We have both of your books which we love, read your blogs everyday and are about to embark on a journey of wellness. Her life has been turned upside down but with the fantastic support of people like you and others in your articles, we will get through this and look forward to a healthy future. We would love this book and feel it would be a great help !

  • Anjuli Muller

    I’m just getting started with changing my diet around – this would give me some great inspiration!

  • Karen McClintock

    Just finished studying nutrition, super inspired to start helping people. Big paleo fan, and also have a friend with Lupus, so keen to help her further 🙂
    Thank you..

  • Michelle Baker

    I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and since having my 2 kids have started to eat meat. I have been feeling fatigued for years so have investigated different diets like raw, vegan and Paleo. I think my husband the meat eater would prefer Paleo so I would love a copy of the book. Many thanks.

  • Paula

    I would love to work on my wellness and better my knowledge of Paleo, so that I can strive to live a healthy life with an underactive thyroid.

  • Taleesha

    I would love a copy of this book to help me continue on my difficult journey of learning what my body can handle. I suffer from severe gut aggrevation with no real path to settlement…i need all the help I can get!!

  • I’ve been having a lot of digestive issues lately – it sucks going out for dinner, when you then need to tackle the waiter in hopes of getting to the bathroom as quickly as possible. Something’s gotta give, and I think having meal plans & food lists to help me get started would be really wonderful.

  • Megan Bullen

    Being new to Paleo, I’d love to have some more recipes to help me in my journey 🙂

  • Lilybet Murray

    I would love a copy of this book! Since I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism I have struggled to get help with nutrition from my Drs so this guide will really help me to learn how to help my body!

  • Wow! Love the look of that chowder. My Graves’ disease is under control at the moment, but I’m so aware that some (dare I say it) lifestyle changes would make a big difference in my AI walk. I would love a bit of fresh perspective in the kitchen to get this started right!

  • Charlotte

    Hi Sarah and Mickey, trying to heal my auto-immune failures because of silicone illness (boobs are gone now), I also started studying about health in order to being able to heal. ‘Normal’ medicine cannot help, just covering symptom’s. Beeing a nutritianist now, my goals are getting bigger by the day, inspired by woman like you! Orthomolecular 2 year study starts in september and I hope to be able to help and inform others in the future as well, so there journey will be less hopeless then mine was in the beginning.
    That is why I love your books and would love to win this one!
    Regards from the Netherlands, Charlotte

  • Laura Gladkis

    I have tried several paleo recipes, my favorite is the paleo bread inside out! please I need the book!!!!thanks

  • Kylie L

    My partner has had quite significant psoriasis for over 20yrs and it’s had a huge impact on his life so much so that he’s too embarrassed to go to the hairdresser or physiotherapist. I’d love more than anything to help him heal from his AI condition.

  • Amy

    I have MS and I also have a fear of many foods! Hoping some of your recipes can inspire me to try new things while trying to overcome MS!

  • Trace

    Mummy and me. How great it would be if you could feel well for one day so with me you can play. My 4yr old little self she worries so, about the sugar and coffee and tablets you take to make the pain go. I know you do it for me but you would rather be free.

  • Anna Pants

    I would love copy because I wish I could do paleo diet to help my hashimotos however am working and tired and stressed and just want something to inspire me to kick Start again.

  • Michaela

    I wouldn’t just like a copy, I’d LOVE a copy,
    ‘Cause eating clean makes me less stroppy.
    I’m learning to deal with my Crohn’s disease,
    And receiving this book would put my mind at ease,
    Of what to eat and why and which way,
    So together with my mister fiancé,
    We can refer to the book when we’re trying to cook,
    A delicious roast chook that won’t make me so crook.
    Now I know dairy free is the first step that’s easy,
    but I just couldn’t resist writing something so cheesy!

  • Kati

    I’d like the book because thanks to Sarah I’ve become a woman obsessed with REAL FOOD, now that I’m healing my gut, and want to expand this to my family through cooking/meal prep. Thanks, Sarah!

  • Erin

    Would love to have a lot of AIP receipes all in one spot!

  • Suzanne

    This recipe sounds really good. I am interested in paleo/autoimmune oriented food because I’ve had IBS symptoms since I was a child, and I’m in my 50s now. Also I’m looking for recipes that are low in sugars.

  • I’ve been AIP for a couple months now, and I absolutely am loving all the nourishing foods I’m eating now that I don’t rely on pasta and bread as my default easy foods!! But I want more recipes!!! I absolutely love to cook and I love to eat and I LOOOOVE how this diet makes me feel!

  • Jolanda Weijers-Heinsius

    I learned this week that I have problems with my Theroid. So since 2 days I am on Paleo AIP now (I have been on Paleo for over a year now)). So this book will sure be very handy for me to make the transition easier:)

  • Jo

    I need this book as I have Hashimotos and struggle with what is best for me to eat.

  • Tamsyn

    This would be so helpful for me and my children. I have recently discovered that I have coeliac disease and have a child that I suspect my have intolerances too. I am still learning how to heal my body and a helping hand from a book such as this would be so appreciated

  • lisadood

    I love the work Mickey Trescott does. I have been following a paleo AIP approach for 18mths now to heal my body from many autoimmune conditions. I would love to win this book.

  • Christine van Ommeren

    I was diagnosed with hashis in December and have been slowly modifying my diet. First with no nightshades and now with going gluten free. I am seeking recipes to help me with the transition esp as I have a fussy 10yr to cater for as well and am on a fair ly strict budget.

  • Kim M Leffingwell

    The book looks brilliant and i want to learn how to cook aip!

  • Sassyfras

    Would be great to have a copy! I’ve fallen in love with all the recipes She shares on her site!

  • Emma

    To win one of these books would definitely help me kick start my healing journey. I am 21 years old and have just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (quite severely at that). I have done a lot of research so far about the changes and strategies I can implement to heal my body and feel like a normal person again (!!) but a starting point such as this book would be fantastic to guide me in the right direction – towards the healthy and happy (and fatigue-free) life I deserve 🙂 Thank you Sarah for your wisdom, reading all of your old blog posts about autoimmune have helped me so much already! I know I’m not alone and there is a solution, so thank you.

  • Bea

    Was diagnosed with hashi’s by accident. Have been feeling gradually worse and worse and am would love to try paleo but need help on where to start. The meal plans would definitely help

  • felicity

    I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis and just doing everythingI can to try and heal myself at the moment, but sometimes my motivation needs a kickstart and maybe this is just the thing?

  • Johanne Lila

    Because I need that kick in the butt! I have Grave’s Disease, but it should work on me as well, right?

  • Nicki

    I would love to switch my family to a Paleo diet. I have Hashimotos and a child on the Autism Spectrum. This would be a great book to start us on our journey. Oh and it’s my birthday today ;). Good luck everyone!!

  • Charis

    I struggle with Crohn’s and follow a hybrid Paleo diet. I would love some more resources!

  • cjcrystalclear

    Where do you get a salmon carcass?

  • Casey

    Would love to give this to my mum to help with her Lupus! x

  • Anne

    I have been on the autoimmune protocol for two years with a few extra foods restricted as well. I’d love to win the book to increase my repertoire of meals and have some more interesting food. thanks!

  • Danielle

    I would love to try some of Mickey’s recipes on my fussy family. Helping them stay healthy while feeding them nourishing, delicious foods sounds good to me!

  • Patrizia

    Is the right time to change something in my life and I feel that this book will be a great help, that’s why I want to win it.

  • Gen

    Thanks Sarah and Mickey, I have psoriatic arthritis and have experienced huge improvements over the last 18 months since coming across and following the autoimmune protocol. I would love an AIP friendly recipe book to give me some new meal ideas.

  • Fran

    I am working very hard to restore my health and this would be a great resource to the AIP protocol I am following

  • josie

    because it is time

  • Kate Woodland

    I would love to win a copy because I think I’ve made every single recipe in the IQS books!

  • Kara

    I’ve recently embraced the paleo way, and would love another cookbook to expand my recipe collection! I’ve got a cupboard FULL of recipe books I can’t use anymore, and just one lonely little paleo book. I’d love a copy!

  • Sue

    I really need this! hashimotos+pernicious anaemia+coeliac. I was diagnosed 3 years ago following test after test and iron injections. I was running on empty and needed an iron infusion. I couldn’t function and didn’t have the energy to look after myself let alone my son. I’m constantly trying to learn more about AI diseases and how I can better heal my body through nourishing food. I’m currently battling with aches and pains in my joints and whilst I have dropped gluten, processed foods and sugar, I feel that there is more that I can do and paleo is the way to go. I think that this book is exactly what I need to inspire new dishes, educate my son on his choices, and ultimately to help me get my health back on track.

  • Sue

    I really need this! hashimotos+pernicious anaemia+coeliac. I was diagnosed 3 years ago following test after test and iron injections. I was running on empty and needed an iron infusion. I couldn’t function and didn’t have the energy to look after myself let alone my son. I’m constantly trying to learn more about AI diseases and how I can better heal my body through nourishing food. I’m currently battling with aches and pains in my joints and whilst I have dropped gluten, processed foods and sugar, I feel that there is more that I can do and paleo is the way to go. I think that this book is exactly what I need to inspire new dishes, educate my son on his choices, and ultimately to help me get my health back on track.

  • Sue

    I really need this! hashimotos+pernicious anaemia+coeliac. I was diagnosed 3 years ago following test after test and iron injections. I was running on empty and needed an iron infusion. I couldn’t function and didn’t have the energy to look after myself let alone my son. I’m constantly trying to learn more about AI diseases and how I can better heal my body through nourishing food. I’m currently battling with aches and pains in my joints and whilst I have dropped gluten, processed foods and sugar, I feel that there is more that I can do and paleo is the way to go. I think that this book is exactly what I need to inspire new dishes, educate my son on his choices, and ultimately to help me get my health back on track.

  • Tam

    This recipe looks amazing. I’ve got pernicious anaemia, but never really thought about whether that means I’d benefit from an autoimmune type diet. I know bread is my #1 weakness, and although I’ve cut down this year, I still have a loooooong way to go.

  • I am loving my life as a Paleo eater, believer and sharer of its amazing transforming experience. Having had long term tummy troubles, allergies and fatigue, suddenly the world is opening up to me and I am about to undertake study in nutrition. I love cooking also, so sharing newfound recipes and explaining their healing properties to friends and future clients would be a wonderful value add to my business one day. Thanks Sarah, for continually coming up with great and new cooking ideas. I had a curry night over the weekend and your vietnamese chicken curry got a roaring response!

  • sashabrasil

    Fish is my favorite! I grew up in the Amazon (I know, lucky me) and we definitely under-use the beautiful creatures of the water. Mickeys salmon chowder looks wonderful & I would love some inspirational recipes with the paleo slant 🙂 Bless.xx

  • Ams

    I would love this! I’ve recently had a heap of blood tests and we’ve found a lot of hormonal issues which have been a little hard to hear! I’ve been looking into food as a way of balancing/fixing the issue and would be keen to use the recipes in this book!

  • Sadaf Davies

    I would love to try the paleo diet as a few of my friends have started it and not only have they lost weight but they feel so much better.
    I would love to be able to loose this baby weight and have more energy for my kids.

  • My journey learning about how I could manage my hashimotos started when I found this page, a couple of months after diagnosis, and that journey has continued by reading posts and articles by fellow “hashi’s kids” that have been mentioned on this page (including Mickey). I’ve wanted to buy this book since it first came out, but as a student (of nutrition – one of the many changes that have come about since my diagnosis!) there are always other things I have to spend my money on! I would love to win this book to continue my education and also to be able to share my experiences with it on my blog, Instagram account and Facebook page to keep the love going! Thanks for the opportunity x

  • Leonie

    I just wanted to say that I MADE THAT SOUP! and it was incredibly delicious. I have no health issues though so I used potato and served with bread 🙂

  • Leonie

    Oh, photo didn’t work :/

  • Eve

    I am new-ish to paleo eating (6 months now) and am continually amazed at the food-body connection I witness firsthand every day. My mother has experienced undiagnosed stomach ailments for the past four years. Her doctors were stumped and chalked her symptoms up to IBS and later she was diagnosed with Colitis. While this diagnosis was a good starting point to her recovery, it did not explain away her continued bizarre and erratic symptoms. I happened upon the AIP diet through my own research and suddenly I knew that the online blogging community understood more about my mom’s stomach health than her physicians do. I started her on the autoimmune paleo protocol 3 months ago and she is already doing drastically better than before. I would love to receive a copy of Mickey’s e-book so I can help educate my loved ones and cook up some tasty delicious meals in the process!

  • martie

    I have made my first week of your 8 week program, as someone who don’t eat chicken, red meat or pork. So eggs, fish dairy and products I am okay with. And what a lovely time I am Having! Believe it or not as a “vegetarian” I did not realize how much I was wasting in terms of sustainability and the good use of vegetable cuts etc. Thank you for opening up my Eyes! Furthermore the leaving all the bad carbs has been a dream, but your research and innovative recipes are Delicious! I will be having the cauliflower pizza tonight and believe you me I cannot wait to taste it

    • martie

      And it was absolutely Awesome!

  • Pat

    Since being diagnosed with Hashi’s, you and Mickey have become my saviours! Seriously, I believe that your no sugar, meditation and bone broth has saved my life; and Mickey’s inspiration and autoimmune protocol has filled in the gaps and helped me to put together the pieces that are bringing about slow but sure healing. My biggest challenge, as a sole parent of four – despite having always been into healthy, organic eating and a love of creatively preparing and enjoying delicious meals – has been what to eat. I would love a copy of Mickey’s book to help me to feed myself and my family a rich variety of delicious autoimmune protocol meals. And thank you, to both yourself and Mickey, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do and have given us. xx

  • lisa

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  • Suzann

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  • Bec

    I’m trying to eat healthier and would love to give this a go 🙂

  • KatieMars

    I would LOVE to win Mickey’s The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook as my husband has Graves Autoimmune disease and eating Paleo has recently put him into remission! I was so interested in how “food can be medicine)” I have just enrolled to go back to study my Bachelor in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine!) This book seems to claim exactly what I preach, and as a Personal Trainer, I would love to have something I can advise my clients to buy. I would really love to win this book! xo

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    This would be so helpful! I found Sarah’s site in 2009 by searching for blogs that talked about Hashimoto’s. Great to hear about more and more resources to help restore my health, since Dr’s haven’t been very helpful. If eating differently can make a difference(along with the other lifestyle changes described in Sarah’s other thyroid articles, and cutting sugar of course!) then I’m all in! Bring on the health!

  • Cindy

    The paleo diet keeps one satisfied and for me, it is the only diet that keeps me abstinent in the eating disorder battle….but I have three kids at home so I need recipes that we all can enjoy!

  • Frank Wilson McColl

    Hi, how long do you simmer the bones for to make the broth?

  • Darlene

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