Spring has sprung Down Under. Time to really think about taking up bike riding, yeah? Each year I like to agitate you all to get on your wheels. I try all kind of tacks. This time, I’m posting this fetching image (below) and sharing some inspiring cycling Spring outfits. I’m appealing to our collective sense of vanity here. Be under no illusions!

Image via Tumblr
Image via Tumblr

(Other motivational tacks have included: Why you look hotter on a bike, why I Ride to smell the roses, this controversial post on Why I don’t wear a helmet and perhaps confusingly, A guide to hot helmets!)

I saw this recently: a handy skirt garter clip. Just slip it on, position it above your knee and clip to your hem for a secure hold. Image via Bird Industries
If you’re wearing a slightly longer skirt or dress, “the knot” is the way to go. Just gather the fabric of your garment and tie a loose knot that will keep the extra fabric from getting caught in your spokes or blowing in a breeze. Image via The Sartorialist
Wondering what to do with your hair when you head out the door? If you’re leaving your hair down, you might find a turban handy. This is a super simple way to keep your hair out of your face and it looks great as a standalone accessory. Image via Aiden Modern Vintage
Bike post
Heels are not always ideal to cycle in, but sometimes neither is cycling in a pair of runners with another pair of shoes in your bag. So to simplify, I often ride in wedges.
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Option 2: rad sneaks

The fun bits at the bottom:

1. This Kickstarter-funded recoiling mudguard is a perfect solution to the common problem of muddy street water splashing up when you ride your bike.

2. Here’s a handy video from Fast Coexist that lets you preview your ride

3. Ride to smell the roses.

4. Imagine if all our bikes folded down like this
5. Even Prince Charles thinks cycling’s pretty good!

What about you? What stylish tips or wardrobe staples do you have when it comes to heading out on your bike?





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  • Liz Hardy

    If only Sydney wasn’t so hilly! There is no way I would look that glamorous after puffing up the hills of the Eastern suburbs! I’ll stick to walking and public transport for now. Was able to stop and smell the Jasmine this morning while dropping the kids off and taking the dog for a walk.

  • I ride to work, which I love 🙂 except when it’s raining 🙁 On wet days I’ve been carrying a spare set of clothes to change into once I arrive, but does anyone have any other super stylish tips for cycling in the rain? Thank you!

    P.S – Sarah, loved your talk at Sydney Uni this week, thanks for not cancelling despite being ill. Hope you are better now,

  • Amber

    I rode to work for the very first time today! It was so much fun! I was umming and ahhhing about it, and then this post showed up in my inbox so I decided to go for it! Thanks for the motivation!

  • I want to get back into riding a bike again Sarah. Given that I live in England I feel I should make an effort to be an all weather rider (but currently it isn’t that appealing). For me it is essential to have my iPod with me when I ride.

    • Anthony

      You can get wet weather gear for your iPod and self.

  • Steph

    Nice post, Sarah! I live in Amsterdam and the bike love is immense. For anyone also wondering how to look stylish in the rain I would recommend this Danish brand, RAINS. http://www.rains.dk/ . Happy travels.

  • Anthony

    I was in Paris recently, and Parisian women are just so sexy on their velib bikes. They take a bike from a rack to cross the city, and when finished they put it in one of the designated racks. We have them in our cities too, but they are a failure here because of the helmet regs. You go to get a bike here and there is no helmet or the bike has been damaged or has not been looked after. I believe Aussie girls are just as, or sexier than Parisian girls on bike. They just need to get
    a bike. Hint….I remember passing SW on a bike in Surry Hills some years ago, and my head turned 360 degrees!.

  • J.

    When I moved to Europe a few months ago one of the very first things I did was buy a pretty white, old-fashioned ladies’ bicycle. Was so happy because I never dared to ride in NYC (where I’m originally from). I absolutely love the freedom of being on a bike swooping over Stockholm’s 14 islands BUT the one caveat is that while my new city definitely has a huge bicycling culture, it’s not at all flat like the other major bicycling European cities (i.e., Amsterdam and Copenhagen), so I have to plan to get to places at least 15 minutes early so I have time to cool down (read: mop up the sweat).

    As far as tips for looking fierce on a bike:
    + Layer (and strip down at stop lights as you start to warm up)
    + Wear your heels—it’s not so hard to get used to it and much better than toting along a spare pair of shoes.
    + I wear a helmet because I’m new at city riding and there are loads of crazy intersections, but I made sure to get a sleek equestrian style one that I feel really pretty in.
    + Get accessories you like for your bike so you’ll have more reason to get on it. I have a wicker basket on the front which is roomy and pretty (to me).
    + Braid your hair—keeps it out of you face while you zoom around and if you want it loose again when you arrive you’ll have nice waves (at least I do, thanks to the svitzing I do on my hilly 30 minute ride into the city center).

  • Joyce @ CycleStylr

    Thanks for posting the skirt garter! It’s one of our most popular products. I keep one in every handbag as I’m more of a skirt than pants wearer 🙂

  • Wow, so many great ideas! Yes this did motivate me to ride my bike more. Now I don’t have any excuses, especially if I look cute while excercising! Thanks for the tip 🙂


  • pia

    Hey Sarah, I know you think helmets are hogwash but other might be interested in this: the most excellent invention of a helmet disguised as a scarf. Upon impact they are an airbag for your noggan. Designed by 2 swedish chicks. I am so impressed!! http://www.wired.com/2010/10/cyclists-airbag-helmets-bursts-forth-from-stylish-collar/

  • pia

    Hey Sarah – I know you don’t believe in helmets but your readers might be interested in this most excellent invention: a helmet disguised as a scarf that acts like an airbag for your noggan upon impact.
    Designed and manufactured by 2 Swedish women, seriously impressive stuff!
    Anyway fits the vanity on a bike theme!

  • PosiePatchworkblog

    Bothers me so much that not one image in this post includes a helmet. I don’t care about glam, i care about protecting my brains & showing (by example) my children the importance of head protection!! I cannot imagine how emergency or trauma surgeons & nurses feel about this. So glad there is a ‘related post link’ to helmets, at the bottom, as always Sarah, you are extremely thorough. But helmets people, use them!! Love Posie

    • Google this: helmet disguised as a scarf. I’d happily give you the link but this site wont let me.

  • Tess

    I love my bike and ride everyday… but I have a fashion quandry perhaps you clever lot can help me with.
    I have a man’s bike with a high cross bar: https://www.papillionaire.com.au/our-bike/caferacer
    But I want to be more girly and wear skirts. Help!?

  • pia
  • pia
  • Daniel L

    🙂 I love bikes and the whole quality of life with cycling is much nicer and more interesting… All my life I had some kind of bike to ride, but since I got my latest city bike for running around Sydney, life changed one more time in better direction ( thanks to Chappelli bikes )… 🙂 I am riding it everywhere I can, even when is raining sometime ( since I often have a high expectation that shower will stop soon 🙂 … Sometimes I am not wearing a helmet at all and that is particularly nice feeling, absolute freedom… 🙂 I was warned by ‘authorities ‘ couple of times, but I strongly believe that helmet should not be compulsory at all… If you feel to wear it and feel that is going to protect you from potential accident injury, wear it by all means, but not if you are an adult and if you feel that joy of freedom on the bike is not complete when you must have a helmet…
    My opinion is that more people by far actually getting sick over the period of time, due to physical inactivity than getting injured on riding bike without helmet… I know for sure that many people would consider riding bike to work and everywhere on daily basis if there is no that hassle of helmet compulsory gear, especially ladies… In some European countries ( as France and Holland for example), helmet is not compulsory and literally millions of people are riding bike and still having less injuries in percentage than in any other country where helmet is compulsory and where much less people riding a bike…
    At the end, it is much more natural to ride as free of that cycling ‘armour’ and it is also much more appealing to most of people for daily needs around city…
    Of course, for long and faster road trips on road bikes, or mountain bikes in the nature, using protective helmet makes sense, but for everyday cycling on fixies or similar city bikes, it should be free choice fro adults as the wind in your hair … 🙂
    This is just my subjective opinion and I don’t recommend this ‘freedom’ to anyone who is still enjoying being ‘hot’ under the helmet 🙂
    Sorry for taking so much space on this topic, but I had an urge to vent this thought and thank you again Sarah for another inspirational post 🙂 !

  • I love riding my pushbike but unfortunately do not ride enough.

  • Sue Kenny

    I love my culottes to ride in. I made the longer length and they look like a skirt but have the modesty of pants… and so deliciously swishy! http://megannielsen.com/products/tania-culottes-sewing-pattern

  • Daniel L


  • Deb Chandler

    turban not so good with a helmet! Maybe they need to make stylish trendy helmets that look like turbans/scarves or baseball caps

  • Bicycle Belle

    – Baby Wipes / Wet Ones for wiping sweat/freshening up at destination
    – Big hipster glasses for keeping rain away from eyes/avoiding panda eyes on rainy days
    – Wearable lights from Knog
    – Bulldog clip to hold skirt down if you don’t have a skirt garter
    – Gorman raincoats! So perfect. Uniqlo have nice ones too.
    – Non-cycling specific clothing (ie. clothes you’d normally wear). This reminds motorists you’re human, so they’re likely to drive with care around you. I find cycling specific/hi-vis clothing dehumanises cyclists and makes them look a bit aggressive.
    – Panniers and baskets for cargo! Backpacks can really make your back sweat and cause strain on your shoulders.
    – Loud pretty bell!
    – Good old one-sided plaited hair, or half ponytail.

    – Cream tyres! Black ones are boring.
    – Internal brakes! So much better on rainy days and don’t cause dirty tyre rims (i.e. black dirt which can dirty your clothes) like callipers (the common type of brakes) do.

  • pia

    here is my 4th attempt at posting this comment.

    A clever invention by 2 swedish women, is a helmet disguised as a scarf. check it out

  • pia

    omggoodness I give up! 5th time lucky, now im just testing to see if this gets thru. not sure what was wrong w my innocuous comment :(((

    • pia

      it was only mentioning a clever invention to do w disguising a helmet by making it look like a scarf, where it opens like an air bag around yr head on impact. the end

  • Lana

    I would love love love tips/advice on where I can buy my first commuter bike from in Melbourne for under $500. Would also love advice on where I can go for a class to learn road rules etc and get road riding ready!

  • Lynda

    Bikes rule but found your car – titled ”Unconform”.
    Stands for -Unconventional…Unafraid…Unexpected. Found whilst reading Sunday paper. PS…I am looking forward to the IQS gig tomorrow night.

  • Su Hanfling

    Makes me sad that women wear high heels at all, but wearing high heels on a bike…well that just sounds silly. Why can’t we enjoy riding a bike without feeling the need to look ‘hot’. http://www.thespinehealthinstitute.com/news-room/health-blog/how-high-heels-affect-your-body

  • GadoGado Gal

    1. Hövding (head protection): http://www.hovding.com/
    2. Bloomers (bum protection): http://www.myalibiclothing.com/
    3. BetaBrand Infinity (bad driver protection): http://www.betabrand.com/reflective-infinity-scarf-bike-to-work.html
    4. BetaBrand Work It (office reputation protection): http://www.betabrand.com/think-tank/funded/womens-activewear-knit-casual-wrinkle-free-blazer.html and http://www.betabrand.com/think-tank/funded/womens-yoga-sport-skirt-skort-sanskirt.html
    5: Penny in Your Pants (wind/Peeping Tom protection): http://pennyinyourpants.co.uk/
    6: Urban Legend Danube (rain protection): http://urbanlegend.cc/danube-jacket-mist-blue