This post has been updated. It’s become quite a story. Read to the bottom.

I was recently alerted to this Youtube clip by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennon – a two-chick comedy cooking spoof ensemble. It’s friggen funny. And only made more funnier for me because it squarely takes the piss out of me, without being snarky. This is an art rarely exhibited today. My brothers have perfected the art of this over decades, so I know how to spot it when done well.


Since this is my blog and I get to have at least a second last say, a few corrections for the two Kates:

* My “rich girl hair” (my God, it’s true!) was smoothed and glossed by TV makeup artists over an exorbitant amount of time. Just to be clear. I wasn’t born with it. Nor a silver spoon (my chip on my shoulder needed to add this one). The photos you use on your shrine to me are from a TV show I did a while back called (have fun with this one!) Eat Yourself Sexy.

* My saccharin smile shits me too. But I find displaying it on publicity shoots maketh for a fast shoot.

* I don’t really like quinoa either.

* I hope cancer can be cured by masturbation.

* I. Eat. Fruit. It seems to be something everyone loves to get wrong. But, with my permission, fresh from your shrine, go eat your peach.

* I drink alcohol. Most nights. And don’t advise against it. (But moderation kids!)

* Oh, and not to get too tetchy…I was never sacked from a TV show. TV people rarely are. You’re pushed into a corner until you either become a smaller person and do what they say or you explode out of the space ranting and flipping birds (internally, so as to not draw the attention of gossip page writers).

* The mason jar and loose up-knots are my favourite touches.

* I still have my personality. Again, that chip talking.

* To answer your question: I hope to die anywhere but on a toilet.

Updated: But it all gets better. This interaction has become a news story with some really lovely dialogue and good humour. Media can get wonderful when it truly connects. (Although Mamamia picked up on it and got snarky, sadly; The Vine, Business Insider and Daily Mail curiously all decided to run stories in the wake of my post on The Katering Show and how it “throws foodie trends under the bus”). The Sydney Morning Herald got the vibe right, contacting the two Kate’s for their comment-in-response.  Here it is.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.28.29 PM

PS Kate n Kate…let’s catch up some time. I’ll bring wine. Updated in light of the above: Offer still on Kates. My hair is shorter now, and scruffier. If that makes a difference.

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  • Kate

    love it !!

  • Emma_G

    it really is funny and isn’t mean at all!

  • Rachel

    This was gold and woke me up on a tired Monday morning.
    Now I’m off to enter the comp to win a signed Quinoa stack!

    Sarah love your second last say!

  • ha ha that is pretty funny….your right – clever humour without the narkiness!

  • Lauren Turner

    HAHA! Awesome! Loved the comment ‘Our bowel movements are like Christmas presents’

  • Mel

    Hahaha! I watched this the other night and wondered if you’d seen it sarah. Love the thermomix one too. Nothing like a good laugh to lighten the soul. Xxoo

  • Krysten

    Drowning’d be alroight?!

  • Jade Vogler

    Just awesome from you @sarahwilson! !! Such a good sport 🙂

  • Urban Fringe

    Liked the clip (but the passata on the lasagne – no!!! didn’t they know they needed to make capsicum sauce) and love this response. If we don’t keep our sense of humour life is too difficult!

  • Georgia

    oh Sarah you are a bloody good sport! This is gold. I want to come to your catch up with the ‘Kates’, it would be so much fun. Thx for sharing. 🙂 x

  • Vicki Hill

    You’re such a gorgeous woman with a great sense of humour. I enjoyed the parody and thought your response was brilliant!!

  • Joanne Musgrave

    They have a totally awesome ability to be funny, poke fun but not be offensive all at the same time. I almost fell off my chair at the masturbation curing cancer bit. How awesome would THAT be!!! So pleased that you took it this way. I own a Thermomix and totally LOVED that one as well.

  • Janelle

    they are hilarious…. i love the one on the thermomix! cracked me up!

  • Kimmy

    Sarah, You have made my day. If we cant laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?? We need more people like you(and the Kates) to keep us laughing.

  • Ian

    Hilarious, wonderful spoof. Love your response. Hope it helped you as you motor through those words on your “gone bush writing retreat.”

  • You’re incredible Sarah. Love your ability to have a laugh at your own expense. It takes a strong person x

  • Leslie

    Haha Gold.

  • This is hilarious and so refreshing! I loved their good-natured parody and enjoyed reading your response on here too, Sarah! Just as entertaining 🙂

  • Gina

    You are awesome Sarah!!! Had a good giggle at the clip but I do feel great being sugar free!!!

  • mel


  • Brendan

    I will definitely never, ever get cancer.

  • Tina Graham Schmidt

    I love these two. Although it took me more than 5 hours to get through sugar withdrawals – more like 2 weeks. But their dramatised version was so on point!

  • Carol

    This put the biggest smile on my face. I also had a little giggle at the thermo mix episode.

  • LaurenH

    Slightly weird admitting this, but tonight’s dinner was inspired after watching this show today. I couldn’t be stuffed cooking and could relate to their sugar-deprived states. Result: hubby has requested it on rotation and kids preferred to starve than eat it. So I poured a glass of wine and daydreamed of daisy chains and up knots.

  • pick me

    Send them a recipe!

  • Jess

    At least Sarah is bringing wine to the catch up, and not Ural sachets!

  • Hayley Cavicchiolo

    I love it. So much so that I watched each of the other The Katering Show episodes too. The two Kates are refreshingly funny and Sarah, you’re a good sport! ?

  • juniper

    Love this & You, Sarah! Share the Laugh <3 XOXO from The Netherlands, <3 Juniper

  • Cleesey

    I am really sick of Mia Freedman using her website as a platform to say negative things about you. There are clearly old wounds from your magazine editing days. Move on Mia!! We all love you Sarah and what you have done for those of us who have chosen to eliminate fructose from our lives is AMAZING!!

  • JK

    Evelyn Waugh died on the toilet. Just sayin’…

  • Brilliant!! Can’t wait to see a photo of them stroking your hair 🙂

  • Lauren Rose

    Best parody ever! Wish I was a fly on the wall during your catch up with the girls, would be so much fun. Very Kath n Kim on the balcony during the credits, too. Whenever you have bad days Sarah, just come back to this for a smile.

  • Abi

    Brilliant and classy humour from the Kates. Well taken and responded to by Sarah. I admit it, I too want your hair!

  • Kate Dixon

    The assembly of the quinoa beef creation is pure gold!

  • Megan

    Utter gold. I want to win the signed quinoa stack!

  • VM

    the best morning read ive had in a long time

  • Sherri

    Hilarious!! Love these gals. Enjoying the Aussie accents too. 😀

  • Vasiliki Didaskalou

    This is a sweet post! I hope you meet these girls!

  • Guest

    I want Sarah Wilson hair

  • Tania

    You are a star! So so wonderfully funny. Hope that you have that catch up with the equally amazing Kates over a glass of bubbles.

  • Can’t love this enough. Good on you Sarah for being such a good sport and responding so well. Kate & Kate are an absolute crack up!

  • Alison Jose

    brilliant. so funny and you handled it so well. and their Thermomix episode is genius.

  • Irena Macri

    I was on the radio with them in the lead up to the show launch and they talked about the whole idea behind it, and that it was actually their parody not just on you, but also on their girl crash on you…in not a creepy way, of course. They are quite funny and incredibly, endearingly cute. I do hope that everybody got the humor behind it. God we need that with all the bullshit backlash we normally get.

  • Veronica

    Didn’t like it, funny kind of but just piss taking passive bullying.

  • Legends! The three of you.

  • lozza

    mammamia getting snarky – i’m shocked :p

  • Omid

    Love this post and the updates. And as an aside – a couple of years ago, I loved hearing Chris Kimball’s stories about all the amazing people who grew up in your street in Belco – including you. 🙂

  • naydeen

    the last 90 seconds made tears seep from my eyes 🙂

  • Wendycab

    I’ve not laughed so much in years! so hilarious well done girls x