When I see those “Gifts for the hard-to-please” guides this is what I do…

Posted on November 30th, 2015

These articles are popping up in my feed with increasing ferocity right now. For the “hard to please”. For “the person who has everything”.  You, too?

Image via keepcalm-havecoffee.tumblr.com

Image via keepcalm-havecoffee.tumblr.com

Sometimes I look at their list of gift solutions. It’s all Shit No One Wants. Shit That Takes Up Room in Miscellaneous Kitchen Drawers and Precious Resources On The Planet. Like gold-plated business card clips. And, sorry to target Goop, but, seriously…a Nymphenburg trio of porcelain wine bottle stoppers?! For $1900?

I have an antidote. A better solution. A better guide. If someone is “hard to please” it generally means they don’t want/need stuff. So don’t buy it.

I put out this notice explicitly to those around me. I’ve told most of my loved ones, don’t buy me Read more

Check out the recipes that you guys helped me with!

Posted on November 26th, 2015

It’s time to say thank you. My latest book, I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, was a mammoth project. When you create a book so big, you get folk to recipe test your creations along the way. I decided to invite the community to help me with this task and am very glad I did.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.48.04 PM

Image via Pinterest.com

Foodies around the globe joined me on my mission, passionately testing and tasting. These people are strangers who chipped in and opined and guided me. I’m grateful to them all…

Miss Marzipan 

Stockholm-based mum of two Marisa is a long-time supporter. She’s an ambassador for the I Quit Sugar 8-Week-Program and has been featured as a #followfriday. One of the recipes Marisa tested was the Pull-Apart Caterpillar Birthday Cake you see in I Quit Sugar: Simplicious. She did her antennae so much better than me!

IQS_cupcake_recipe_test_notes (1)-1

Marisa’s test version of the Pull-Apart Caterpillar Birthday Cake

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Should I be eating gluten if I have hashimotos? I mean, really?

Posted on November 25th, 2015

Oh, it’s a hoary one. I’ve swung a bit on the subject over the years. Here’s where I’ve arrived, but I’d like to get your thoughts, too. Did you watch ABC TV’s Catalyst program last night on the topic? Do so. It fleshes out the issue simply. Catch it on iView.

Image via NourishedKitchen.com

Image via NourishedKitchen.com

My reasoning, however, goes like this.

* If you’re coeliac, you should never ever eat it. 

* There is a connection between coeliac and Hashimotos. In a recent study by Alessio Fasano, MD, a recognised celiac disease expert, one half of the people newly diagnosed with celiac disease also had thyroid disease.

* I did the coeliac test – I’m not coeliac. FYI it’s a tricky test. It entails going back onto gluten for several weeks before doing the test. I’m not coeliac and I don’t carry the gene.

So, where does this leave me given I have Hashimotos?

Is there anything further to be concerned about? Yes.

* Gluten is toxic. Humans didn’t “evolve” to digest gluten – we don’t have the “molecular scissors” to Read more