Simplicious hits bookstores today. No drum rolls please. I’m just pleased as punch that it’s here. It was two years of work. It’s 306 recipes. And I’ve taken a gamble here…it’s about how to eat your scraps. This book is my career highlight, my passion project, my obsession.

An assortment of my mish mash meals…using up leftovers is a big theme in Simplicious

Sustainability has always been at the guts of my books, albeit camouflaged behind pretty recipes and shiny, smiley pictures of myself. My recipes use leftovers and secondary cuts of meat and I’ve used my sugar-free platform to promote doggie bags and, um, cauliflower, to the masses.

But Simplicious gets bolder.

* It elevates leftovers and sustainability to centre stage. Every single recipe is designed to cut wastage (food, time, effort, pans, palaver). In fact, even the scraps from the photography shoots were repurposed…into soup, pestos and staff lunches. Event the leftovers from these soups, pestos and lunches were repurposed…into the dress I wear on the inside cover!

No food was wasted in the making of this book!

* I set out to be 100 per cent authentic and transparent. I did the whole project. Even the illustration and graffiti, which I use to have chats with all you guys throughout the book (you’ll see what I mean when you get hold of a copy!)

(And herewith a LOUD BUY NOW prompt…I’m sorry!)…


* Simplicious is about keeping it all bloody simple. Simple + delicious = Simplicious. I cheat, I eliminate steps and pots (50 per cent of recipes are one pot/pan only) and I show you how to keep things elegantly dumbed down. No Masterchef croquembouches

Bacon and egg porridge
My Simplicious Bacon and Egg Porridge

* Here’s some other bits about the book:

  • IT’S FAT!! Yep, 3.5cm fat. Twice the size of my previous books. There’s 306 recipes.
  • I let you perve into my kitchen to see my equipment, inside my fridge, inside my freezer and ALL THE TOTALLY NERDY STUFF I DO to save effort and energy and the planet.
  • I have recipes all about making a meal out of your doggie-bagged dinner from the night before. Yep, tear me down for that one!
  • Why slow-cooking is the most sustainable, economical and nutritious way to eat…with stacks of really cool recipes (Beer Bangers and Mash, boys?).
  • How to make dinner for $1.70 a head.
  • Cheat ways to make kombucha, kimchee and other fashionable stuff.

Simplicious-3DMostly, my aim is to get us all cooking again. I want us all to be better… and better humans for the planet. As I kick off on the “thank you” page:

“Each of us is responsible for everything and to every human being” Dostoyevsky


If you’re curious, get your copy of Simplicious online or head to your nearest book store. Thanks for hearing me out and hopefully joining me in my passion project!!

Sarah xx


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  • Maryia Ivanova

    Hey Sarah, I am very excited to read your book! Congratulations!I live in Canada and i was wondering if there is a way for me to buy it. I tried and it would not ship to Canada. Will it be available in our stores?

    • Emma

      I found it on Book Depository (shipping worldwide), before heading over to the IQS shop. Although, the cover page looks different on the Book Depository website…

      Can’t wait to get my copy.

      • Maryia Ivanova

        Thanks Emma,I will try to order from Book Depository.

  • Angelika

    Oh YES I can’t wait to get my copy Sarah. I love your wish-mash meals, especially the ones where you add sauerkraut into the mix, or any cabbage for that matter. My work lunches are that much easier and healthier with your tips on what to do with dinner left overs. Looking forward to buying this 3.5cm beast and get cookin’. Thank you and mega congratulations 🙂

  • Looks absolutely epic Sarah. Important, super valuable work. You’re such an awesome example of ‘i learn, i teach’. I bet Maya Angelou is smiling down on you this week. Hope it goes gangbusters. xx

    • that’s so generous of you…your copy is en route! Flick to inside back page. x

  • Sarah, I’ve just gone to pick up the book in my uni break and can hardly contain myself throughout my nutrition lecture. Thank-you so so much for this book! Your passion can be seen throughout all these beautiful pages and it really is such an amazing compilation of recipes, photography and knowledge. Sending much love and gratitude, can’t wait for my weekend cook up, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Bake. 😉

  • Kelly

    Hi Sarah, I picked up my copy of “Simplicious” yesterday from my local Big W store in Queensland. Looks great. Thanks

  • Hi Sarah – congrats, it looks gorgeous!! And holy moly it sounds packed full of goodies! Can’t wait to grab a copy in the states. 🙂 x

  • Holly Simpson

    Congratulations Sarah, yet another masterpiece! Can’t wait to get my hands on copy.

    I think I have most of your books in ebook format (especially love the kids book!) but I think this one deserves to be purchased as a hardcover. Will there be an ebook version at some point? Love being able to cart my books around on my tablet when I’m away from home.

    Love the culture of homemade wholesome food that is developing world wide, accessible to the masses, showing good healthy food can be easy and delish! ??

  • Maree Makelainen

    Totally support what you do and believe in, Sarah! Have ordered a copy of your book and can’t wait for it to come so I can read it – or should I say, devour it – from cover to cover and start implementing your suggestions!! Thanks for being so bold and encouraging sustainability and helping us realise that life isn’t all about me.

  • Amy

    Hi Sarah & team! I may have missed something (hehe sorry I speed read through things and sometimes miss importante details) but will this be released in an eBook at some stage? Can’t wait to get a copy!! Your books are amazing, this one is sure to blow my mind even more! xx

  • Daniel L


  • Courtney

    I bought Simplicious yesterday and can’t stop reading! I want to cook everything right now!! Just wondering where to find “The Kit” that is referred to on page 5 of the book? Thanks for another amazing book, Sarah. It is evident this is your passion – which makes me even more excited to adopt your flow. Congratulations!

  • Fleur

    I was very excited to find your new book at one of the Brisbane airport stores – perfect for my flight to and from Mackay this last weekend! I was wondering though if you might have the link to ‘The Kit’, as I feel a bit silly having searched for it and not found it on the site…I know it must be right in front of me, but I just can’t find it for some reason! Thank you so much for bringing this book to us – I am a Mum of five, so being able to find new ways to use up every part of my hefty grocery shop is such a gift!

    • Yumyum

      Yes, me too. I can’t seem to find the ‘kit’ link anywhere!

  • Tania

    This book is now the love of my life! There’re so many reasons why but mostly you have coincidently combine everything I have been wanting in one gorgeous wonderfully easy to read and use, book is the word but it is so much more.

  • Michelle

    Date on USA availability?

  • Stefanie G.

    Im not asking for a replacement, just telling you this for the irony of it all. I’m somewhat newly Type 1 diabetic and finally ordered your cookbook and within minute of picking it up at the post office I had a very sharp drop in my sugar levels which as I’m sure you know can make people become very disoriented and confused, which it did, and I put the package down somewhere and boom, gone. Very sad. Was stoked to do some good cooking.