Well, that’s slightly clickbait-y. But I am giving away a bunch of the sports bras and pyramid necklaces that I wear on the the cover of I Quit Sugar: Simplicious….and that I wear pretty much most days…because that’s the way I roll.

The cover of I Quit Sugar: Simplicious
The cover of I Quit Sugar: Simplicious

To tie it all in to my anti-wastage mission, I’m going to share the below with folk keen to give some of my food waste tricks a crack.

20 x $50 vouchers from Vie Active (my leopard print sports bra)

5 x pyramid necklaces from Jewels by Jacqueline (my triangle necklace)

The Simplicious Challenge:

Make one simple change in the name of sustainability. This could look like:

  • washing out and re-using your ziplock bags
  • saying no to bottled water
  • taking your own reusable bag to the shops and ditching the plastic
  • cooking all your leftover food in a fridge clean-out mission
  • riding your bike to work instead of driving
  • buying local rather than imported produce.

You get the gist. Just do something and share it on Instagram and preferably with your mates and family. My simple aim is to get as many people as possible on this planet pitching in!

  • Do it for a week (December 9 – 16).
  • Share on Instagram using the hashtag #SimpliciousChallengeSW

The competition runs from 6pm Wednesday December 9 to 6pm Wednesday December 16 (seven days) AEST. The winners will be chosen and contacted via Instagram December 18.

Sports bra from Vie Active
Sports bra from Vie Active
Pyramid necklace from Jewels by Jacqueline
Pyramid necklace from Jewels by Jacqueline

I’m looking forward to seeing what you do.

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  • Belinda Lee

    Where does your grey singlet come from Sarah, I’ve been meaning to ask!

  • hia

    Where do your white pants coming from? (from the photo you are carrying the slow cooker?) 🙂

  • Geoff Paratene

    Where does your jeans on cover of simplicious come from