An overview of why I think Adam Goodes holds a mirror up to us.

Posted on July 31st, 2015

I rarely feel compelled to respond to low-brow, destructive trolling and ill-considered outrage. I don’t like to add fuel to fires that I don’t think light up the world.

But on this occasion I feel some education is required following some very ignorant, small-minded, unproductive and hypocritical feedback to my recent comments on social media regarding Adam Goodes and how the stance he’s taking holds a mirror up to racism.


Adam Goodes in full flight


For anyone arguing he deserves the booing (ergo, it’s not racist) because of the 13-year-old girl incident, please read this.

For anyone arguing he deserves the booing (ergo, it’s not racist) because of his “aggressive” “war dance”, please read this.

For anyone arguing he deserves the booing (ergo, it’s not racist) because of his Australian of the Year speech, please read this.

For anyone arguing the booing has nothing to do with race but is instead because he’s become “too political” or “too outspoken” (a la Mark Latham, Jeff Kennett and various shock jocks today), I say: that makes ZERO SENSE!! Adam Goodes speaks out on race (appropriately and rightly so). We’ve lauded him as Australian of the Year for this. To say he shouldn’t, or that we don’t like that he does, is race-based at a bare Read more

Could you have chemical intolerance? What next?

Posted on July 30th, 2015

I make it a personal mission to live my life as toxin-free as I can. High toxic loads aren’t good for any of us…even more so if you’re struggling with autoimmune disease.

Could you have chemical intolerance? What next?

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For anyone with autoimmune issues, chemicals and heavy metals seem to be both the cause and effect. Research published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology shows that approximately 20 per cent of healthy people demonstrate an immune reactivity to chemicals. This essentially means the body flags chemicals to the immune system, which in turn fights to destroy those toxic compounds.

Introducing chemical intolerance

Over time, if the toxic load is too heavy and your immune system starts struggling to fight the toxic compounds, this may trigger an autoimmune process known as chemical intolerance.

Chemical intolerance usually evolves in two stages.

  • In the first stage, the body’s natural ability to tolerate chemicals and toxins is gradually broken down.
  • In the second stage, an ordinary exposure to an environmental compound (traffic exhaust, perfume, a drug, or other chemicals) suddenly triggers an immune response.

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One month without exercise, soap and loo paper…

Posted on July 29th, 2015

I just got back from a month in true retreat. I was rather cryptic about where I was heading and I committed to not sharing my experience in real time on social media. Golly, what freedom! I’m happy to now flesh out the details because I reckon a few of you will find them interesting.

Refugee chic: I took to winding my hair in a rag.

I took to winding my hair in a rag.

Where did you go?

India. To a hard-core Ayurvedic clinic – Vaidyagrama – in Tamil Nadu, an hour from Coimbatore, which is just north of Kerala. Which is to say, eons from any semblance of a tourist trail.


As many of you know, my autoimmune journey is a perpetual one. I manage my disease. And I do this by experimenting. I’d been told for years that Ayurvedic treatment was a boon for AI. I very much subscribe to the Ayurvedic tradition of yoga, meditation and the eating principles of this ancient discipline. But I wanted to see if a committed 3-4 week panchakarma (see below) treatment would take my healing to loftier heights.

I’ll be frank. I didn’t want to go. My acute sense of smell and hearing rendered India a torturous prospect. Every bit of me wanted to go hiking in Switzerland. And I even had an escape plan if I couldn’t cope (I’d researched Read more