Thank you for all the extra tips you’ve all shared following my toxin-free cosmetics and beauty oils posts. I’ve popped a stack of them into one post for easy reference. You’re welcome.

Image via Jason Nocito
Image via Jason Nocito

Tips you’ve shared for blending and using oils

  • I make my own body butters with Coconut + Vitamin E + Shea + Jojoba oil, add the essential oils, et voila….change up the essential oils for different needs. – Sam
  • I tried Trilogy rosehip oil on my acne-riddled face a year ago and it changed my whole complexion! I’ve also since tried jojoba which seems to have worked just as well. Such a simply, lovely solution. – Maggie
  • I like a drop of vetiver oil on the soles of my feet at night – it’s very grounding. – Kristen
  • I add 10 drops each of frankincense, myrrh and lavender to a bottle of Kosmea rosehip oil, beautiful on my face and my skin has improved dramatically. It smells divine and is very calming at night. I also add the same oils to a blend of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to apply to the rest of my body as well as a squirt of magnesium spray. – Anne
  • I use honey to wash my face, plain and raw. I use a face brush and rinse in warm water. I sometimes add a little jojoba oil to the honey. Honey is antibacterial so it works a treat. – Leonie
  • My oil tip is for killing nits! Instead of bombing them with poisonous concoctions I put olive or coconut oil in my kids’ hair so the buggers drown and then comb them out. Works every time! – Ms Jane

Tips you’ve shared for DIY bathroom essentials

  • Dry Shampoo: Just pop a little arrowroot on the scalp and brush through, if you have darker hair add in a little cacao too. Dab a makeup brush in it, dab it on the scalp and brush. Works as well as any dry shampoo out there. – Danielle

  • Toothpaste: I have made a really good toothpaste. It’s 60g of sodium bicarbonate (bicarb), 50g coconut oil, 40g pink Himalayan salt (ground finely), 30 drops peppermint oil, 5 drops sage oil, 5 drops lemon oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil. I put it in a jar and use a spatula to put on my toothbrush. – Natalie
  • Shampoo: Baking soda for shampoo! Just add to your hair and mix with water. Truly amazing. – Angela
  • Conditioner: I use half a cup of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of warm water. I leave it in. This makes my hair shiny and soft. – Eve

My best tip I’ve ever shared

For pretty much everything: Coconut oil! It’s wonderful stuff. [I’ve covered this off before. – Sarah]

Toxin-free brands you’ve recommended

All brands on this list below were recommended by multiple readers.

Skin and beauty products

Make up and cosmetics

Personal hygiene

For kids:

Do you have another favourite brand that isn’t listed? Share in the comments below.

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  • Freddy Frances

    DnA Elements is most of my skincare, lemon face scrub that uses sugar to exfoliate (maybe all it’s good for!) which means drains aren’t full of ground shells etc. I have their jojoba oil, cleanser, body wash, moisturiser, ageless serum… list goes on. All organic, made in Melbourne, doesn’t use water or fillers etc and smells lovely. They have a baby range too but we’re well past that stage!
    Another one is Simple as That for moisturiser, just shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil. I keep a jar in the car for my hands. The matcha silica mask is so good, and they make a vapour rub – I never knew vicks had turps in it!!!
    Lavanila deodorant is much better than black chicken for me, Aromatik for perfume, Yarok for hair styling, Eco Tan body moisturiser and fake tan. Always interested in trying new things, but try to buy from Nourished Life so I know the research has been done.

  • Miss K

    I love Australian brand Go-To, especially their ‘Face hero’ Face Oil and “Exceptionoil’ Body Oil. No nasty ingredients and cruelty free. Been using for almost a year and they actually work!

    • Chelsea

      Oh yes! I’m a big fan of Go-To as well. The cleanser and face cream are excellent. My skin is very happy.

    • Claire

      I use Go-To as well. Really good products

  • Chrissy

    I love Cleanse Skincare! It’s my one stop shop for all my non-toxic skincare products!

  • Daryl-Anne Barns

    In NZ I use this deodorant that’s made out of shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda and vanilla bean 100% free of all harsh chemicals 🙂 love it!

    • Starflykiwi

      HI Daryl-Anne, do you have the name of that product? It sounds nice

  • Jessica McKenzie

    awesome article! Thanks

  • nelly

    I second the bicarb soda for shampoo and apple cider vinegar for conditioner trick! Been washing my hair like that for a month- and it has made a massive difference to my hair. Not the most convenient to use- but worth it:)

  • Lisa Rudham

    Just a question for the bi-carb & apple cidar vinegar hair people!! Does either effect chemically coloured hair? Or promote hair growth? Thanks :)) x

  • Kat

    I use redgum soaps, very few ingredients in them. Made on a solar powered farm on the south coast of NSW. I have alot of problems with my skin due to allergic contact dermatitis. This is the best soap/shampoo I have tried.

  • Chelsea

    I investigated using Red Seal toothpaste, but found some of them (not all) contain sodium lauryl sulphate, so make sure you check the ingredients list before choosing one. They address this in the FAQ section of their site. I’d put a link up, but I think that takes my comment straight to spam.

    Also, another excellent beauty brand is Carla Oates’ The Beauty Chef. I love her organic coconut balm and beauty serum as well as the powders that help to ensure healthy gut bacteria.

  • Sarah D

    Any recommendations for pregnancy stretch mark prevention?

    • Angela Pickwell

      Hi Sarah. Whether you get stretch-marks or not depends on the type of skin you have. That’s my understanding from reading around anyway. I used coconut oil throughout pregnancy (I use it every day and have done for years). If you use it whilst your skin is still warm and damp from the shower, it will keep it as soft and supple as possible. Can’t promise it will prevent/fade stretch marks though…

  • K

    Hurraw lipbalms!
    I have cherry.
    And I’ve just ordered by man ‘unscented’.

    Organic. Vegan. etc etc

    Adorebeauty have them available with no postage.
    And you can get the unscented version on eBay.

    (Thanks so much for this post Sarah… I had some bad health news about a week ago and and throwing myself into making gradual changes to everything I’m putting on and in my body.)

  • K

    Sodashi… anything.

    Expensive but so. damn. good.

  • DA

    I like Sanctum Skincare – feels lovely & quite reasonably priced.

  • Jennie McLaren

    In NZ (and I think that they do ship overseas) Viola Organics do a lovely range of skincare and shampoo

  • Helen Ferguson

    Any recommendations for UK based products or can the Oz products be bought online & shipped to the UK?

  • Ολγα Σαντερ

    I’m using for face and body care and make up 100 % pure, brand from USA . I have a problematic acne skin and its first brand made it stay clean and nice. Highly recommend …
    I’m not buying deodorants for few years and using only fresh lemon juice.

  • Julie Boundy

    I love the Calendula & Kakadu Plum Day Cream and Antioxidant Facial Serum from Positively Organic Skincare. They are Accredited Cruelty Free and vegan friendly. Australian made and owned in Toowoomba QLD.