My wonderful assistant Jo sent this to me over the weekend. She sends me things like this when she thinks I need it. By the way, turns out Jo and I celebrate four years working together today. There you go.


This is not about “finding your passion and giving everything to it”. It’s about giving everything to everything. “Finding your passion” suggests you might only have one or two. But all of life needs to be plunged into.

I guess I expand on the above by adding that once you’ve gone all the way, you can then release and lighten up. There’s no need for rigidity or force, just meaningful intent. Dive in deep, then float.

As I like to say, where the mind goes, the energy flows.

Do it like you mean it. Eat like you mean it. Love like you mean it.

Start everything like you mean it because this says to the world you’re certain.

We need to try lots of things, on a daily basis. Often we stall. Fritter. Hover in doubt and indecision. And it’s this that tears at the human spirit like little else. Chatting to lots of different folk on these matters I’ve really come to learn that wobbliness is what causes strife and anxiety. A wobbliness that stems from thinking you have to wait until you have the answer, until you know what your one passion is. This wobbliness needs to be straightened out wherever possible.

And so I take the attitude that just trying is all I have to do. And that if “I’m going to try, go all the way”. My perfectionism gets me down some days. I doubt it and wonder if it’s losing me friends, sleep and so on. But then I read something like this and I realise it’s the only good fight there is.

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  • Reminds me of something else smart you said a while back that I took very much to heart…. jump first and then you get your wings….. helps keep me motivated, less scared… thanks Sarah

    • that person sounds really wise…or annoying!

  • dharma

    You always pop into my day at the most incredible times. I think you just saved me! Again! I am at such a crux in my life – recently single Mum, trying to navigate my way through how to manage some kind of work life balance. I recently resigned from a job, exhausted and living a life of rushing and pure existence. I’m turning back to my own business which is full of risk and uncertainty but could give me the flexibility I need. Then two minutes ago I got an email offering me a full time position in a company I really admire. Again financial security but at what cost? I don’t want to miss the impt moments of my daughters life. So confused, so much doubt over if taking the riskier option is right. And then I read this and now I know, gotta keep wading through, keep trying, because it will give me what I need in life and hopefully my daughter will deep the rewards, a simple live full of love! Thank you x

    • Well, I very much feel like I achieved something BIG today. Glad. Like your boldness!

  • I needed this right now! This minute, day, week, time of my life – thank-you!

  • Tamara Armstrong

    Amen to that! Happy four years Jo and Sarah. You both walk the talk and give your everything. Inspiring as always.

  • Emily Ehlers

    As always you pop up at the perfect moment with the perfect nugget of wisdom. Loads of love to you, beautiful lady.

  • Ian

    Great words, Sarah. And Jo. Happy anniversary you 2. An inspired decision that one, 4 years ago. Take a few moments (or many) to celebrate each other & your partnership.

    Yes, wobbliness causes anxiety. I like that. Never thought of it before in my wobbly moments – but incredible what taking one step forward can do to reduce anxiety.

  • Tworoads Vintage

    “Start everything like you mean it because this says to the world you’re certain.” So very true..thanks Sarah
    for the reminder!

  • Katie Cooper-Wares

    Oh my goodness…this is perfection and exactly where i’m at! Thankyou! Check us out if you have a spare moment…Kx

  • I love this piece Sarah, especially these words – “There’s no need for rigidity or force, just meaningful intent. Dive in deep, then float.” So very true. Thank you.

  • Happy 4 years Sarah and Jo. Such a top team. Great post x

  • Sharyn Holmes

    Love this reminder and quote. I wrote about my creative fire a few months ago: There are no limits!

  • Dee

    I agree wholeheartedly…with lots of passion. 🙂

  • Maddy

    Simply Thankyou

  • Rich H

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational post on giving one’s best. You offer a strong message on being true to oneself and living an authentic and meaningful life. Great quote from Charles Bukowski.

    Much appreciated.

  • Thank you for this great post! Most people would rather make a bad decision than face the unknown – and perfectionism is the biggest dream-crusher of all. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get on with it without this fear of failure hanging over out heads?