I’ll give $10… if you have a dinner party

Posted on October 24th, 2014

Do you know how many people tell me they wish they got around to hosting more dinner parties…because they’re tired of doing the same old thing every weekend…but find it all too hard? Lots. That’s how many. Why don’t I make it sexy for you?

Image via rikshawdesign.blogspot.com

Image via rikshawdesign.blogspot.com

Sustainable Table is running a Give a Fork! campaign – where you host a dinner party using sustainable or leftover food – to get us all fired about about food wastage. I reckon it’s a fab idea. So I’m going to help out.

I’m going to provide a menu of really fun meals that use up leftovers for you.

Plus some great conversation starters.

Plus I’ll share pictures of your shindig.

And then I’ll donate $10 for every dinner party shared.

Yeah? On board?

How to host a Sarah Wilson Sustainable Dinner Party

1. Simply sign up as a Give a Fork! host and register your event, setting a ticket price – $20 per person would be fair. This money goes toward ensuring Sustainable Table can keep educating us all on this stuff.  I’m an ambassador for Sustainable Read more

How to train your troll (seriously gold advice from Benjamin Franklin)

Posted on October 22nd, 2014

Apparently there’s such a thing as The Benjamin Franklin effect. It goes like this: Once upon a time, Our Mate Ben was faced with a troll who tried to tear him down. Ben thought quickly: tame him!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

The troll was a posh literary type. So Franklin sent him a letter if he could borrow a specific scarce book from said hater’s library. Flattered, the hater sent it right away. Troll cornered! Franklin then returned it a week later with a thank you note. Nice finishing touch! Troll totally tamed!

From then on in, the troll was a fan, forever ready to do another favour for Franklin.

Various people have written about this phenomenon – why and how it works. American psychologist David McRaney writes Read more

Here’s my beautiful pimped bike (an indulgent bike porn post)

Posted on October 17th, 2014

As reported last week, I had a bike stack. I’m feeling much better now, thanks! My main concern, however, as I got lifted from the road by lovely strangers, was for my bike.

Pablo and I with my new bike. Pimped out in yellow and chrome.

Pablo and me with my new bike. Pimped out in yellow and chrome.

My bike is the most valuable material possession I own, apart from my couch, if we’re talking from a financial POV. From an attachment POV, my bike is number one by a mile.

I’m attached. The reason is this…it represents a story and a process. Allow me to share the story (it does have a point).

My bike started out as a frame bought from Paris five years ago. It’s a Barale, which is a seriously rare bike built in San Remo, Italy in the early 1970s. It’s super light. A friend’s partner helped me do it up, strip it back and paint it, adding spic Read more