Some advice for anyone who’s recently left a relationship

Posted on April 30th, 2015

English poet and philosopher David Whyte was once called on to give a friend some advice. This friend was in the middle of leaving a relationship. I’ve been there – in the position of counsel. Mostly it takes me straight back, like riding down a razor blade, to the times I’ve had to leave love myself. I don’t know that anything is harder.

Image by Maia Fore

Image by Maia Fore

There’s this: We think we are not just losing that person, but the part of ourselves that loved.

And this: We share dreams with this other person and we pivot our very selves on those dreams. When we leave love, we have to now give these dreams up too. Is there anything left? Is there a stable pivot point anymore? The last time I was in this space, I know I honestly felt that the ground had fallen out from beneath me and that I was left with nothing but thin air to try and tread through. Like a nightmare.

And also this: It all seems so arduous to start up again with our own dreams. Doesn’t it? Where to start from when your platform is a nightmare-like abyss of thin air?

Whyte wrote a poem for his mate that sums some of this up. I find it funny that previously my Poem of Comfort Read more

I Quit Sugar is hiring!

Posted on April 29th, 2015

It’s a pretty exciting time at I Quit Sugar. We’re expanding! We’re on the hunt for a bunch of new people to join our incredible team. If you’re keen to bust into the world of online health and wellness, one of these roles might be calling your name.


Have a read of what’s on offer below and, if anything appeals, head over to I Quit Sugar for details on how to apply.

Marketing Executive: You’ll support the Head of Sales and Marketing in conceptualising and delivering campaigns across multiple platforms and formats. You’ll have a great understanding of the social media landscape with a solid background in managing communities on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Read more.

Books and Apps Coordinator: Is your iPad stuffed with the latest digital books and apps? Love a bit of whizz-bang gadgetry? You’ll be responsible for project managing the delivery of our tastebud-tingling array of digital cookbooks and work with the team to deliver a jaw-dropping app. Read more.

Junior Writer: Keen to prove your penmanship in the world of online health blogging? You’ll gain Read more

7 ayurvedic spices for sugar cravings

Posted on April 28th, 2015

I covered off the ayurvedic reason you might be craving sugar recently. You should check it out. Today I’ve asked Nadia Marshall of The Mudita Institute, a training and education organisation and health clinic in Byron Bay, Australia, to share how to use regular kitchen spices in your regular cooking to, ah, regulate your blood sugar. Fun stuff…

Image by Lisa Wassmann

Image by Lisa Wassmann

What’s the Ayurvedic perspective on “blood sugar issues”?

When people talk about “blood sugar issues” they’re often referring to hypoglycaemia-type symptoms where blood-sugar levels bottom out. This can lead to sudden hunger, light-headedness, dizziness, the shakes, confusion, headaches and moodiness. From an Ayurvedic perspective, these symptoms are a sign of Vata (air/ether) indigestion or variable agni (agni is Sanskrit for digestive fire). These symptoms often go hand-in-hand with gas, bloating or pain after eating, constipation or a general feeling of agitation or nervousness. But blood-sugar is a complex thing and can also be caused by an imbalance in the other doshas, Kapha (water/earth) and/or Pitta (fire/water).

To learn about your dosha, read here.

Luckily, there are some special Ayurvedic kitchen spices that are appropriate for people of any constitution or imbalance that, in small amounts as part of your daily diet, will not only help to regulate blood-sugar levels Read more