I shared last week why I use oils for the bulk of my beauty regime. As promised, here’s a bunch of products I’ve used or currently use. I mix it up. Always trying things out…

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Please be aware, I’ve not been paid to run this list. By anyone. The recommendations are genuine. In the past few days a few advertisers have asked to place ads on this site, however. Just so you know.

To clean my face: Jojoba oil. I put a small amount on my (dry) face before getting in the shower. I’ll leave it on for a bit before turning on the water. While the steam is building I wash my body, turning to my face last (allowing the steam to do its thing). Using a robust facecloth I wipe the oil off.

Brands: I mostly use The Jojoba Company oil. Recently I’ve been using one I bought at Kings Cross market. I’ve also used Bloom Cleansing Oil, made with almond oil in the mix, too.

Makeup remover: As above, but I tend to do a second round. PS I don’t use makeup wipes. I use a face cloth.

Face moisturiser: Rosehip oil and Jojoba oil (when I’m travelling, it’s very handy to have to only pack the one little bottle of Jojoba). I use a few drops on my skin while it’s still moist. It blends and settles better like this. Recently I’ve been adding a drop of DoTERRA’s frankincense oil – it does wonders for clearing up congested patches.

Brands: Triology and Kosmea Rosehip oil. I’m currently using People for Plants.

Body moisturiser: I tend to use coconut and olive oil.

Brands: I use coconut oil that I’ve tasted for cooking and don’t like the taste of (so I won’t mention the brand). Sometimes I add a drop of DoTERRA lavender oil for a nice soothing effect. I also treat myself to Weleda Rose Oil from time to time.

Hand moisturiser: I’m in love with a “vata” blend my meditation teacher Tim makes. It’s become my signature scent. I pack it on each morning and the smell lasts, pacifying me nicely. Until I get frazzled by something.

Brands: I use Moksha.

On scars: Please don’t ever ever use that BioOil stuff…it’s mineral oil. Stick to straight Vitamin E. The stuff will fade a scar in 100 days (that’s what it says on the vial and it’s been my experience too). I keep a vial next to the loo and apply it when I remember to the multitude of biking and hiking scars on my limbs.

Hair oil: Coconut and argan oil. I use a small amount – generally residue from moisturising my hands – on the ends of my dry hair.

Brands: Please, if I can be so bold, don’t touch that Moroccan oil stuff… it’s almost pure mineral oil. I only use 100% Argan. The Sydney-based Miras Hand is great and affordable.

Face scrub: I make scrubs using coconut oil mixed with sugar (best use for the stuff) and a drop or two of frankincense. Check out some recipes here. Other oils to add to the base mix include olive oil, almond oil and avocado oil.

Brands: I’ve been using DoTERRA oils for a while.

Cosmetics: I use a toxin-free almond oil-based mascara and lip stick. I add extra almond oil to the mascara as it starts to dry out. I’ve tried 237827 mascaras over the years I spent in magazines. This is the most smudge/water-proof one I’ve found.

Brands: Ere Perez all the way.

When traveling: I use liquid soap – it cleans face, body and clothes. It’s a combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils.

Brands: Dr Bronner’s here.

Do you use oils? What brands do you love?

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  • So glad to hear you are using DoTERRA oils. I have been using and selling DoTERRA oils for a while now too and wouldn’t use anything else. They have replaced my whole cleaning and medicine cabinet. Don’t know what I did without them. Hope you have your own wholesale account too so you are saving $$$ on them 🙂

  • Meg

    Does anyone (you Sarah?) have any tips on getting the rancid oil smell out of towels and clothes? I had to stop moisturising with coconut oil as I couldn’t stand the smell of the residue on my clothes once the oil had dried. Now I’m using sweet almond oil as a body moisturiser before showering, but my towels are all still starting to smell a bit oily…

    • Natasha Wright

      try looking at your washing machine as well. I warm/hot wash (no clothes) with Vinegar — then a warm wash with bi-card soda. Google it – it helps with the smell on the towels as well

      • Meg

        Thanks Natasha – its a warm day in Melbourne so will give it a go 🙂

    • Erika Schofield

      90deg wash with towels and vinegar only and do that every now and then to keep them fresh. Then lots of sun ?

    • Beautiful You

      Heya. Check out soap nut! I love using them for my fam of five. X Soph

  • Bronwyn

    Are you using castile soap daily for body wash? If not, I’d like to know what you use in place of shower gels/body wash etc. Thanks!

    • I do. Sometimes I use other washes – like Vanessa Megan.

    • PS I also advocate plain old soap – not bottled stuff. We used ecostore soap in at the IQS office…I won’t let the team use the hand pumps.

      • Bronwyn

        Thank you. 🙂

  • Natasha Wright

    I use DoTerra too Sarah – love love love this brand. So i signed up as a wellness advocate. Love your posts – thank you so much for sharing this info – it is so helpful and cuts out the trial and error for me.

  • samantha

    Hi Sarah. Thanks for sharing your list of oils, I use to use Bio oil although I’ve switched to Rose hip now. Can you please let me know what is it that is so bad about mineral oils?

    • Megan

      Yes I’d love to know that about mineral oils too, please 🙂

    • Erika Schofield

      Mineral oil is another way of saying petroleum bi product

  • Rooma

    When you say vit E for scars, what form is it? Oil? or directly from a capsule?

    • An oil that you buy in a small bottle from the chemist.

      • Rooma


      • Jenny

        Hello. What brands of Vitamin E oil do you recommend? My natural store has many different brands.

    • Suminy6

      Hi all, want to weigh in on the healing scars info-I use Cicatrix, (cheapest to buy online) A Dr at the Cancer Clinic (in Darlinghurst ) told me about this, as I disclour easily post incisions..Its amazing! And where i had aan ACL repair-used it diligently and my 6.5cm scar is but a line!!!—(& its over my whole knee.) Another grat straight oil to try is Sea Buckthorn Seed oil, (Weleda use this in a fabo handcream too) It smells strong, but water-down-able with other oils.. Its VERY nourishing for depleted skins..
      Thanx Sarah, & Co, just found you as I had given up sugar x7 weeks ago & never felt better!!


  • Rosy

    “On scars: Please don’t ever ever use that BioOil stuff…it’s mineral oil. Stick to straight Vitamin E. The stuff will fade a scar in 100 days”

    Do you mind sharing your brand of vitamin E please? TiA 🙂

    • Claire

      would love to know this too? 🙂 thanks

  • Sam R

    Love DoTERRA oils. I make my owl body butters with Coconut + Vitamin E + Shea + Jojoba oil add the essential oils, et voila….change up the essential oils for different needs. Its so good

  • Kezstev

    Can’t go past Carla Oates’ Dream Repair Serum

  • Maggie

    Hi Sarah, thank you for these posts. I tried Trilogy rose hip oil on my acne riddled face a year ago thanks to your advice and it changed everything. Nothing has ever been able to fully rid my skin of acne, including the oil, but the pimples have certainly decreased in numbers and frequency, – and its just changed my whole complexion! I’ve also since tried jojoba which seems to have worked just as well. Such a simply, lovely solution. Thank you.

    I was also wondering if you have any shower/ body wash recommendations?

  • Gemma

    MV Organics make the best Jojoba & Rose oils. Great local company. Love their work ?

  • kat

    I think I recall you use lemongrass for your thyroid.. is that still the case? I would love to hear more about how you use it and if you have found it effective. Love this post by the way.

    • oh, yes. I forgot that tip…will do a post on therapeutic oils soon.

  • Kate

    This is a great list! I have seen mention of DoTERRA around a lot lately and I’m wondering what all the fuss is about? Are they really that much better? I have never used them, but it seems a lot of people are on the ‘brand’wagon. We have some great quality, local Australian essential oil companies that could also do with our support!!

    • I’ve used essential oils medicinally for over 20 years and after I used the doTERRA brand topically, aromatically and internally…I could totally tell the difference and have used doTERRA ever since, which has been 7 years. I totally trust their product and company.

  • Laura

    I use just plain shea butter on my face at night, perfect for acne prone and scars as its very soothing and a good dose if Vitamin A. I melted down a concoction of bees wax, coconut oil, oilive oil and macadamia oil and use it as a body butter, lip balm etc

  • Jessica Brown

    Hi Sarah, is there a reason my comment was moderated to not appear?

  • Eugenie

    Thanks for your list. I use Anitpodes Joyous(Night replenish serum). I massage it into my face, after a warm shower, once or twice a week. I’m in my 40’s & my skin can get a little on the dry side,so this helps. It’s nice to spend a bit of time nuturing yourself! Eugenie

  • Kirsten

    Yeah, I’m all about the oils. I also go for jojoba oil and a face washer as a cleanser, but I like a blend called ‘Pure Facial Oil’ from Pure Botanicals in Newtown, Sydney as a moisturiser. It’s a blend of rosehip, jojoba, carrot, calendula and Vitamin E with some essential oils thrown in and I LOVE it. And I like a drop of vetiver oil on the soles of my feet at night – it’s very ‘grounding.’

    I also use Dr Bronner’s as a bodywash (I like the lavender one). And I’ve switched to using solid shampoo bars for my hair, with apple cider vinegar in warm water as a ‘conditioner.’ I’ve used Beauty and the Bees, Dindi Naturals, and Clear Conscience bar shampoos and they’re all very good. If my hair’s a bit ‘flyaway’ I just run my hands over it after moisturizing with my face oil and that styles it just fine.

    I also can’t stand ‘synthetic’ perfumes anymore, although I do like to smell good. So I alternate between a floral wax perfume called ‘The Whore’s Jodhpurs’ from Pacific Perfumes and a vegan perfume called ‘Ranger’ from Sarawen. Neither of them are too girly.

    I don’t often use a body moisturiser because I tend to find that Apple cider vinegar gives my skin more ‘balance’ when I’m dumping it all over myself as a hair rinse. But occasionally I like a brown sugar and olive oil body scrub.

  • Sasha

    Thanks for the great tips Sarah. Just wondering a little more about the effect of the Frankincense essential oil. What are ‘congested patches’ of skin? I have dry rough patches in areas – is this the sort of thing it could help with? Pimples and blackheads too? Thanks again for great post.

    • Not only Frankincense, but Melaleuca would be good for your skin. But the culprit some times starts in the gut. Cleansing the gut can help skin issues.

  • Dell

    Hi Sarah, I’m so disappointed to hear that morrocan oil is full of mineral oil.. I use the curl cream and love it on my extreme curl to tame my locks. What will l do without it!! I’ve seen Argan oil products on the market but lve often noticed that changing products you loose that special something that has kept you there so long. Any suggestions of better Argan oil products would be very appreciated.
    Cheer, Dell.

  • Anne Simpson

    Love this post, it’s so good to be using natural products. I love my oils too. I use Young Living. It’s important to use therapeutic grade oils that haven’t been processed or diluted with other chemicals. I add 10 drops each of frankincense, myrrh and lavender to a bottle of Kosmea rosehip oil, beautiful on my face and my skin has improved dramatically, it also smells divine and is very calming at night. I also add the same oils to a blend of Jojoba Co jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to apply to the rest of my body as well as a squirt of magnesium spray.
    I make my own laundry detergent as well using soap, washing soda, bi carb soda, citric acid and Young Living thieves, eucalyptus and lime oils. Works great, everything smell fresh and no chemical residues. Particularly nice on the sheets. 🙂

    • Mel Currie

      How fantastic is the Theives Anne ! I love how the house smells when I’m cleaning. I just put a couple of drops of the Theives Oil that Young Living make to to fight off my boyfriends flu. I love it !!

      • Anne Simpson

        I agree Mel, thieves blend is usually the first oil I reach for dealing with any accidental cut or scrape, also if there are coughs or colds in the house. I have total confidence in it.

  • Gillian

    What about your shampoo and conditioner? Your hair always looks so bounce and not frizzy. I agree with everything else you use. I’m currently trying Moogoo’s gace cleansing oil for sensitive skin and loving it.

  • Debbie Perrin

    I use macadamia oil on my skin at night..its great…

  • Kate

    Thanks so much for this! I tried the Weleda oil after your post last week and it’s fab. I got the Sea Buckthorn one 🙂 x

  • Miele

    Double standards Sarah – not naming the coconut oil brand but naming Bio Oil and Morrocan Oil?

    • Jessica Brown

      Fair comment

  • Leonie

    I use honey to wash my face, plain and raw. I use a face brush and rinse in warm water. I tried the oil as a face wash but my skin is already oily and it wasn’t working for me. In the Winter, however I sometimes add a little jojoba oil to the honey. Honey is anti-bacterial so it works a treat.

    • Raw honey and raw coconut are two amazing go to’s for face washing. Good job.

    • Josephine Hermans

      Hi – I have oily skin as well – I washed with honey for a while – then I tried oil cleansing. The thing about honey is that it doesn’t wash off make up. I now wash my face with oil in the evenings. It takes a couple tries of blending oils to figure out what works best for your skin – every person is so unique! what I found works for me is a 50/50 blend of castor oil and sunflower oil with a few drops of tea tree oil. (started out using olive oil but I didn’t like it – too heavy) Then I moisturize with jojoba oil – it apparently is closest to your skin’s natural oils so your skin will start to produce less. and some argan oil around my eyes – good for ageing. I’ve done it for 2 months now and I hardly have to dab my face anymore! I’m never going back to soap 🙂 I don’t use honey anymore but some say you could use honey cleansing in the morning, however I just was my face with water and add a tad bit of jojoba oil on. PS I’m always tempted to lick the spoon of honey! 😀

  • Fiona Pascoe

    I love Black Chicken body oil it’s totally organic and so soothing

  • Jasmin

    Love this, thanks Sarah! I love Young Living oils, especially Frankinsense, Joy and Geranium xx

  • Helen

    I love the Jojoba oil company jojoba oil! I use it to cleanse, the best makeup remover ever..no irritation like many traditional makeup removers. I double cleanse if wearing makeup or sunscreen. I often use jojoba oil as a nourishing hydrating mask leaving it on for 20 minutes- upto an hour before steaming like U do in the shower. It’s also so versatile as I use it on my hair at times esp when I’ve pumped out too much. I’m currently using trilogy rosehip oil but have just tried a sample of the kosemoe one and am very impressed so may change when I need another one. Coconut oil I adore!! Such a multi tasking oil. I leave it in my hair for a couple of hours and sometimes overnight (not good for UR linen tho ) and use it as a body mousturiser. The uses for coconut oil seem endless. Can be used as lube in the bedroom and for vaginal thrush I believe however I haven’t tried those but if anyone has and it’s effective Id love to know. Sorry for long post!

  • Tania

    Moo Goo have a range of great cleansing and moisturising oils too, at a very affordable price 🙂

  • Samantha

    Huge fan of Aveda dry remedy oil for my hair and energizing composition for my skin. They both smell incredible too!

  • Eugénie Rutherford

    I’ve been in India for a month and have been using the most amazing Ayurvedic oils here. I am going to try and bring them back to Oz – I think everyone needs to try them!

  • Nicola

    I have rosacea, and sensitive skin so ive been told me to use just plain cooking oil and a plain cleanser to take my make up with. its the bomb!

    Then i use a Vit A oil capsule as a moisturiser. (nite time only).
    Skin hasnt felt any cleaner.
    Then Bicarb Soda mixed with a bit of water as an exfoliater (be warn dont do it for too long) you can break out

  • Ree

    Hi Sarah – considering that coconut oil is mostly solid at room temperature, how do you use it as body moisturiser?

  • Paula

    Hi Sarah
    Is the product ‘100% Natural Makeup Remover’ that you use from jojoba company?

  • Mon

    Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for this post! Just wondering if you cleanse your face of a morning and night or just at nighttime?